Female Sexing And Ejaculating Orgasms

By Ange Fonce

I published in Intimate Communion READERS LETTERS some time ago a brief answer to a question about Female Ejaculation which resulted in me receiving more emails from women asking about Female Ejaculation

So I decided in this article to go more in depth into Female Ejaculation as it is often a subject I am asked about by both men and women and I will use a question I received from a reader and my reply to her.

QUESTION From A Female Reader... 

"well i dunno from where to start :) but at 1st i would like to thank you for all these tips that you are giving away for all those people out there that still haven't got any clue about how to satisfy women....

well here is my story :) i'm a 28 year old woman and i can tell u that 5 to 6 years ago i started to feel secure enough to have an orgasm when i was with a guy, then 3 years ago i started to know more about the orgasm that women can have from her G-spot... but it never happened that i could squirt. 

when i am alone i can make myself come, but still i dont spray any cum outside, its just thick white liquid but very little...

my question is why is it coming out like that? is there any special food that i need to eat? i am not a real water drinker, i do get dehydration sometimes from not drinking water. does it have anything to do with that?  

i am very jealous from watching this squirting movie and see that i am not able to reach this level of orgasm.. and u said many times that u can take a women to the verge of passing out. i never felt this way. also even when i am having orgasm alone i can not make myself cum in a minute or even less than that, it always take me at least 5 minutes....these are all my questions for now..looking forward to hear from you best regards"


My Reply to her...

Dear R...

Thank you for contacting me and your message.

Can a woman REALLY have orgasms so powerful that they are on the verge of passing out?

Yes... it is absolutely true.

Women can come hard enough to pass out or to burst into tears afterwards or to shake uncontrollable for many long minutes afterwards as they try to regain their composure.

And yes a woman can ejaculate a large amount of clear liquid when they have experienced a certain kind of deep orgasm.

The thick white stuff you are talking about is just the normal lubrication of your vagina and it is totally natural and nothing to worry about.

The squirting orgasm comes out much more water like it is clear and it is completely odorless...  it is produced by a separate set of glands in your body called the intra urethral glands or sometimes called the Skenes gland.

It does not happen from any special foods or from drinking enough water and from a special type of orgasm as usually it is the result of a long build up and then a blended orgasm from both the clitoris and g spot at the same time also as the squirting orgasm builds you may feel the urge to pee...this is the glands filling.

So I would like to talk a little bit about why some women can have such intense orgasm and how YOU can begin to intensify your own orgasms and then give you some rock solid tips on how you and a skilled partner can experience female ejaculation.

The simple fact is most women find it very difficult or even impossible to have their most intense orgasms while alone because it is difficult to surrender that deeply without someone coaching you... reassuring you and sometimes even commanding you to continue deeper into the experience.

And some women with the help of a vibrator can indeed come hard enough to squirt and even to take themselves to the point of nearly passing out and many women can completely wear themselves out from coming so many times even when they are alone.

Yet that is not typical.

As a really powerful orgasm builds up inside of a woman it can sometimes feel almost scary and instead of just continuing to climb in excitement they will either just make themselves come right away enjoying a more shallow pleasure or they will back down completely as many women cannot come at all because they are stuck in a cycle where they get more and more excited then become nervous about getting too excited and the nervous energy knocks them out of the excited state and they slide back down before ever reaching the top.

The example I sometimes use to help men understand this is the experience you might have when you get on a giant roller coaster ride at the amusement park as while you are waiting in line you can feel the butterflies in your stomach... the ride looks scary and maybe you are wishing that you never agreed to do this and of course you cannot just get off the line because you will look like a dork so you just keep moving forward... then when you get strapped into the seat you can really feel your adrenaline pumping and as the car gets pulled up that first giant hill your heart beats faster and faster as you slowly go higher and higher.

Now you have no control anymore you are on the ride and you cannot get off until it is over and imagine if there were a button on the ride that you could push just as you got to the top of that first terrifying drop and if you pushed that button the ride would stop and you could get off and take an elevator back to the bottom.

How many people do you think would choose to push the button?

10%...  20%?  

Maybe even half the people?

For sure plenty of people would push that button and get off the ride if they could and yet they cannot and a split second later they are plunging down the hill screaming their heads off and having crazy wild FUN!

If they had a button to push they would have never had that fun and for a woman a powerful orgasm is just like that... when she is alone it is so easy to stop herself before she experiences the really powerful orgasms and when she is in the hands of a skilled lover it is just like being on that roller coaster ride... she does not have a choice and she cannot get off until the ride is over.

I will share with you a personal story. 

Some years ago I got together with a woman who was a Pole Dancer from Liverpool and she shared with me that she had never experienced an orgasm before and I found that when she come close to orgasm she would force me away as the experience was to intense for her. 

Well we where making love one time and I was giving her oral and when this time she tried to push me away as she was getting close to orgasm... I hung on giving her oral and resisted her and when she did orgasm it was explosive...  she screamed... bucked... grabbed my hair and she was trembling and sobbing... it was intense and that was just for me!

When a man masters your body in this way you can have sexing pleasure that you probably cannot even imagine right now and there are a couple of factors that make this possible...

First is the build up of Sexing Tension

When you are alone and masturbating you are probably not as excited and nervous and full of wild untamed energy as you would be with a man or same sex partner who is really turning you on again imagine yourself standing on line for that giant roller coaster ride now have you ever felt that way with a sexing partner?  

Have you ever felt that delicious lust and crazy nervous energy around someone you were just super attracted to?

Well probably you do not feel that way before masturbation and this build up is a big part of creating the sexing energy that I am talking about... there is a lot more information about this part of sexing... the seduction before the sexing to get a woman incredibly turned a man can actually LEARN to create that crazy standing in the roller coaster line energy and the second part is prolonging the build up and building the excitement level to a breaking point.

This is hard to do alone so breathing deeply and slowly surfing the sexing pleasure instead of forcing it is a good way to visualize for women.

For a man the idea is to bring her close and then back her slightly off the peak over and over for as long as she can stand it... then giving her permission to come and giving her an exponentially more powerful orgasm... a skilled partner can also begin to string multiple orgasms together to bring you to higher and higher points of pleasure... these multiple and stacked orgasms can reach a level where you might actually think you are going insane from the intensity of the experience and it is not something you are going to be able to do by yourself.

Now for the squirting orgasm there are some other factors involved.

Women can have incredibly powerful orgasms without ever having an ejaculation and for women who do squirt they say there is an extra feeling of complete release that makes them feel very purge... clean and even spiritually satisfied afterwards even though it might not always be the most powerful orgasm.

I had one women describe her female ejaculation is like... 

"Giving birth to my orgasm." 

Here is what to do...

Have your lover push is finger against your g spot when you are making love... then try to push your g spot back against his finger with the muscles of your vagina.

I go into great depth on this method in this article...

At first this may be awkward and it may feel uncomfortable... it may even seem impossible at first yet keep practicing as this exercise is a great short cut to learning how to squirt.

And finally sometimes when a woman feels like she is about to have a really intense orgasm she starts to breath faster and faster or much worse she holds her breath... do not do either and just breath deeply and slowly in time with the waves of pleasure and it will begin to feel like you are surfing the waves of pleasure with your breath.  

Do not freak out and start panic breathing or holding your breath as you feel it coming on... just relax and keep surfing.

Oh and I almost forgot the most important tip of all... before you do all this stuff put some towels down on the bed because the first time you experience full female ejaculation you might be surprised by the amount of fluid that comes out. 

I hope these tips were helpful for you and that it will bring you and you and a partner more fulfilling... powerful and passionate sexing pleasure.

Thank you again for writing to me R.

Let me know how you get on.

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

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