How Do You Deal With A Woman Who Flakes On You? 

By Ange Fonce

Have you had women flake out on you? 

I hated it when it happened to me and I bet you do too. 

Would you like to know why it happens and how you handle it?

Read on...

QUESTION from a "confused" reader...

"Ange, I have been reading your articles and I wish I would have gotten to read them sooner. 

I very confused by this fun and pretty girl. We met at a party, I laid low for a few days, then asked her to come with me to a fashion show (she's a print model so I knew she would come).

The date went well and we had dinner after the show, she asked all the questions that showed she was interested in me (my family, background, goals, etc). We made out, got way too drunk, then I took her back to her place and I kissed her good night, and told her I wanted to come in, but I never do that on the first date, she looked confused but relieved at the same time. Clearly that doesn't happen to her often. We had some flirty texts the following week and I thought she was into me. I waited a few days and coincidentally I got tickets to one of her favorite bands that she told me about on our date. I left her a funny voicemail telling her should wouldn't believe what I received that day.

No call. In fact I didn't hear from her at all. So I waited 3 days, and texted her a funny text, she came right back within minutes. She replied that she was having drinks with a friend. So I wanted to stop this game and told her to enjoy her night, and maybe we could get together later in the week. 

So Ange, I'm confused. Date 1 went great, I followed up with fun texts letting her know I enjoyed the night. I faded back for a few days to give her space, then when I try to see if she wants to go out again, she acts aloof, and then says that she has plans and tries to counter with some lame brunch during the day.

But what really got me is that she re-initiated contact with her text to me when she was having drinks with a friend during the night I proposed to take her out. Clearly I was on her mind, and I don't thinks she's a mean girl, but was she trying to make me jealous or is she crying for attention from me?"

A.R. Liverpool UK

Ange answers with a...


Yes she really got you all right you have just had a drive by from a female PLAYER.

Women do this to men all the time and men think that it means that she is really into them because she seems to give off signals of interest and for some crazy reason she just cannot seem to LET herself HAVE you.

My friend you have to interpret her actions for what they are and not what you WANT them to be. 

What I am about to say is probably going to be a revelation to you and if not keep re reading this until you get it are you ready for your awakening?

Here it is...

A woman does not REALLY think about you unless she is interested in you enough to want to be with you again AND follow through.

And let me say that again in even simpler terms... 

If she is REALLY into you she will find a way to make it happen. 

Let me ask you this... if you were hot for a woman and she called you up and said... 

"Hey let us go out to Sams Cafe and get a beer tonight." 

Would you refuse her?

Hell no!

You would probably drop whatever you were doing to go because you were interested and there was an opportunity to ACT on it and get what you wanted.

Now for some reason we men seem to think that women really play this hard to get thing seriously and that a woman who was hot for you somehow would not say yes and she would say NO just to be coy or because she just could not help herself.

Oh no if she is into you she WILL find a way to get with you women do not sit around and plot out elaborate ways to deny themselves the pleasure of your company. 

Really your job is to drive her interest level in you up so high that she CANNOT refuse a date with you under any situation it is that simple anything else is playing it safe and let us be brutally honest here... she is a model she is used to the constant adoration of guys and that is what fuels her self esteem. 

The term for this kind of person is attention whore and that name can be used on guys too by the way and you are just another fanboy... a fun moment in her life and she texted you to ping you and see if you were pining away for her, and it made her feel like queen of her castle.

What you are guilty of here is IMAGINING her attraction and interest based on the fact that she showed you a SMALL indication of interest and her texting you does not really show that she is hot for you as much as I would like to tell you that... sorry  that is just a momentary fluctuation in her mood and she was probably just trying to make herself feel better for having backed out on your plans because women do this A LOT as a way to maintain the image of the good girl."

Is she interested in you?

It does not matter until she follows through on it so let me put it this way... you have no room for a woman in your life that is interested in you and goes out of her way to deny herself and YOU the reality of actually getting together.

You get me?

Just imagine what kind of games are in your future with a woman who would keep this B.S. up this kind of game playing is infantile and immature and you do not have the time for it your life is busy CROWDED with women to get with is it not?

If you would like to get started right now learning the power secrets that I have learned to be a GREAT Man who is attractive to women and expect success with the REAL YOU then you need to do this... Contact Myself Ange. 

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Remember This Rule of Attraction

A woman is not into you until she takes ACTION on her desire.

What you do next is simply this... 

Keep her in your phone book... text her regularly teasing her... do not ask her out or try hard to get her on another date. 

After a week of this offer her a few spur of the moment chances to hang out with you... no more than an hour or two in advance.

And do it on a Monday or Tuesday when she probably will not have any other options. 

Be commanding... be assertive... take the lead and tell her exactly what kind of a fun time she is going to have and do not allow yourself to be swallowed by the what happened obsession that strikes guys who are hit and run by these kinds of flighty flaky women.

The Masculine Man has so many options in his life that he does not have the time to think about all these women players. 

And neither must you and if you would like to learn more strategies on how to deal with women and understand the game of dating and relationships COMPLETELY from approaching all the way to finding a girlfriend and building GREAT Life for yourself.

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

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