For "Dynamic Lovers" Techniques & Exercises For Better Female Orgasms Part 1 The Basics

This is an ACTION guide article, it is detailed and it is long and that means that to use it properly, you have to DO something. 

Whether you are already very orgasmic during sex or you have never had an orgasm before, the exercises in this article will be very powerful for getting you to the next level.

If you…

Want to increase the intensity and frequency of your orgasms

  • Enjoy clitoral orgasms, but want to learn to have deep vaginal orgasms
  • Climax during masturbation but haven’t been able to during intercourse
  • Have NEVER had an orgasm before
Then this 3 part article can absolutely help you.

How To Use This 3 Part Action Guide Article

Read through all of the exercises and action steps in this article. It is designed to be short, to the point, and FAST. 

After you have read through it, MAKE A PLAN OF ACTION.

Whatever you do, please do not get up and walk away from this guide before you have taken at least ONE concrete step to ensuring that you will make some of these practices a part of your life.

After you are done with your quick read-through, you should review the exercises with an eye towards 2 things:

1. Find the exercises that “speak to you” and that you could calendar immediately to remind yourself to work on them on a regular schedule (and then make sure you follow through!).

2. Find the exercises that you find “emotionally threatening”… the one’s that made you feel uncomfortable. And then please consider choosing at least one of them to COMMIT to trying out. And by “commit” I mean that you write down a due-date for yourself to try it and post it somewhere where you can’t avoid it!


Because the things that are “out of your comfort zone” are almost always the biggest opportunities for growth and positive change in your life!

Close your eyes for a moment and commit to yourself RIGHT NOW that you won’t finish reading this guide without committing to taking some sort of action on what you learn here.

Basic Exercises: These are the exercises that every woman should do to become more in touch with her body and her pleasure.

Understanding Your Anatomy


Most women are aware of their clitoris, where it is and how it feels. It sits at the very top of the vulva where the inner lips of the vagina meet. It usually pokes out a tiny bit up there at the top if you spread the lips. And where the lips join, the skin that covers the body of the clitoris is called the “clitoral hood”.

When aroused, your clitoris fills with blood and hardens into a thin tube beneath the hood. pressure back and forth on the body of the clitoris can be very pleasurable, and the head of the clitoris, the part that barely pops out from beneath the hood, is extremely sensitive, and for some women it is too sensitive for direct pressure. When nearing orgasm, it is most common for the head of the clitoris to retract beneath the hood.

This little game of hide-and-seek is a big reason why many women have difficulty reaching orgasm.

Often during intercourse, the man’s pubic bone is rubbing directly against the clitoris - which feels great - and then, as you approach orgasm, the clitoris ducks beneath the hood and there is a sudden reduction in pleasure as their is no longer direct friction. 

During oral sex the same thing occurs and instructing your partner to gently pull back the hood with his thumb is often the only remedy you need to make it easy to come during oral sex.

During intercourse it may be simpler to get into a position where either of you can apply manual stimulation to the clitoris. 

Some couples feel like this is “cheating” and that they did not really have a female orgasm during intercourse. It is just amazing to me how humans will invent rules to a game which they made up themselves, just so that they can label themselves a failure. If you’re doing this with your lover, please reconsider this ridiculous “rule”.

Another great technique for clitoral stimulation during intercourse is called the CAT position, which stands for Coital Alignment Technique.

This is basically a variation of missionary position (man on top, woman on her back) which maximizes his body contact and pressure against the clitoris. There are illustrations all over the Internet if you’d care to Google it, but since you will have to experiment a bit to get it right, in some ways it’s better not to see how it’s “supposed to” look.

Here’s how it’s done:

From missionary position, have your partner scoot upwards (towards your head, not up on the air), so that his penis is forced into a downward angle inside of you. Wrap your legs around his thighs and experiment with crossing your ankles and then lowering your legs even further down his legs. You should feel his weight shift onto the body of your clitoris in a good way.

The motion takes a bit of practice to get used to. 

Have him remain still while you practice a rocking motion in your hips to get a rhythmic pressure on your clitoris.

Rocking this way allows you to control both the pressure and the rhythm to find exactly what you like. Then, once you find your rhythm, you can invite your partner to try some gentle thrusting in time with your rhythm. If he’s a terrible dancer with no sense of timing, this is going to be challenging at first.

Patience! Positive reinforcement only!

This should feel fantastic, and if you are accustomed to having clitoral orgasms while masturbating, you should be able to bring yourself to orgasm in this position with just a little bit of experimentation.

Don’t get caught up in trying to do this “right.”

That is not the way forward.

Instead, begin with what seems approximately right and then plot your own course.


The vagina itself is often divided up into sensitive regions that I’ll talk about below, but the fact remains that the vagina, as a whole, is lined with a mesh of sensory neurons that are attuned to both friction and pressure, and many women experience orgasm from a “filled vagina” feeling.

What is unclear is whether it is the friction on the nerve-endings of the vagina itself or a hydrostatic effect of the stretching and pressure, in and out, that causes orgasm, but both are clearly sources of pleasure.

Learning to enjoy this feeling of pressure or “filling up” in a rhythmic way, and just accepting it at its own level is one of the most important pre-steps in enjoying intercourse and ultimately having vaginal orgasms during intercourse.


This famed spot on the belly-side wall of the vagina, about 2 inches in, was named for the gynecologist, Dr. Ernst Grafenberg who first described it.

Internally it is often referred to as a quarter-sized patch of spongy tissue with a texture similar to the roof of your mouth. When a woman becomes aroused this area swells slightly and protrudes like a little spongy dome.

The G Spot is not well researched and there are a large number of researchers, angry female activists, and gynecologists that deny its existence. 

But the best theories for why this area gives some women such powerful orgasms when stimulated are:

The nerves leading from the clitoris are bundled into a thick trunk of fibers that travel past that area, and when this bundle of nerves is squeezed up against the pubic bone it sends crazy messages to the brain that cause powerful orgasm

The Intra-Urethral gland that empties into the urethral tube sits in that position between the vagina and the urethra. These glands swell during excitement and are sexually sensitive in the same way that a man’s prostate is.

Typically G Spot orgasms come from finger stimulation. Your partner inserts one or two fingers, palm facing upwards towards the belly, and then makes a “come here” motion along the top surface of the vagina, gliding across the spongy G Spot.

Another common method is for your partner to curve his fingers around, inside of the vagina, wrapping around the pubic bone and then gently massaging the G Spot between the wall of the vagina and the bone.

It’s been noted that vigorous and prolonged massage of the G Spot can lead to urinary infections in some women, as the urethra (the tube that leads from the Intra-urethral gland (may be cause of G-Spot sensitivity is compressed between the vagina and the pubic bone, sometimes causing irritation.

Research suggests that only a small percentage of women experience G Spot orgasms, but those that do usually describe them as incredibly intense.

There are also a percentage of women that experience numbness, a total lack of sensation, and in some cases, even discomfort from G Spot stimulation.

In these cases there are techniques to “awaken” the G Spot into sexual receptivity that are described in the part 3 (Advanced Directed Orgasm Work).


This fierce sounding area is the smooth, elastic tissue surrounding the cervix. It is especially sensitive to pressure and pushing.

Inside of the vagina, the cervix feels like a hard little donut. If your partner has long fingers, the ring around this little donut can be felt as a very smooth, silky surface.

Many areas along the paracervical ring are sexually sensitive, but particularly above and below the cervix where the head of the penis normally pushes during intercourse (and whether top or bottom depends upon position). Many women report powerful, deep orgasms from pressure against the paracervical ring.


The “A Spot,” sometimes referred to as the “deep spot” is actually the “anterior fornix,” which is the top of the paracervical ring.

If your parter has very long fingers, then pushing back, past the G Spot, until the smooth surface around the cervix is felt, is the way to find the A Spot.

It can be stimulated in exactly the same way as the G Spot, with a curling, “come here” motion of the finger.

It can also be very powerful if the man enters from a low angle and presses his penis against the A Spot and then applies either steady or very gently rhythmic pressure deep into the A Spot. Orgasm achieved in this way can be both powerful and profoundly intimate.


By far the most powerful sexual organ on a woman’s body is the brain, or the “B Spot”.

The brain is both the source and the obstacle to orgasm. So it is worth taking a moment to understand how it works.

The brain is divided into different structures that serve different functions. Three areas in particular control a lot of what goes in your mind and body: The medulla oblongata, the limbic system, and the cerebral cortex… sometimes these areas are referred to as the “reptile brain,” the “mammalian brain” (emotional brain) and the “logical brain” because they formed during different times during human evolutionary history.

The reptile brain in humans is very similar to the entire brain that reptiles are equipped with. It is concerned with only three things:

1. Running the automatic systems of the body like the heart and breathing

2. Survival instincts - hunger, fear, violence

3. Mating instincts - arousal, desire, sexual pleasure

This part of the brain basically runs the body and your awareness of the body.

When you have a feeling of being “in your body,” this is the part of the brain that you are accessing.

The mammal brain evolved in animals that take care of their young, that form social groups, and bond with one another. It is the structures in the brain that process emotion, and in humans it is evolved to a staggering degree. In fact, the systems which process emotions in humans is not entirely localized in the brain (though large parts of it are), and there are clusters and nets of nerves throughout your entire body that store and process “feelings” and emotions.

That is one of the reasons why your ability to enjoy sexuality is so tied up with your emotions.

And finally, the logical brain is where you process cause and effect, logic, problem solving, and do your “mental” thinking. It is where you create imagination, where you daydream, where you carry on internal dialogue, and where you invent ideas like anxiety, shame, pride, and accomplishment.

Those imaginings, daydreams, and ideas are then treated as “real” by the other structures of the brain and can result in strong emotions like fear or anger, and physical effects like increased heart rate and shallow breathing.

In general there are only two ways to have great sex as far as the brain is concerned:

1. Rope the logical brain into the fun by focusing on fantasy and sexual thoughts

2. Quiet the logical brain so that you can be tuned into the emotional and physical effects of the body

If you manage to do either of these things, the reptile brain will reward you with sizzling hot sex and the emotional brain will give you intense feelings of intimacy, joy, and a thousand other highly complicated and delicious sexual emotions and experiences.

But if you fail at both of the above methods of dealing with the logical brain, it will pull you out of arousal and block every effort at having an orgasm.

That's all for this article part 1.

In the next article Part 2 "Embodiment Exercises" I will be going into how to get in touch with your body and enjoy more powerful and wild orgasms.

And in the final article of this series Part 3 "Advanced Directed Orgasmic Methods."

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