How Great Woman Find Great Men And Keep Him - The Critical Elements Of Attraction

Have you ever thought why you might not be getting your man's complete attention, why he is less "present" than he used to be... and how to get him to "re-engage" so he is affectionate and passionate again.

So let us start by me asking you a few questions...

Do you know and understand how the COMMITMENT process works for a man, and how to have him wanting YOU for more?

What to say and do to keep your man feeling intense ATTRACTION for you?

The secret to creating what I call an "Emotional Connection" (this is at the core of what will let a man know you are the only one for him.)

I know that ANY woman can be more successful with men in courting and relationships.

The women who have found a great man and are finally enjoying the feelings of confidence and true partnership that only come from a relationship built on a stable and honest FOUNDATION.

They have learned how to finally pick the right man and build this lasting foundation that is a "must have" for any loving long term relationship.

Hint - this "foundation" is not just built in to 99.8% of relationships on it is own... so you have to know how create this foundation together with the man in your life.

Do You Know How?

One fascinating yet unfortunate thing I have realized over the years is that many women have NEVER experienced what it is like to be in a relationship with a truly emotionally mature man. 

In fact, most women do not even know many emotionally mature men, if any.

And because of this, most women do not have a clear example of how a real genuine and loving relationship should look and feel with a man when it works. 

They have never seen how a man looks, talks and how he behaves in those "bumps in the road" that everyone truly close and intimate relationship goes through.

What's more... by not knowing many good men, they also do not know what a great man with a life of his own and plenty of options is actually looking for in a woman, and what it is that will make this man open up his heart and truly devote himself to ONE WOMAN - and one woman only.

By the way...

If you are not completely clear on what it is that will make even the most hardened bachelor suddenly feel that "tug" at his heart-strings to where he finally chooses to allow love and a lasting partnership into his life, then do not worry. 

I am going to share with you how love and this kind of deeper connection works with a man.


For the many, many great women who are ready and yet have not been able to make love or a relationship last, I will cover some elements of those critical "missing pieces of the puzzle."

There are 2 things you need to first understand if you are looking to make a real change in your love life and in your relationships with men...

First, there is a huge "shift" that happens when you are finally able to recognize what YOUR PART has been in what has not worked your past relationships. 

When you grow in your understanding of yourself in relationships, in turn your relationship is able to grow and evolve to a better place.

And that is just the beginning...

Second, there is a huge shift that will also take place once you really "get" what THE MAN'S PART has been in your past relationships, how and where he has fallen short, and how to finally have a man "show up" and be the great man he can be.

Women who are happy and successful in their relationships know how to INSPIRE a man to be the best partner he can be.

If you have ever recognized that you did not quite get how to help a man be his best in your relationship (for your sake and for his own sake)... and you also know that - somewhere deep down - you have probably played a part in what has not worked in the past, then NOW is the time to create the change you have been looking for.

If you are ready to bridge the gap between what you already know - which might not have been working so far - and what you DO NOT KNOW about creating the kind of lasting love you want with a man.

Then let me ask you this question...

Do you know what the most important elements are that you MUST understand when it comes to love and a relationship with a man?

There are 6 critical elements.

  • Attraction
  • Commitment
  • Sex
  • Love
  • Communication
  • Boundaries
And do you understand what is true about ALL of these?

They ALL work differently for a man.

Which means that if you are still waiting for a man to figure it out and come over to your way of thinking and feeling so that your relationship can finally work and feel easy again, you are going to be waiting a while.

It is not as hard as it sounds once you simply discover what works.

As I said above, understanding ATTRACTION and how it works is absolutely CRITICAL if you want to create a connected, lasting relationship with a great man. 

Men stay physically and emotionally "engaged" when they feel attraction for a woman.

And they do not pull away or withdraw when they are feeling intense attraction.

And here is the crucial question...

Do you really know how attraction works with a man not just on the first few meet up's when you first start courting with him... also far into a relationship with a man?

Are YOU the kind of woman a Great Man is attracted to and wants to have a deep, connected relationship with?

Just what is it that makes a man see you as someone he sees as relationship material rather than something casual?

To share a few tips on how attraction works with men, let me tell you about the "cool woman" or in guy speak... "the cool girl."

The "cool girl" is guy-speak for the kind of woman who is attractive to men in a way that even they cannot explain and will not tell you about... so I will.

You see, "cool girl" is code for a woman who embodies certain qualities that, together, trigger attraction in a man - an emotionally mature man - at a deep level. 

Let me explain a bit more about what I mean... and what he is thinking.


If you have ever heard a man talk about a woman being a "cool girl." you probably saw him talk about her with a smile.

A cool girl has a certain positive emotional energy that men can relate to. 

She might not necessarily be the most physically attractive woman in the room, yet there is just something about her that men find irresistible.

Here is that "something"...

  • Cool girls bring funny, positive thoughts and feelings to situations to create an experience that men will want to have again and again.
  • Cool girls are willing to go with the flow when it comes to social things but make assertions when they have opinions and ideas.
  • Cool girls have options and things to do that keep them satisfied so they do not feel like they are left out if they are not invited to something (and even if they do, they certainly do not complain about it or even mention it - they FIND something to do that makes them happy.)
  • Cool girls prefer that a man makes up his own mind; they do not try to make a man do something.
  • Cool girls DO know that the way they feel and talk about themselves is how men will feel about them
  • .Cool girls choose not to complain or talk about things for too long that are not other people's responsibility or impossible for anyone to solve given the current situation.
Starting to get a clearer picture about the kind of woman a man cannot help but want to be around and get to know better - the kind of woman he sees as a long-term prospect rather than a friend or a casual fling?


Here is the thing...

We are ALL of us, women and men, are - wanting to make that EMOTIONAL connection.

Now, what if you could provide a man with EMOTION that would make him feel GOOD - at least when he is with You?

Would not that be a terrifically ATTRACTIVE thing for you to be able to do, easily - almost automatically, and INSTANTLY?

Imagine if YOU could be a man's SAFE PLACE? 

His Safe Harbour - the place where he WANTS to be to recharge himself and feel good - without having his fear triggered?

Where he feels both safe and yet CURIOUS.

Intrigued by the MYSTERY of what you as a woman and your emotions can do for HIM.

Excited by the idea of where YOU ARE - so much so that he wants to go WITH YOU!

Just imagine this...

Imagine a fabulous man being both intrigued and excited by you, by a sense of mystery and this deep emotional quality you as a women have that he does not own inside himself - AND at the same time feeling loved, totally accepted, not judged and SAFE - so HE can let loose HIS emotions in your presence.

You can do this - this is Supreme Femininity. 

Inner Strength and Outer Softness - and you can DO it.

Here is a tool - to help you...

1. In your mind, understand how this is going to work.

A man's mind is like a computer...and so is YOURS.

Thoughts tick along, fragments of thoughts are followed around in a bunch of different directions, thoughts spin... and with every tick and spin, you get further and further away from your ESSENCE as a woman.

Your ESSENCE, who you are inside, is not something you or anyone else can know all at once.

It takes more than a lifetime to explore and discover and experience and enjoy all the facets of who you are.

And yet, as you do discover, step by step, who you are - as you uncover your essence bit by bit - you have 2 choices.

You can either clamp down on your discoveries because, yes, it is all scary - or you can learn to express everything you learn about who you are.

You can learn to provide the good EMOTIONAL connection a man needs (and YOU need) - or you can keep doing what you have been doing.

You can keep bouncing from fear to hope and try to keep your essence under wraps, or you can LET IT SHINE.

2. The next step is to know the difference between creating SAFETY with your emotions, and creating FEAR with your emotions.

Did you know and are aware how easy it is to push a man away or to simply "turn him off" by "leaning forward" when you are in an emotional fearful state. 

Did you know that?

Learning to "lean back" is the first, most crucial step, because it sort of "resets" your system and interrupts your old patterns when they are trying to repeat themselves.

"Leaning Forward" with a man creates FEAR. 

It makes him tense.

And here is the HIDDEN WAY you lean forward - when you are on purpose HIDING your ESSENCE.

When you are feeling something you do not want to feel, in a man's presence, and so you clamp down on the feeling and pretend not to feel it - or you react to your fear of the feeling even more strongly - by being defensive, angry, and just generally throwing the energy of the feeling out of your own body and onto him - in a verbal attack, or even a tiny, itty bitty "suggestion," you automatically become TENSE.

And the moment you are tense - it makes your man feel FEAR.

He does not know what it is, and he senses it and makes him lean further away on the couch or at dinner, it makes him not call, it does the opposite of ATTRACT him.

3. SHARE your emotions with your man in a way that conveys these two things...

You are comfortable with YOUR OWN feelings.

And so...You are comfortable with HIS feelings.

You are a COOL GIRL!

Now - this automatically creates BOTH Safety AND excitement!

How can that be?


When you tell a man, or show a man, or demonstrate to a man that you love him by "caring about" him, and his "issues" and his "troubles" - when you are "nurturing" and "giving" and "attentive" - he feels trapped.

He did not like that kind of stuff from his mother, either, and he CERTAINLY does not like it from YOU.

Oh, he will TAKE everything you give to him - and it will just make him RUN AWAY FROM YOU emotionally.

Yet when you show a man, and demonstrate to him that you can feel YOUR feelings, that you love and embrace them, and that you are COMFORTABLE and OKAY with your feelings in a non-judgemental way - then he thinks you are a COOL GIRL!

He finds you strong and fascinating, and so DEEP with all your emotional abilities, and that just makes him KNOW that HE can be SAFE with you in an emotional sense.

This creates an unbreakable bond with a man. 

It puts "heart" into his mental computer.


There is simply not another woman on the planet who could ever compete with you once you have this connection with a man.

This is the same kind of CHARISMA you adore in movie stars.

When tears run down a movie star's cheeks in a film, and you FEEL the feelings in yourself - when it moves YOU - You are instinctively, powerfully drawn to them.

It is the same with you and a man.

You become like this movie star - charismatic and irresistible... COOL GIRL!

It makes absolutely no difference what you look like, or what your "personality" is like. 

Nothing on the "outside" makes a bit of difference to a man who is seeking - as ALL men are - for the EMOTIONAL connection he is missing.

YOU will be that missing connection.

Because you are a WOMEN - the ONLY way a man can connect to his deepest self. 

The only way he can open up, the only way he can feel truly safe and truly loved. 

Is when you are REAL as a Woman yourself.

Women have been taught to go AGAINST all the parts of themselves that make a man feel loved, accepted, and so excited to be around you that he cannot wait to call you, see you, and claim you forever. 

Instead, women have been taught to do things that absolutely do not work.

And one of those things is thinking that you need to court one man exclusively in order to establish this connection and that it will automatically lead to commitment.

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

When you court a man exclusively WITHOUT getting the commitment you would like, you are "Leaning Forward" in a very big way. 

You are giving, giving, giving while he gets all the benefits of you and you do not receive in return.

The way to STOP leaning forward like this is to "Socially Court" and meet lots of men at the same time until you get the commitment you want from the man you want. 

Contrary to what you might think, courting many men will not push away the man if you are meeting up with one now. 

If he is the right man for you it will actually PROPEL him to commit to you.

Meanwhile, you can instantly switch from all those old, dried-up, predictable things you are so used to doing to try to get a man's attention, and REALLY, TRULY draw a man in close so he feels compelled to be with you.

Now try the Tool in this article - start from your OWN ability to feel and express feelings about YOU and your surroundings - and then see how a man will OPEN UP effortlessly.

Let me know how this works for you.

And if you want to take full control of your love life and relationships.

Because you want grow and develop your "Confidence and Self-Esteem," not only for attracting men to you.

Because you want to build a "Great Life" for yourself.

Please do Contact me.

As always leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you. 

Average men and women know only the rules. 

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

They are Passionate DYNAMIC Lovers!

For Love and Intimacy...

Ange Fonce


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