Do You Share Emotional Sensuality As Well As Physical Sex With Your Feminine Lover

Generally most men are only aware of the regular erogenous zones on a woman's body which trigger sexual feelings and there are many other unexplored points in and on a woman’s body which when touched stimulate and stir sexual feelings in her. 

Read with me to find out more about such unexplored points and some other tips which can help you to bring your lovers sexual arousal to new height's.

Generally men tend to concentrate on a woman’s breasts, her nipples, massage her buttocks or at most stimulate her clitoris. 

These erogenous zones are well known to even men who never have touched a woman because they grow up seeing such scenes in movies or real life as well. 

And although these are great stimulation points there are many other strong stimulation points which can help in both you and her in experiencing great emotional and physical sexual satisfaction.

Know That Each Woman Is Different In Her Sexuality

If you are not aware, then know that each individual man and women is unique within them selves, same is the case when it comes to arousal points in and on a woman.  

If an ex lover enjoyed a certain type of touch on her body does not mean that your present lover will enjoy it the same way too. 

An element of surprise will always  put things on fire in bed and if you follow the same routine every time your sexual life is bound to become quite boring.

Let us discuss about some of the instant arousal points that most men pay little attention to on a woman’s body so that next time you have sex she will crave for your touch even after you take leave.

1.  Her Hands

You will be surprised to know that a very sensitive area lies in her fingers. 

So from next time you can try to stimulate that area to initiate sexual feelings in her.

Kiss her hands, caress her hands with your finger tips.

There is a sensitive area on a woman's hands called the venus point, it is the stretch off skin between her thumb and forefinger.

When you are kissing her hands, gently bite that stretch of skin and it will send a wave of pleasure through her body.

Make love to her hands and you make love with the whole woman!

2. Use Your Ears

The real difference between a masculine man who is an aware emotional and sexual lover and a regular guy is that a masculine listens to what a woman wants and desires to express in her sexuality. 

So, ask. 

I would also advise that you to ask her while not in the bedroom - raise the discussion while out walking or doing some other casual yet intimate thing together.

Her ears are one of the most sensitive points in a woman’s body. 

A gentle kiss on them or saying romantic words in her ears will send shivers down her spine and she will be not able to control her sexual  desires .

3. Pay Attention To Her Inner Thighs

They are the most underrated sexual stimulation point which men generally ignore. 

Kissing, caressing, licking, massaging them is as effective as stimulation of her clitoris.

And when you do make oral love with your partner, be enthusiastic, tell her how beautiful she is and how great she tastes.

It has been proven that women who feel confident about the appearance of their genitals are more open to different kinds of sexual activity, and are more likely to orgasm because they feel relaxed and that you enjoy them.

4. Touch Her Everywhere (with Oil)

Sensual touching releases a powerful sex hormone called oxytocin, which increases a woman's testosterone levels and ignites her sex drive. 

The seductive silky feel of oil being rubbed on skin is a turn-on for more passionate sex - for both of you.

And talking of oil..

Bring the kitchen into your lovemaking.

Arginine is the basis for Viagra, so men should stick with foods high in it - such as oysters, fish, and other lean proteins. 

Everything that is good for you above the waist is good for you below the waist as well: greens and beans; high protein/low-fat foods; and brightly colored fruits and vegetables, high in antioxidants.

Make good use of food, feed her sensually, decorate her body with food and lick it of her skin.

It all adds to erotic foreplay and builds the sexual tension between you both as well as being an intimate and emotional experience to enjoy!

5. Take Your Time Undressing And Be Seductive.

There is a degree of anticipation when it comes to the amount of neurotransmitter released... 

Looking at a nude picture will trigger a quick and strong release of dopamine and possibly oxytocin, and it fades quickly.

Let her work for you.

She will enjoy the prolonged neurological orgasm more.

Because that is where sex begins for a woman.

In her BRAIN!

6. Take a Shower Or Bath Together.

There is no proven human pheromone to make you irresistible.

So, until one is found, wash well - you cannot have too much of a good thing. 

Enjoy soaping her down, all over her body.

Be firm and not rough.

She with enjoy the energy of your masculine touch.

And as you well know.

Slippery soap can find itself in all sorts of places!

(And if you are single, why not leave a worn shirt at her house? It will keep you always in her mind.)

7. Create a Mood - Turn the Lights Down

For women to get aroused, parts of her brain is associated with stress and anxiety and she needs to de-activate that, according to neurological studies in the Netherlands. 

If a woman is not relaxed, she is not going to enjoy sex. 

So dim the lights, use candles, use scents and share a fantasy. 

When you hug and caress a woman longer than thirty seconds, it increases her oxytocin levels and anticipation of sex.

It makes sense to become a great foreplay lover and sensual, seductively seduce her.

Build intimacy and sexual anticipation with her.

By taking it slow, you get there quicker.

8. Reverse Cowgirl Position

Find out what position of intercourse is most stimulating to her - it is often the woman on top, facing away, also known as the reverse cowgirl. 

The angle of the penis through the anterior/front wall of the vagina stimulates the area of the G-spot and your balls, rub an caress against her clitoris.

Giving her a double wammy of an orgasm!

I know from my own personal experience.

Many women like being ravished and taken this way.

9. Don't Worry So Much — Intercourse Is not Everything

If you are thinking, "I hope it works! I hope it works!" 

It is not going to work. 

Being stressed out is a great erection killer and she is going to feel that in you and be nervous and stressed herself.

Take penetrative sex off the menu - do everything but that. 

Avoid making intercourse the be-all/end all. 

You can definitely stress yourself out of an erection and put her off!

In most cases, once you stop worrying and stressing about sex, it all starts working again. 

10. Added Flavors

Apart from stimulating her through these vital points you can also use sex toys, soft bondage, role play and fantasy!

So to cut a long story short the best way to keep a woman sexually happy with you is to keep surprising her and stimulating the points which she never thought of could trigger sexual feelings in her body

And this last one.

Well make it a CHOICE and not an accident if you are wanting to be a in a committed relationship with a woman.

11. Get Her Pregnant (On Purpose)

If you are trying to impregnate your wife or girlfriend. 

Stop thrusting immediately after ejaculating. 

The shape of your penis... was designed by natural selection to work as a retraction device, removing competing males sperm from your female partner's vaginal tract. 

And if you keep going at it after you have achieved orgasm, you are basically disadvantaging your own reproductive success.

So if you are wanting to enjoy a lot of sensual - sexual loving with a woman.

Learn to control your own ejaculation. 

And only squirt when you want to squirt.

Now, is that not the REAL nature of sex.

Making babies!

And bonding together psychologically and emotionally in a loving, nurturing, intimate relationship to raise them.

Sex is a beautiful energy to share with a woman.

Remember though...

It is your RESPONSIBILITY where you squirt your sperm!

Be a responsible, emotional and aware intimate, sensual lover.

She will ADORE you for it!

As always leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you. 

Average men and women know only the rules. 

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

For Love, Passion and Intimacy...

Ange Fonce


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