Female Ejaculation  A Special HOW TO Guide For Both Men And Women 

By Ange Fonce

Please Be Aware that this is an “In Depth Article” and contains images of an “Intimate Nature.”

For some time now I have wanted to sit down to write and publish an "in depth guide to female ejaculation" because personally as a man... I love when a woman I making love with "squirts" when she orgasms... a "squirting orgasm" for a woman is a "very special experience" for her and a “beautiful experience” that both lovers can enjoy. 

I often have clients asking me "sexually oriented questions" with such phrases as... 

“Is this normal?”

”I know I am weird for liking this… am I crazy for feeling or wanting this?”

And in this day and age of so much "information" about sex... it still surprises me just "how" little both men and women "know" and "understand" about "sex... sexuality" and their bodies... beyond porn.. and still to this day how many “cultural” and “societal influences” against “open communication” of something as natural... beautiful and healthy as sex... and "human sexuality"... and this is just another example of how our societies and cultures are truly misguided and in need of some serious liberation around “sexual issues.”

Why in this day and age were there is no excuse for “ignorance” are we not teaching both men and women about our bodies and “sexuality” and how we can all truly embrace our “sexuality” as something “healthy and enjoyable?” 

I personally did not learn about ”female ejaculation” until my early twenties as a man... and through my years working as a coach and therapist... right up to the present day... there are men and women who know so little about their own bodies and sexuality... yet alone the body and sexuality of the other sex?

Can we just pause there for a moment… 

Why is it that an “educated... sexually aware” man or woman in this day and age... should be in the dark about the very existence of “female ejaculation”... what is going on here?

The very first “experience” I had as a 24 year old man of a “woman ejaculating”... took me completely by surprise... as I knew nothing about a woman being able to ejaculate and my girlfriend of the time shared a very open and “enlightening discussion” with me and told me that she experienced the “wildest thing” when she had a “squirting orgasm” and of course I was very intrigued about this and ended up asking her a lot of questions about how it happened for her. 

Back in those days there was no internet and what information I could find was often  inaccurate... conflicting information about female ejaculation....you see after I had that enlightening chat with my girlfriend and did some research  I was able to get enough pieces of information to solve parts of the puzzle and get an
“idea” of what was going back then.

Since that time.... with more and more women sharing their experiences and with solid “scientific research” and with my own “experience” of “love making” with women... I “understand" and “know” a lot more about “female sexuality” then I did back then... and I developed techniques that allowed me as a man to enable the woman I was with to “experience squirting orgasms.”

I knew that I wanted to share this information with the Readers of The Intimate Communion Magazine if “positive change” was going to occur in order to educate men and women in "understanding" how “squirting orgasms” work... and those of The Dynamic Lifer Tribe... know I thoroughly “research” and “test” things out myself first... to “know” what works and what does not work... and may I add... this was very "pleasurable" testing... smiles!

Let me just say that the first time I practiced these methods with a woman... I was amazed at how intense her orgasm was and even more amazed at the waterfall of cum gushing out of her... I was elated! 

And I was filled with the most amazing sense of sexual release myself... it was truly a “beautiful loving moment” of “great intimacy” and I was truly euphoric... let me also say that my lover was elated too!

Once my elation calmed a bit...  I began to reflect on this new found experience and began to get incensed while thinking of all of the lost years of not knowing about this amazing way I could experience so much pleasure and share such an “intense orgasmic experience” with a woman. 

I have always been unhappy in the way that our cultures and societies are so full of ridiculous misinformed beliefs and irrational fears around “sex” and how human sexuality is “objectified”... especially womens sexuality and that so many men and women are in the dark about something that all women are capable of doing and men “sharing” with them as a very “intimate experience” between lovers.

Since part of my practice as a  Pysco Dynamic Personal Development Coach is being a  “sexuality and intimacy” educator and to ensure that both men and women be fully “awakened” not only to the “fact” that “female ejaculation” exists and what it is... also about “how” it works and “how” to do it... this is the "scientist" in me... wants to "know" and "understand!"

Why should the full “sexual ability” of a woman remain hidden and her lover be denied sharing the fullness of “her sexuality” with her... why should there be so much confusion... fear and “negativity” about the “beauty of female sexuality?” 

Needless to say... in my “private practice”... many women are happily gushing during the most “intense orgasms” of their lives now and their man is enjoying being part of that “intense orgasmic” experience... I knew I wanted to write an “in depth” article about “female ejaculation” and I have done before in The Intimate Communion Magazine... this one is different... because I am happy to share with you all that I have learned and experienced and is part of Dynamic Life Development Systems... and what members of The Tribe of Dynamic Lifers have shared too... so that you the Readers of The Intimate Communion Magazine and your partner or partners can “practice” and “enjoy” this “sensually exquisite” experience as well.

Female Ejaculation Or Urinating...?

This is truly the key to female ejaculation... research has shown that generally when a woman is “sexually stimulated” what is know as the “g-spot” renders a “strong feeling of having to urinate”... this feeling usually lasts around a few seconds and sometimes longer before it changes into “sexual enjoyment”... and if you want to “know more“ about the chemical make up” of “female ejaculate”... Click here.

When a woman feels as though she has to pee... especially at the height of an orgasm and pushes outward using her vaginal muscles... as is the natural reflex... ignoring the fear of urinating... female ejaculation will most likely occur.

Most women when faced with this sensation hold back as their “natural sexual response” of releasing the vaginal muscles and pushing into the pleasure is avoided to keep from possibly urinating on their partners... and this is one of the possible reasons why women “never experience an orgasm”... as they fear really letting go for the physical and psychological reasons of not wanting to urinate during sexual activity...  a potential error is thinking that a woman cannot ejaculate... is often due to only a “psychological block”... and not a “physical problem”... there are many “physical reasons” an “orgasm” or “ejaculation” may be challenging for a woman to experience... many of the problems of “experiencing orgasms” for a woman are “psychological” and  I will address these issues in more detail later on in this article.

The Advantages To Having A Partner For Female Ejaculation...

One advantage to having a partner stimulate you to experience “female ejaculation” is that often times you may give up when you are by yourself... whereas if before hand you make an agreement with your partner that you will have them continue to “masturbate” you until you reach orgasm... you will be more likely to reach a “climax with female ejaculation”...  it may also be more arousing to have a partner stimulating you... especially when they are “enjoying the sexual activity” with you.

Learning to Ejaculate... Step By Step Instructions With A Partner...

1...  Make sure that you and your partner have an “environment” that will be “relaxing” and will allow for an “erotic adventure” to take place... this can include such things as soft lighting... candles... playing sensual music... having your “play area” comfortable and private... wearing sensual fabrics such as silk and satin and filling the air with an exotic fragrance.

2... Have the necessary tools and toys available such as lubricant... STD protection if needed and towels or another source to catch the ejaculate.

3...  Remember to be careful and “think” about “safe sex”... the fluid may spray around like a fountain and may spray as far as your partner's legs and a few feet high... and yes I am going to sound like a killjoy here... the HIV virus has not gone away and although it is killed within seconds after it has left the body and exposed to a temperature lower then the average body  temperature... you will  want  to  avoid accidentally getting it on your lips and in your eyes for reasons regarding HIV protection... unless you KNOW your partner is clean and free of the virus.

4...  You will want to “wash hands” well to make sure that you do not introduce “harmful bacteria” into the vagina or introduce it into the urethra... trim fingernails so as to not cause pain if using “finger play” to “sexually stimulate.”

5...  Have your partner empty their bladder from all urine... expel gas or defecate if they need to before sex... this will ensure that when they go to push out the fluid... they will not “feel inhibited” in anyway and can “really let go.”

6...  Creating a “relaxing atmosphere” can also include “sensual foreplay”... get into the mood doing such activities as “massage”... using sweet or spiced body lotions or oils... “soft kissing” and “sensual caressing”... soaping her all over in  a bubble bath and many other creative ventures.

7...  Make sure to have “enough time” to allow your partner to really let go and not feel “pressured” and  “rushed.”

8...  Use generous amounts of lubrication even if she is very lubricated from her own juices already... a good tip is to warm lubrication slightly before applying it... when it comes straight out of the dispenser it can be a tad bit cold and seem uncomfortable when applied to the genitals.

9...  Positioning Tip...  It has been interesting to note upon interviews and in my own experience... that the majority of women found it easier to experience female ejaculation when having their thighs upward against their abdomen... knees against the rib cage... in order to maximize the opening of the vagina... this is most likely due to allowing the combination of the g-spot to be more easily accessed...  the  urethra  to  be  more  easily  opened  with  pressure  on  the  bladder and para urethral skenes glands and the full opening of the vagina.

10... Stimulate the clitoris to awaken arousal within the vagina by using a “water based lubricant”... using anything from fingers to a vibrator.

11... Introduce a shaft like object such as a “finger... penis... dildo” or a  “g spot stimulator” to stimulate the para urethral skenes glands within the g-spot... use pressure to massage the g-spot... usually located 2... 4 inches inside the vagina on the top... I describe this method... known as The Welcoming G Spot Massage in greater detail in an article below in Recommended Reading.

12... Finger play from a partner is most effective when using an “index finger”... the best way to stimulate the inside of the vagina is along the upper wall... create a “hook” with your index finger hand palm side up and make the motion one makes to say... Come here... smiles “pun” intended...  you can do the same thing with one or two fingers inside the vagina.... massaging the upper wall of the vagina... press your fingers up and curl them forward toward the front... use the urethral opening as a guide.

13... Stimulation to your partner using a dildo is a great way to achieve female ejaculation... sometimes this may require more “verbal communication” as you cannot be sure that the dildo is “stimulating the g-spot“ the way your partner will be most stimulated... she needs to let you know what feels the best... when using a dildo or long shaft like vibrator you should note that preference depends on the woman... some women may prefer for the tip of a vibrator to be against their urethra... while others may prefer a full feeling from a dildo... the pressure created by large dildos or an entire hand... “fisting” may stimulate the urethra enough to cause an ejaculation... even if that is not the intent.

14... Stimulating the g-spot may begin to cause your partner to feel the need to urinate... encourage her that she should not fight this urge... speak to her softly to let the “sensations” to  continue to build... to relax taking deep breaths and allow the “sexual excitement” and feeling of needing to urinate build.

15... If you find that there is a particular area that is most exciting to your partner during this process... make sure to “directly stimulate” that area to allow your partner the most “heightened level of arousal” that she can experience.

16... Make sure to allow your partner “enough time” to enjoy this and do not rush her to make it into a “female ejaculation goal”... the more you build your partners sexual tension and excitement the more “intense” will be her “experience” of a “squirting orgasm” and the more liquid will be expelled upon release... let the “experience” of her “squirting orgasm” is something “natural” for you both to “enjoy” and “experience”... not some kind of goal you have to make happen... so remove your “goal orientated man head” here and get into the “emotional” intimacy” of a shared “orgasmic experience” with your lover.

17... Encourage your partner by saying such things as... "your getting there... you are doing great... do not worry... relax and let it come" or other similar praise and reassurance... your partner may need reassurance that if she gets you all wet as she ejaculates that you will not be upset and that you are excited about it... let her know that you are comfortable with her ability to ejaculate and that you find it arousing... personally I love when my lover “squirts”... it “fires” up my “sexual energy” even more and I desire to make love with her even more intensely.

18... As your partner feels their orgasm building they will want to stay relaxed and go with it... encourage them to let it take them over the edge.

19... The fluid through the urethra will initially feel exactly like when she starts to pee... the reflex to stop peeing will immediately stop the ejaculation... so it is important to have her relax and allow the fluid to pass.

20... When your partner is at the “height of her orgasm” she will need to relax their bladder... bear down and push hard as if they were moving a bowel movement with force or giving birth to a child... often during childbirth women urinate... pass gas or defecate as they are pushing out with that same surrender.
21... Usually this is when the gush of fluid will pass out of her... sometimes during this moment... she can get so caught up and lost in the “experience of release” that you may not even be aware of the fluid coming out of her or to what degree it is coming out... and it can be a lot and very powerful “squirt!”

22... When she ejaculates she will feel a stronger type of release than ever experienced before and if your partner does not have fluid come out... remember that “nothing is lost”... the pleasure that she just derived from “experiencing” such an “orgasmic bliss” will be an “intimate moment” she has “shared” with you... and LOVE her for that.

23... Remember that being able to ejaculate may take practice and patience... a “sensual journey” you can both “intimately share” and build on.

24... When your lover has ejaculated... CELEBRATE with her... do not make fun of her or “belittle” her in any way... you will destroy the “trust” she has in you and the “intimacy” she wants to “share” with you and it may be the last time she will want to ejaculate... especially with you there!
25... Make sure to have a drink ready because she probably will be very thirsty and if the ejaculation occurs more than once... the risk of becoming dehydrated will occur.

26... This does not have to be the end of the “sexual experience”… you may continue onward and have “multiple stacked orgasms” and ejaculations with further sexual play.

And now...

Psychological And Physical Inhibitors That Can Block A Woman From Experiencing Orgasms.

Here I share with you the  things that can inhibit a woman from being able to “experience orgasms” and “experiencing female ejaculation” can vary... these are a few examples of “myths... inhibiting factors” and “false belief systems”... plus the “physical challenges” that women may find themselves struggling with…

A... Psychological Inhibitors To Experiencing Orgasms...

1... A “mindset” that she considers that “sex” is dirty... unnatural and immoral.

2... Has  “body image issues” of feeling less “feminine” because she may “squirt” and make a mess.

3... Thinking that she will not be able to do it.

4... Feeling “overly pressured” to do it and suffering from “performance anxiety.”

5... Feeling “guilt” for allowing her self to have “sexual pleasure” by perceiving it as “wrong.”

6... Feeling “selfish” for “receiving pleasure” from a partner... as many women like to be the “pleasing type” and forget about their own “sexual desires and needs.” 

7... Worrying that someone will find out that she did something that is not commonly spoken about and see it as a “taboo activity.”

8... Feeling that her own “ejaculate fluid” is repulsive.

9... Afraid that she will be “inadequate” if she tries and is unable to do it.

10... Feeling like she is doing something only porn actresses would do and feeling “dirty.”

11... Feeling “embarrassed” for not having known about it before and suddenly feeling “naive” about her “own sexuality.”

12... Worrying that it may hurt or cause damage to her genitals.

13... Worrying that she may never be able to control whether she wants to “ejaculate” in the future again... left with only being able to have an orgasm and gushing out fluid even when she does not desire to.

14... Making the error of trying too hard and not allowing herself to relax enough to open the urethral tube to allow the fluid to come out.

15... Experiencing “sexual abuse issues” that have not been “resolved” or may be “resurfacing” and need “therapeutic attention.”

16... Experiencing “relationship conflicts” that do not allow her to feel “uninhibited sexually” or creating a loss of “sex drive and desire.”

B... Physical Inhibitors To Experiencing Orgasms...

1... Not finding or experiencing the right “sexual stimulus” or combination of “sexual stimuli” to aide her in reaching an orgasm.

2... Not having or experiencing an “environment” that is conducive to relaxing her enough to reach that point of letting go.

3... Not having enough time to reach the “level of arousal” to achieve it.

4... Being in an “awkward position” that is not “pleasurable” to providing maximum “sexual pleasure.”

5... Having a “medical condition” or factor that would “inhibit sexual responsiveness”... such as a hysterectomy... caesarian section that may have damaged sensitive nerve endings responsible for sexual stimulation.

6... Having a side effect from medication or herbs that may be decreasing the blood flow to the genitals or decreasing libido.

7... Experiencing pain from a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) or other medical condition.

C... Psychological And Physical  Inhibitors To Experiencing Orgasms...

Suffering from the condition of Vaginismus and you can read a full article explaining this condition below.

Suffering from Body Dismorphia... and you can read a full article on this condition below.

Emotional Disconnect... only being able to “intellectualise sex” and you can read a full article on this condition below.

I would like to think that this article will be “informative” and “helpful” for you... if there is anything you think or feel I have I not covered or would like to add... please do drop me a message... and if you are “experiencing sexual difficulties” in your life and relationship... please do  feel you can Contact me.

As always... leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you.

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

They are truly Passionate and DYNAMIC Lovers!

Yours Sincerely


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