How A "Below Average" Man Can Please A Woman? 

By Ange Fonce

In reading this article... the answer is MUCH more important than the question... I do not care if you are hung like a horse... most of the questions I get from men... in some way or another... relate to this "fear"... so if you are a woman reading this article... I would like to think that you "learn" and gain an "understanding" into a BIG worry men have about the size of their penis!

The "thoughts" that many men have... that for one reason or another... they are not “good enough” in the pleasing of their  womans pleasure and their “feelings of insecurity” about it.

And USUALLY... the real underlying issue is the "reason" or the "story" that men tell themselves about WHY their woman is not having the kind of screaming... sheet burning pleasure that they want her to be having.

So... read along and see what you think...

A QUESTION Men Ask Me Constantly...

"How do you please a girl when you are below average?"


And I say anonymous because this is one of the most common question I am asked by men via e mails.

So here is my reply to all those men who have this “question” running around in their mind... 

Ange Replies....  

So... I am going to go out on a limb here and just assume that you mean..."below average"... in the size of your penis... and the first thing I have to tell you is that while your question may just be theoretical... I am also assuming that you are talking about your own penis and your own girlfriend here.

So... first things first... and this may come as a surprise to you...  there is “excellent  evidence”... that despite your question... you are NOT actually below average in size.

How Do I Know This?

Because in study after study... and for the results of the latest World Wide Study... CLICK HER... men who are average in size... when asked to rate themselves... say that they think that their own little champ is "below average" in size... which  is more a sad commentary about the state of male pride then about their actually penis size... and usual most men are measuring themselves against men who star in "adult entertainment" movies... who are chosen for being in the top 1% for size.

... top 1% for penis size... in other words these men are no where near “average”... they are “abnormal” for penis size... it is the same for “abnormally beautiful woman”... who only make up 1% of the female population.

Anyway... just as women with small breasts have no problem attracting men... even though many men prefer large breasts... YOUR penis size is not a big issue either... except of course... that you have this “negative self image” and go writing me emails calling yourself "below average."

The REAL PROBLEM here... is THAT INSECURITY you have in YOUR OWN MIND is far more POWERFUL than any physical attribute that is holding you back from being great in “sexing a woman"... and as long as you continue to identify yourself as "below average" you will NEVER have the kind of “amazing sex” that men with a “different mindset”... are capable of.

A Personal Example...

I will use myself as the example here... I am not all that great in the “penis size” department... fully erect I measure 6.5 inches... and if you want metric... 17cms... yet my “mindset” is not about “penis size”... it is about my “sexual confidence”... that I AM a “sexual man” and I AM going to “please” a woman... “penis size” just does not come into the game for me... it is all about my “mindset” of “sexual confidence” as a highly skilled and experienced lover.

So you MUST deal with that “internal issue”... of your own “mindset” and lack of “sexual confidence”... and to share with you the obvious... you can have a woman “orgasming” until she passes out using only "one finger"... and  I am assuming here...  that your penis is larger than your finger?

Read that paragraph above again... it is shocking how quickly men will blame their “anxieties and insecurities” on some “external factor”... like the size of their penis... even though they have FACTS that show it is not the case... am I being clear here... the size of your penis is only important in the way in which it affects your own “self esteem”... "mindset"... and “personal confidence.”

Personal Confidence And Sexual Confidence Are The SAME THING!

Now look... there are “love making positions” that are better for smaller men... for instance... try throwing her legs over your shoulders... or from behind... have her hips up on her knees and her head down on the pillow... the point  of  the big picture is this... many women would prefer a man with a small penis who is “good looking”...  than a man who is short... bald... fat... and has crooked teeth when he smiles.

My apologies to short... bald... fat... and crooked teeth guys...I did not mean to throw you under the bus here... yet let us be honest here... you not exactly "top of the pile" for being picked either... are you?

Different women have different things that are a “big deal” to them... and virtually NOTHING cannot be overcome by possessing DYNAMIC Confidence and  SELF TRUST in yourself... and your own ABILITIES!

Women are always saying things like...

"At first he was not my type." 

"I never thought I would be so attracted to a man that..."

In fact... I have a friend who is 4 feet tall and in a wheel chair who is hugely popular with women... he has always managed to have a great looking girlfriend in his life... and at the moment of writing this article... he is in a serious relationship that I think might be "the one"... and by the way... he is also losing his hair...  he is going to be so pissed at me that I wrote that... and no... he is not rich either... so what has he got that most men do not have and many men will NEVER have?

He likes himself... he forgives himself when he screws up... he has a sense of humour about his flaws and measures himself by his "strengths" and not his disadvantages... in other words he LOVES being a Man who is alive in his MASCULINITY... and “sexually” this translates into the ability to be "present... calm... masculine... confident... passionate... direct and dynamic"... and this equals... Sexually Confident in SEXING a woman.

And... if you have not figured it out by now... it is the “inner game”... your “mindset”.... your “sexual confidence” and TRUST in your own MASCULINITY that does it for a “womans sexual femininity” and “fires” her up....   as if you have figured it out by is the “secret sauce” the DYNAMIC Energy of your own Masculinity... that “creates”  a lot of other great success in life... not just sexually.

So where does “penis size” come into it... to “enjoy women” and to “create” and enjoy “success” in life?

Here Is An Exercise For You To Do...

Over the next few days... set a timer that goes off every 30 minutes or so... when it rings... check in with yourself and “isolate” what you were just “thinking about”... keep a record of how often you were indulging in “negative self talk”... and then, of course... every time you catch yourself “thinking negative” or fearful things about your self... STOP.

Your mind will go crazy at first trying to keep it is “comfortably habitual tone”... to stay in your “comfort zone”... that critical “negative” voice in your head...  will make up stories like...

“But... but... but  I need to have this internal conversation to prepare myself for what to do when she leaves me or when things inevitably go wrong... or what I will say to avoid embarrassment."

Hmm... those stories you tell yourself... they are utter “bullshit”... excuses you give yourself to “fail”... excuses you give yourself to DENY the POWER of your OWN MASCULINITY! 

And no... you do not need to think those “negative thoughts”... in fact... they are ruining your life.... and “worrying” over “penis size”... is just an example of those “negative thoughts”... that "cripple" your Masculine Sexual Power!  

Now...  try it for 7 days... it is a simple task... what have you got to lose?

Start being nicer and “positive” to your self... it really will make you better in bed... .and change EVERYTHING in your life.

Sexual  Tip...

Before making love... you as the man sit on a chair naked... have your lover straddle you naked and than gaze into each others eyes for a couple minutes without moving... this helps you both to be still and ”emotionally connect.”

Then slowly begin massaging each others hair and face and then make slow sensual love... taking moments to “gaze deeply" into each other eyes... and not focusing right away on the actual “act of sex”... totally intensifies the "love making" when you become more “physical” with each other.

If you want to “learn” and to “enjoy” this kind of "sophisticated" approach to "mastering" every aspect of love making... from "seduction" to giving her mind blowing "multiple orgasms"... and you would like to know more...  then please do... CONTACT  me... and we can arrange “personal coaching” for you.

One final thought... if you are measuring yourself as a man by your “penis size”... then you are “missing out” on so much of your Masculinity... and the real “joy and pleasure” of “enjoying” a woman... "sexing" and “lovemaking” with her.

You are letting your own “negative thoughts”... strangle your own Masculinity... and denying your women or women enjoying the POWER of YOU!

And practically speaking... that completes this conversation.

As always... leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you.

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

They are truly Passionate and DYNAMIC Lovers!

Yours Sincerely


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