Have you experienced Deep, Melting, Connecting Sexual Intimacy With Your Partner?

With sex, there are always new or surprising facts. There is always something to learn, including new ways to explore and build an even closer bond with your partner.

Interesting things you probably didn't know about sex:

Alcohol and good sex don't mix!

Sexual responsiveness diminishes after only two drinks.

The brain is the most important sex organ. Sharing fantasies with and about you and your partner can stimulate your senses hours before any physical contact.

There might be a biological purpose for the foreskin. Women who have sex with uncircumcised men report the foreskin effectively stimulates their G spot.

But wait!

Not all women have a G spot despite their own or their partner's best efforts to find one!

You can't always control who you find sexy.

Hidden physiological cues and pheromones play a big part!

Older adults report better sex lives because after a certain age, they become less inhibited and not as concerned with physical appearance.

For some women, orgasms or multiple orgasms are experienced for the first time when pregnant.

The "post-coital flush" of redness and splotchy skin is caused by sexual excitement, not friction!

A woman can lack natural vaginal lubrication even when the woman is turned on. Introducing a water based lubricant into the mix can avoid any embarrassment or discomfort.

Astroglide is a very good product for this.

When it comes to your sexual knowledge, it's important to have some humility.

There's always room for improvement and experimentation. Rejoice in the fact that sex is such a wonderfully complicated experience that it will never be completely figured out.

That's the fun part!

Another fact about sex is the importance of variety. 

Have you experienced Deep, Melting, Connecting Sex With Your Partner?

Here is one of the exercises I teach couples that only takes 10 minutes or so. 

It often leads to a deep feeling of "intimacy" and emotional connect between the couple.

I ask the couple to sit facing each other. 

They close their eyes. 

I instruct them to think back in the past to a time when they felt loved by their partner or parents. (Maybe even their dog!)

And let them get into this energy of being loved. Get into their body and their emotions.

Sometimes this raises some issues of not being fully loved in the past. This is fine. Just feel whatever the amount of love that was given to you by a person from your past.

After a few minutes, I ask the couple to now remember in the past when you loved someone. To get into this feeling of loving. 

I suggest intensifying this feeling if that is an easy thing for the individual to do.

Now slowly open your eyes and look into your partners left eye. 

Transmit the love you feel to your partner though your eyes and your facial expression.

One person touches the face of the other while staying in the love energy. You can give your partner a slow face massage at this point. 

After a few minutes, you each swap roles. The other partner transmits the love in a loving face massage.

Now imagine your heart expanding and flowing down your arms to your hands and fingers and into your lover.

This exercise is a powerful way to connect before sex.

If you touch your partner when you are in your heart energy and building sexual intimacy, I have noticed that touch becomes very slow and present. It is wonderful to receive touch in this energy. Foreplay becomes timeless and in the moment. Sex connected to this energy can become transformed.

Many men have been brought up with the attitude that it is not good to be in their emotions. After all, men do not cry!

A lot of men cut off from their emotions and stay in the heads even when making love. 

This leads to sex with no emotional connection, which can be rather dry and mechanical. 

Most women do not want to make love while feeling on some level that they are a masturbation doll.

Both men and women have a masculine side and a feminine side. 

I suggest to men to develop their feminine side when making love while at the same side becoming a lot more masculine. 

I have often written about men letting go and relaxing into their masculinity and about how men can become more masculine in sex. 

If you explore adding the sensitive and loving feminine element, you will be a wonderful lover.

Sometimes I will be very masculine and other times very loving. 

I love how sex can be totally different from one session to another.

Connecting your heart to your genitals is a challenge for a lot of men.

The above exercise is one way for men (and also for women) to feel a lot more of an emotional connection.

I often suggest to clients to self pleasure as an act of loving yourself. This transforms masturbation from a sexual release into another level of self love. This exercise is very challenging and 95% of my clients do not follow through in this suggestion. (Are you the 5%?)

In fact if you relax as your sexual energy rises and stay in your heart it is possible to have exquisite, pulsating orgasms.

You can also contract your PC muscles as you breathe in and pull the sexual energy up from the genitals into your whole body. 

One can just visualize or just imagine this if you do not feel anything in the body.

I have found from personal experience that a slower style of sex allows me to stay in my heart for longer periods. 

Fast, vigorous sex tends to take me into excitement and out of being present in my heart and body. 

Being totally relaxed while allowing the sexual energy to rise seems to be present with my partner is another key.

Have fun doing the above exercise to deepen your heart connection in sex.

And practically speaking, that completes my conversation for this article.

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Ange Fonce


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