For "Dynamic Lovers" Techniques & Exercises For Better Female Orgasms Part 2

"Embodiment Exercises" Get Back Into Your Orgasmic Body

More and more in the modern world you are disconnected from the experiences of your body. 

Our culture values the brain and thinking above experiences of the body, and you entertain yourself by creating experiences for your mind and rarely for your body.

Video games, television, the internet, and other entertainment excite you be doing something in your head, while you just passively enjoy.

But that’s not the way humans were originally designed. Most of the pleasure we took as a species in the last 50,000 years came from sex, sporting games, socializing, and touch.

Is it any wonder that so many people are having disconnected sex?

Get back in touch with your body and you will be rewarded with wildly more powerful orgasms.

Women who exercise report more frequent orgasm in every study conducted on the subject.

Here are some things you should do to get back into your body:
  • Exercise - A regular exercise habit has so many benefits that I hardly think I need to mention it, but if you needed one more reason to get started: Orgasms.
  • Yoga - Not all exercise is created equally. Yoga is a triple-threat as it teaches you to get deeply into your body, how to intentionally quiet the thinking brain, and trains you to use your breath to move feelings, experience, and energy through your body. If there is better preparation for more powerful orgasms, I am not aware of it.
  • Take Up A Sport - Getting physical in the gym is great, but linking pleasure and joy to working up a sweat works miracles in your life. Tennis anyone?
  • Massage - Get regular massages, link pleasure to touch. Take a class in massage and get more pleasure and sophistication in the way that you touch. Frequently exchanging massage with your sexual partner will increase trust, intimacy, and knowledge of each other’s bodies in profound ways
  • Get Out Into Nature - hike, walk on the beach, lie in the grass, stand under a tree and absorb the beauty of the light filtering down between the leaves, go outside and breath deeply on a beautiful breezy (or rainy!) day. This is the pleasure your body was intended for. Go get some!
“3 Stage Kegels”

“Kegel Compressions” invented by Dr. Ernst Kegel invented this exercise to help patients who had trouble with incontinence after giving birth.

It was later discovered that these exercises led to stronger vaginal muscles (a big plus for the man in your life), worked well to help men who had ejaculation issues, and increased sexual satisfaction in women.

In case you haven’t heard of them, the basic exercise is simple.

You squeeze the muscles of the pelvic floor that you normally use to squeeze off the stream of urine.

You can do them any time, any where, and nobody will notice. In fact, there’s an excellent chance that you just did one while reading the above sentence just to check it out.

The common wisdom is that stronger muscles around the vagina cause greater sensation and pleasure.

I don’t agree with that.

I think that by focusing awareness and intention around the vagina, more neurons are recruited to serve the area through a process called “neuroplasticity”. 

And it is this greater awareness and more neural pathways that dramatically increase pleasure and the ability to have better orgasms.

I recommend you follow my own, should-be-patented, 3 stage process (I give a full description of how do Kegels for men in a reply to a readers question. Click this link.)

Do 10, squeezing for 5 to 10 seconds each time. 

Then try doing 100 of them as fast as you can. 

Then 10 again, squeezing for as long as you can each time.

Do these once a day and you’ll see results.

Stage 2: Vaginal Focus Kegels

Insert your finger into your vagina and try to squeeze on your finger. 

Begin by doing the same series above, squeezing on your finger first 10 times sustained, then 100 fast, then 10 again.

Next, see if you can separate out the different muscles in your pelvic floor. 

Can you squeeze the muscles around the urethra (as if stopping the flow of urine) without squeezing the finger? 

Can you squeeze your finger without squeezing the urethra or the anus?

What makes this exercise powerful is that by doing this exercise repeatedly, you actually remap your neurology and create more communication between the brain and the vagina.

Stage 3: G Spot Kegels

After Stage 2, these may be very simple for you… or you may find them very challenging. 

Now that you can individuate the muscles in the pelvis, can you individuate muscles in the vagina?

Press your finger (or have your partner use their finger) gently into your G Spot,and then press your G Spot back against your finger.

Once you have learned this last muscle focus you will be able to strongly enhance orgasms during intercourse simply by pressing down with your G Spot

What Feels Good?


  • Where do you like to be touched that feels fantastic?
  • How does it feel best? 
  • Hard or soft? 
  • Squeeze, or caress, or pinch, or rub, or stroke?
  • What intensity works best and feels just right?
  • What about rhythm… at what rhythm does your body suddenly wake up and start synchronizing into the waves of sensation?
Remember, you are not looking for the stone tablet with the instructions carved on them. 

This can change every day and with every mood. 

The goal is to get good at tuning into these things.

Once you have found what feels good, avoid the temptation to speed up, increase intensity, or TRY to get some kind of result or goal. Instead, just stay right there and see how deeply you can surrender into the experience exactly where it is.

If you have never had an orgasm, learning how to stay with the energy in your body right where you are and just surrender more deeply, get out of your head more, and simply enjoy what’s happening without regard to outcome is a huge key.

If you have orgasms regularly, try this...

Try to hold this for as long as you can without having an orgasm. 

Don't resist the orgasm, just breath into the pleasure of exactly where you are and see how long you can take it, how much you can take, just hold that dizzying space of arousal until you think you might go insane and then keep holding it. 

Eventually you will rocket over the edge and plunge into an orgasm deeper than you ever imagined - (I will be going into deeper detail about “Deeply Intense Orgasms” in the 3rd part of this series "Advanced Directed Orgasm Work.")

Include More Of Your Body

Spread the sexual pleasure throughout your body by directing with touch and breath.

If you are feeling dizzying pleasure in your clitoris, you can do a visualization exercise imagining that as you breath in, you are drawing sexual energy out of your clitoris and into the rest of your body. You might imagine it traveling up your spine (as they do in Eastern traditions), or you might draw it along the surface of the skin of your entire body. 

Bring it down to your feet and up to your head.

Because pleasure is processed in the brain and because brain systems run both forward and in reverse (i.e., when you make a picture in your brain, you are simply running the visual interpretation circuits of your brain in reverse) when you visualize the pleasure moving through your body, it is completely real to the brain.

Use touch to do the same thing.

Spread the pleasure from the aroused area into the rest of the body by actually stroking it up and around, as if you are spreading butter over your skin.

If your breasts are feeling aroused, spread the feeling down your belly and into your vagina with your fingers and palms, or move it up into your face and neck.

By moving the pleasure throughout your body, when you have an orgasm you will experience it throughout your body instead of localized in your genitals. 

This can be an extraordinary experience.

Sounding: Make noise.

If nothing else it will remind you to breath. And breathing is important.

Make a sound with every exhale.

Maybe it’s just the “mmm” that you make from a nice morning cup of tea. 

Maybe it’s the scream you would let out if your soul was being ripped from your body from the intensity of the pleasure.

Are you shy? 

Does it feel forced?



Get out of your comfort zone. 

That’s where all growth occurs anyway.

Just experiment with making sounds. 

Not the sounds you think you’re “supposed” to make. 

Not the sounds that she made in that romantic movie. 

Not the self conscious sounds that you think your lover wants to hear. 

Whatever comes up for you, whatever feels organic when you engage your vocal chords as you exhale.

Don’t over-think it.

Ride on your own sound. 

Let your consciousness focus on the sound and drift into it, rather than analyzing it. 

Get out of the logical brain and into the emotional brain.

Make sounds whether you are masturbating or with your lover.

If you normally just take your pleasure with heavy breathing, this is an exercise that can yield spectacular results for you if you give it a chance.

Phew, that got intense!

Next issue of this 3 part series we will be going into "Advanced Directed Orgasm Work."

Join me for the next article.

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For Love and Intimacy...

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