Here Is A Really Nice Technique For Men ...It Is Called Romance!

By Ange Fonce

This one is simple. 

No skills required... and it will give you great results in the bedroom!

If your woman happens to be the type that likes some "romance" in her sexual relationship, then this technique will make her explode with pleasure.

Bust this out as foreplay, after-glow enhancement, as a break between sets of faster-paced action,  or even while pressed deeply inside her and moving very gently... get yourself into a position where you can really see and connect with your partner.

Some good positions for this might be to have her lie down on her back and then straddle her hips sitting on top of her, or, if you are inside of  her, have her lay on her back and sit up on your heels with her hips on your legs.

Then take a couple of minutes and commit her body to memory with your fingers.

Imagine that the next time you will meet her, you will be blind... and you want to be certain that you can recognize her body using only your fingers... so gently trace every line and curve... note the textures and the depths, the curves and the folds... to REALLY try to SEE her as a blind man would... and enjoy the process... soak it up. 

Remember back when you were in puberty and you would have been willing to chew off your own arm for the opportunity to touch every square inch of skin on a naked woman's body in your bed?

Well, get back into that mental state... just no arm chewing required... unless you do it in a sensual way!

Also try TELLING HER what you are doing...

Say to her... 

"I want to memorize your body with my fingers."

I am not saying EVERY woman on the planet will like those words... yet around 92.4% of them will seriously dig it.

You often will hear me say that not everything in love-making is about the big "O". 

And, in fact, too much focus on the "goal" of orgasm can cause all sorts of problems... being too orgasm-focused can...

Make her feel pressured and make it much harder for her to come at all

Make you seem "needy" and come across as "trying too hard" to be a pleaser

Get you stuck in a rut where you keep doing the same thing over and over because .."it works for her"...when actually she is just getting bored... and takes much of the fun, spontaneity, and intimacy out of making love

As far as "Intimate Sex" is concerned... being able to bring your partner to climax is not the goal or the end result... it is the MINIMUM requirement... it is the beginning and not the end.

So what else can you be doing if you are not just trying to make her come?

Well... How About Trying This One!

Did you know that you can find out what pleases your partner like a magic mind reader without asking them?

Best of all... if you can grasp this concept... it will help you to have better, longer and more frequent lovemaking.


Watch how they pleasure YOU.

Yes, that is it.

Here are some examples and what I mean...

- Do they kiss soft, passionate or intensely?

- Do they kiss your neck too? How?

- Do they stroke your face?

- Do they run their hands over your body softly? Firmly?

- Do they stop to gaze into your eyes?

- Do they change positions often?

- Do they say sexy or loving things?

Did You Know...?

Women make love to you this way because they assume you would like it the same way they do... it is often unconsciously... and that is what's going on.

Pretty simple really... and this simplicity is half the problem.

You see... so many men and women have unsatisfied intimate relationships because they overlook or disqualify simple advice and conclude that it is too simple.

Know this... there is power in simplicity.

Watch what they do... do what they do.

That is it.

And from their reactions, you will see how much they enjoy it and which ones they enjoy the most. 

The golden book of lovemaking is right under your nose... all you have to do is open your eyes and look for it.

I will leave you with some general ideas of what men and women want... and remember, this information can NEVER be a substitute for observing your own partner in action.

Love Making Tips

What Many Men Love...

A Man who is healthy in both body and mind... love a woman without inhibitions and an adventurous spirit, one who is willing to try new things.

Here is a great one... 

Give him fellatio or manually stroke him around 9 or 10 in the morning... this is when his testosterone levels are highest for the day, so he will be more sexually charged... and for better results, also wear something sexy or nothing at all.

He will enjoy that.

What Many Women Love... 

Being loved in creative, romantic and unique ways.

listen up here guys... your lovemaking starts WAY before the bedroom... do loving things for her and she will feel much more connected and ready to make love.

What about inside the bedroom?

Women are very turned on by passionate kisses and affectionate foreplay... so do lots of that... and do not stop at these suggestions!

Look at how YOUR partner pleasures you and then give it back to them.

Having said all that... there are probably only a dozen enjoyable things your partner will reveal to you.


Because chances are they have NEVER tried anything else.

Once you learn how to ignite the most pleasure and passion out of what you already have, you need to continually improve and progress your intimate relationship to higher levels.

If your sexual relationship is not FLOURISHING... and it is WITHERING AWAY... what do you dol?

One of  the best ways to grow your sexual relationship is by introducing new tips, techniques, positions and fun games that you would have never thought of yourself.

Added bonus...  if you are with a woman who does find it difficult to reach orgasm... because this technique is so obviously NOT focused on "getting her there", it might be EXACTLY what she needs to relax, get her mind off of it, and then surrender into the experience.

As with many things in life, sometimes it's exactly when you stop trying so hard that you get exactly what you want.

if you are experiencing problems and you would like some help and support... then please do Contact me to know more.

As always... leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you.

Average men and women know only the rules.

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

They are truly Passionate and DYNAMIC Lovers!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce


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