How Do You Deal With A Man Who Withdraws From Your Relationship?

By Ange Fonce

Have you ever found yourself in a relationship with a man where you are doing EVERYTHING?

All the planning... all the driving around... all the compromising... all the calling... all the arranging? 

And if you do not you either do not see him or hear from him at all or he gets angry at YOU for not calling... driving... planning or arranging?

Where you are initiating everything like affection... touching and even sexing and you start to feel like everything is on his terms?

I know from experience of the women I have worked with... it does not feel very good... it is like being locked into something where you can never do enough and you can never do it well enough and what you do never gets noticed and well you find yourself getting more and more frustrated... angry and little crazy... you cannot see any other way to make it work and to just keep trying to make it work!

You start feeling needy and it is hard to hide.

Your looking in the mirror and seeing yourself looking almost desperate.

You are caught up with a man who dose not seem to care... your romance novel without the happy ending!

You are working so hard to hold onto a man and a relationship doing everything you can to keep it going only to have that fear he will dump you for another woman... you feel unloved... untouched and unlovable and you beat yourself up about it all the time.

If you have ever felt that way you know the thing most women do is to just try to keep it going... sometimes you try to be as pleasant as possible... sometimes you get angry... pretty soon you start feeling tired... drained... depressed and even sick! 

And most of the time you do not even have any idea why... it is like you stuffed all your deepest feelings so far down just to keep things going that you cannot even find them... even when you are alone... I have been there and I know how much it hurts and it just plain wears you out!

And it does not have to for you. 

One of the most important concepts I talk about and one you can use right now to turn things around is to deal with what I call... 

Over Functioning Overload

I use the word to describe that thing you do when you take over everything in the relationship that a man is not doing... the reverse can be said for a man when a woman is not doing her part in a relationship.

It is what you do when you TAKE UP THE SLACK.

I walk you through how to stop Over functioning and over committing and show you how to undo many more of the deadly things you as women are taught to do that push men away and I want to touch on some these things you can do RIGHT NOW to help yourself and begin to change your relationship around.

First off... 

MEN SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY than you women do... they do not like it when you do stuff for them all the time it DISEMPOWERS a man... the vast majority of men really do want to be your Prince... your Knight in Shining Armour and most women will not LET them!

You sort of push them away and tell them you can do it ourselves just fine thank you or you let them do for it for you and then you go correct the way he do it or complain how long it takes them.

Women... you have become so afraid of looking needy that you completely expose your neediness!

By acting like you do not need men... you demonstrate how desperately you DO need one... telling men how strong you are is like shooting yourself in the foot... it is like telling a man you do not think he is good enough to do anything for you.

It is men who NEED to be NEEDED... not you women.

Read that again... as most of you have gone and turned that around and become Wonder  Woman... MASCULINE and wearing the trousers... where does a man fit in?
And on a deep core thinking level that you not good enough... beautiful enough... sexy enough... anything enough for a man to love you when you are being a WOMAN and FEMININE and can be relaxed doing absolutely NOTHING that you try to awe men with your wonderfulness and all the emotional gifts you give them... while inside resentment is building all the time and he is not doing his fair share.

Let me ask you a question.....

"If You are being Wonder  Woman all the time... where does he get to do his thing and be THE MAN?"

Being Over Stressed Is A Major Cause Of Depression.

You say you are  looking for a good manly man and when you find one you quickly start telling him how strong and smart and capable you are and showing him how you can have sexing just like a man without a qualifying commitment and before you know it you have gone and turned a perfectly good prospective romantic partner into A FRIEND!

Women ask me... 

"Are men intimidated by us if we are smart and independent?"

And I answer... 

"No... most men love it when you are smart... independent and powerful... they just do not like it when you use your brains... independence and power to try to take charge of your SHARED relationship with them by being the one who is in charge of doing all the giving... part of being a good manly man is liking the part about being in charge by doing things for us BOTH!"

And if that is what you want to be in charge by doing things for HIM...  well then he will turn you into a FRIEND or he will back off... withdraw... act flaky... become irresponsible and otherwise subconsciously punish you for trying to take control of him and the relationship and the weird thing is most women were raised to take charge of relationships!

Women are raised to take care of everyone around them... to multi task all the time... to both run companies... run countries and run families and the majority of the time no one told you how to RECEIVE all the goodies that someone else like a good manly man can choose to give to you.

We are all taught how to say Thank You yet none of us were ever taught how to FEEL Thank You!

Most of us were taught how NOT to take compliments so many women are untrusting when a man pays her a complement... you were taught how NOT to TRUST in yourself so that when some great man comes along and tells you how wonderful you are... you immediately do not believe him... trust him or even respect his views!
It is that old saying... 

"If he likes ME... there must be something wrong with him."

That is RUBBISH thinking and really turns of men and gets us angry that you as a woman are telling us our thoughts and feelings are wrong!

So How Can You Turn This Around?

You can start from the outside in and learn to take compliments and FEEL the Thank You and stop telling men how smart you are and what they should be doing or you can start from the inside out and begin to TRUST in yourself and TRUST that you deserve to receive love even when you are doing absolutely nothing or and this is the Dynamic Lifers way... YOU can do both.

So start here...

First of all you have to become aware of all the things that are going on in all your relationships and all your conversations from the outside in before you can change them and then you have to become aware of how you are actually FEELING on the inside at EVERY MOMENT.

In these articles I write I talk about many different parts of the insides of ourselves... our minds and bodies our personal esteem our sexuality the way we were brought up to think and to talk... our expectations and how so many have become so disappointed and discouraged they have sort of given up on their dreams and how you can as an individual begin reversing it all... if you can begin to be aware and to notice what you are thinking... doing and saying... you will start to get exactly how all this works.

You will start to notice when you talk to yourself in a negative way like... 

"Oh... I could never do that... it is not me." 

"He is much too good looking... he would never be interested in me."

This kind of self talk is just plain lies to yourself... it is made up stuff in your own mind so that you do not have to take responsibility for your life... both your love life and your work and doing whatever really excites you in this world.

And on the outside... you will start to notice when you are talking negatively to a man and it does not look like you think it does... you can change how you communicate with him so it does not always look like complaining or running a man down or telling him directly what he is doing wrong... you can communicate sometimes so it just looks like suggestions and helpful hints and information gathering and giving and massages and being understanding about why he is doing and saying hurtful neglectful things... sometimes it looks like being nice... sometimes it looks like being nurturing and the effect is always the same.

All that helpful niceness and giving feels to a man like he is in a relationship with his mother at the worst or with his best friend which is not much better. 

Are YOU Being His MOTHER Instead Of His LOVER?

The easiest way to notice and be aware when you are doing that is to notice what is going on with him.

If when you say or do something he grabs you... holds you and kisses you passionately and tells you he loves you... you have most likely expressed yourself in an open... vulnerable... feminine and compellingly attractive way.

If on the other hand he steps back puts his hands in his pockets... starts talking about business or goes quiet and quickly backs off into his office to play computer games you can be pretty sure you have done or said things that have literally pushed him away.

Once you have become aware of what is really going on in the relationship and how the way you are speaking... communicating and being effects him... you will be able to start changing it almost instantly!

Being HEALTHY in your own CONFIDENCE and ESTEEM and COMMUNICATION is really empowering for every other aspect of your life!

Are you experiencing problems with your relationships and sexing intimacy? 

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You do not have to suffer alone and the vast majority of personal... relationship and sexing issues can be solved.

And practically speaking that completes this conversation.

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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