Great Relationship? Bad Sex? The Formula For Cheating 

By Ange Fonce

If “sex” in your relationship is something that you are at all worried about... then take note... that it probably is A MEANINGFUL WARNING SIGN... and although the “focus” for this article is towards men being a "great lover" for women... there is lots a women can learn from this article that does apply to them too.

Obviously there are “many reasons” that the physical part of a relationship can be less than satisfying.
Sadly... it is very rare for ANY couple these  days to have banging off the walls... screaming... crazy... out of control “love making” that leaves both  partners completely "blissful" and satisfied and sharing “deep feelings” of “connection... contentment”... and “intimacy”... which porn does not.

And when it is so so or when interest seems low... it is very often a “warning sign” of "other problems" in the relationship... OR... the seed from which “other problems grow.”

Before I get too deeply into this and really examine what is going on... let me just quickly tell you here at the beginning... that one very EASY solution is to learn “how” to completely BLOW HER MIND whenever you want to in the bedroom.

Because for many reasons that I am about to explain... men who can do that are VERY RARE  and women “know it” and so a woman will almost never leave a man who can do that for her without a very good reason.

A woman might complain that her husband does not help with the housework... and I know very few woman ever left a relationship for that reason... in fact... the reason she is complaining about the housework probably has very little to do with the housework itself... you have probably figured out by now that there are many... many things you can do that generally annoy women... let us face it... women are just easily annoyed sometimes.

You may have also figured out and this is a very... very painful one to figure out... that even if you do everything RIGHT... even if you love her and give her your time... attention... gifts... and even help with the housework... that women sometimes leave or cheat... and I do not want to sound cynical and say... "it is all about the sex"... it is not... not at all... the “truth” is that if that part is GREAT... she is not going anywhere...  and she will not be cheating.

Obviously I am over simplifying a bit because if you abuse her... are overly controlling... or just completely incompatible... then "great sex" might keep you together longer than you SHOULD be together... and if the “relationship” is reasonably solid... “great love making”... all by itself... can forgive almost anything else... what I need you to “understand here” is that this is not just because she is having a bunch of “orgasms” that builds “loving intimacy”... though that does not hurt any!

And I do not want to minimize the pain of what it is like to have your woman cheat on you or leave you when you want the relationship to continue... and I do not want to be the jerk who says that "all a woman needs is a good time between the sheets"... an “emotionally... mentally” and “physically healthy” woman will want a lot more than that... although it is the part of the “relationship” she will greatly “enjoy!”

GOOD sex can happen just because you learned some "techniques" or because she happens to be one of those women who can achieve “orgasm easily”... and it is really not that rare or that big a deal.... and GREAT sex can only happen if other “more important aspects” are going well in the relationship.

And I do not just mean the things your mum or your “relationship counsellor”... smiles says me seeing as I work with couples on “relationship issues” said were important... like "respect" or being better at "communicating"... those things are “important”... and what a woman REALLY craves is “intimacy” and “excitement”... two things that many men are not very good at... you can get men who is good at “excitement” and totally lame at “intimacy”... and you may get men who are good at “intimacy” and totally suck at “excitement.” 

A man who can really rock her world though... is one who has “learned how” to do do both...  not just give her “excitement”... and also able to give and receive “intimacy” comfortably.  

Maybe you have bought other books on good sex...  maybe you learned some cool “tongue technique” for pleasing a woman... and maybe you even gave her a "bunch of orgasms"... and that is great... yet it is not even 10 percent of what makes a “great lover”... the “kind of man” that women “brag about”... the kind of man that they “fantasize about”... the kind of man they would simply never consider leaving or cheating on.

To really unlock a womans “full sexual being” and take her to places that amazingly... even she is usually completely unaware that she was capable of... to do that... you need something much more "profound"... and when you learn those secrets... then even the very first time you "make love to a woman"... you can completely blow her mind and if you want... even “capture her heart” through the act of the “love creating.”

I do know that “love” and “sex” are NOT the same thing... “sex” could create “love”... yet “sex” itself is not “love” and you certainly should not “think” it is either... yes we do call it "making love" for a very good reason...  it is because the two ARE related... so can you have great sex without love?

The answer is... yes.

Can you have “great sex” without the “courage” and “confidence” to build “intimacy”... even if that connection is brief?

The answer is... no.

And you cannot have “love” without “intimacy” either of course... and that is where the two are related... for most men... “sex” does not have to be a very “intimate act”...  in fact for most men the “intimacy part” makes the whole thing a bit intimidating... it is fun... it feels good... and there is a lot of weird pressure and uncertainty about the whole thing... and women “feel” that and it blocks their ability to “feel” the kind of “intimacy” and “trust” that will open them up completely to your touch... so how do you make a woman FEEL intimacy?"

I am going to give you a few ideas now... and I do go into this subject in detail and explain the entire process when I work with couples and individuals... either face to face or via Skype...  if you are ready to get this really “mastered” so that you can “create the emotions” in a woman that allow her to “experience” her most “powerful” and “profound orgasms”... that come from "deep" within her.... then please do contact me.

The first step to creating that “intimacy” is to gain TRUST and CONFIDENCE... in your own SEXUAL MASCULINITY!  

In other words... get rid of that "weird pressure and uncertainty about the whole thing."

Part of this comes from actually “investing the time” to “learn about women and female sexuality” so that you are “confident” that you “know” the “basic techniques” of being a “good lover”... and “understanding” the “basic structure” of “how” to make a woman cum... not just "physically"... so that she orgasms "mentally" and "emotionally" too... even women that have trouble achieving orgasms with their partners... and more “importantly” is that you develop “healthy esteem” of your “masculine sexual identity” as a “confident lover.”

Confidence is a funny thing... part of it comes from acquiring a “skill”... and if you ”feel confident” without “skill”... you are not really “confident at all”... just brash or arrogant or even deluded... and part does come from simply “trusting” in your own “value” as a "masculine sexual man"...  there are many men who have “powerful skills” in various important areas... whether that is carpentry or computers... and still lack “personal confidence” in themselves as a “masculine sexual  man”... on an “internal personal level”... being  “masculine sexually confident” is not just about “learning a skill”... it also from “knowing” that you are the  “man that can open her femininity”... and that takes a “healthy masculine esteem” and the “courage” to be a “masculine sexual man.”

When a woman DOES feel your “masculine sexually confidence”... your “courage”... your “certainty”... and your “ability” to “open to intimacy”... it is possible to to do things to her body that you simply cannot “know” until you have “experienced it.”

It is so “important” to “understand” that techniques alone just will not do it... it is not enough to know where her clitoris is or how to use your fingers or tongue in the right way... that stuff is good and useful... and maybe she will have an orgasm or even many powerful orgasms... yet to take your woman beyond that realm... when you “really penetrate and enter the world of her erotic feminine reality”... you can take her to places that seriously she will not even “know” until she “experiences it.”

Intimacy and “trust” are the keys here...  and it is your “masculine sexual confidence “ that is the door that will allow her “feminine sexuality” to “surrender” to you... and that will make you a very “rare man” indeed!

As a “relationship grows”... it is easy to hurt each other... as you both “open up” to each other...  little things accumulate that can break “intimacy” and “trust”... being “inauthentic” is most certainly one of them... lacking “integrity” is another... lies and deception most certainly destroy the “trust” in a relationship.

Love that is deeply “intimate” needs a whole supporting cast to shine... and then “sex” becomes more than just a “physical f69k”... it becomes an “ecstatic experience” between you both... and I do “know” this and I am certain of it....  when the “sex is great”... there is “massive intimacy” and “excitement”... that can only be good for a “loving relationship”... and it is VERY unlikely that a woman will ever leave a man like that... that she “experiences” such “bliss” with... unless he does some pretty terrible stuff... which is highly unlikely being that kind of “masculine sexual man”... and as for “cheating”... very unlikely... it will be the opposite... she will make sure no other woman even gets close to him in that way.  

Women “cheat” for “many complex reasons”... and I am certainly not saying that a woman who is having “good sex” will not want “good sex” somewhere else too if there are other “emotional issues” to deal with... yet the kind of “great love making” I am talking about makes that kind of thing virtually impossible... “realize” this and it will give you “profound knowledge” and “power” in your “interactions” with women.

Understand that women and particularly “attractive women”... always have OPTIONS...  a woman if she chooses can “get sex” a lot easier than a man can...  and that fact can give her a lot of “validation” and “excitement” if she is “feeling insecure” or “unloved”... looking elsewhere and “cheating” can add back a lot of the “excitement” into a womans life and make her “esteem” feel better when she is “feeling disconnected” from you... and it is very “important” to “realize” that plenty of "good girls" who are very moral people sometimes find themselves tempted by some very “confident... powerful”... or “attractive masculine men”... IF she is “feeling” a lack of “intimacy” and “excitement” in her life.

Most of the time... a woman with “high ethical standards” will resist this temptation...  yet “emotions” are very difficult to control... and things that later we regret can happen...  we are after all “human” and we are “emotional beings”... especially women... and we ALL have done things we later regretted.

And if a woman is truly being “fulfilled” with both “excitement” and “intimacy”... if she is having “mind blowing sex” in her life with YOU... then she will not be tempted...  she will not “feel” either the need or the desire for that mysterious "something more"... and do not “think” that building this FEELING of "intimacy" and "excitement" is difficult... it is actually easy when you have “solid masculine trust” and “confidence” and are “authentic” in your own “masculine sexuality.”  

It does NOT require buying her flowers... taking her on romantic dinners at sunset or having long conversations about "us"... yet it does “require” that you “learn how women respond emotionally to sex” and to your “masculine touch” and to use that “knowledge” and “understanding” to “share” with her... what will be one of the most “intense experiences” of her life... and yours too in an “authentic... loving... intimate” and “fearless” way.

And everything I have “shared” with you here is actually really SIMPLE...  sometimes even OBVIOUS... yet virtually no men are actually DOING these things... and those men that are... are “rare” and are sought after by women who “want” such men for themselves. 

It is what I sometimes call The Elusive Obvious... the “truth” is right there in front of you and you are “blind” to it!

And to complete our conversation... here is some beautiful "sex energy" to make your week brighter... I really admire what was done here... I think you will LOVE IT and have real fun watching... and maybe even learn something "subtle" and "important" about "sexual intimacy."  

You will see some lovely... body confident women experiencing orgasm while trying not to... and just experience the "amazing" energy of these woman as they "experience orgasm"... something you will never ever "witness" in porn.
Okay... I have given enough away... it is artistic... it is very different... it is fun... and I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did.

As always... leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you.

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and International Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Psycho Dynamic Counsellor who works with men... and women who desire to develop themselves and their relationships to become Dynamic Lifers from around the World!

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