Do You Possess These Attractive Masculine Qualities

Have you ever got so fed up with courting women and dealing with all the crap that you just pull out of meeting women completely?

You get sick of being blown off all the time, and really sick of never being able to reach a woman in the first place.

Yes, I have been there.

We all reach a point of disgust and anger about all the silly social rules in the mating game and we throw in the towel.

However, this kind of reaction implies a few things. 

First off, that you are needing a particular result in order to keep going. 

Well, that is perfectly natural. 

You would not show up at your job every day if you did not get the expected pay check each week, now would you?

When it comes to courting women and the whole courting and relationship game, you have to realize that you may have to walk a while in the desert before you find the oasis you are looking for. 

Hey, if that is the worst news someone had given me a few years back, I would have said, NO PROBLEM!

Bring it on!

Now the good news is that you can shorten the path to your oasis by being smart about how you get women interested in you.

So, in keeping with this, I am going to share you about three attitudes that draw women to men.

As you read these, I want you to try something for me. 

No matter how "obvious" what I might say seems, I want you to re-think your attitudes about them, and see if you are still, perhaps, working under the opposite thinking in some way.

If that sounds confusing, just wait and we will go into it in more detail.

Let us start with things that women find alluring. 

These are my top "Three Attitudes" that will improve you in the eyes of the women you approach and would like to court and if you feel you want to get into a relationship with.

It will be a positive thing to do for yourself to work on them.

In fact, if you really get what I am about to tell you, you will experience a big difference in the way women will want to get to know you.

I am serious in saying this. 

In my business, of helping men and women to GROW in their CONFIDENCE and lead passionate and fulfilling lives themselves. 

The bad old days are a not even a distant memory now!

A MAN who has purpose and MASCULINE in his ATTITUDE in every he does and undertakes in his life!


So here are 3 Success Attitudes to adopt and make your own...
ATTRACTIVE Attitude No 1 - Men who like themselves

Yes, even though we are men, we still have PLENTY of things to like about ourselves. 

Contrary to the popular media that demonizes us, 

Men are are cool

Having a Cock rocks!

I mean, let us start with the obvious things about men that are cool.

We invented beer and so many other things that make life good

What more do we have to do, after all?

Yes, I am sure we invented the remote control, and probably the electric guitar, while we are at it.

Fun aside, we as men have given a lot of GREAT things to the world. 

Yes, we also invented a lot of bad shit too... have to be HONEST and AUTHENTIC here.

We are MEN. 

We make cool stuff.

And that is not all... you see, women really pick up on men who LIKE being MEN.

And not just men who like their gender. 

Women really like men who like THEMSELVES. 

It comes across in the way we treat ourselves and the way we treat others. 

If you like yourself, you probably are not an insensitive macho idiot.

It is an easy deduction, because the ironic thing about confidence and self-esteem is that the men you THINK might have it (i.e., Jerks) actually DO NOT have it at all. 

They are making up for being horribly insecure by being total jerks and bullies.

You GET IT yet?

So the more you communicate a self-liking, the more you are going to cultivate a more interesting and vibrant personality. 

And that "vibrant energy" turns into a "vibe" that you will get with a woman when she picks up on it in you.
ATTRACTIVE Attitude No 2 - Men who are fun to be around.

And when I say fun, man, I mean FUN.

I have yet to find the "rule" that says "Life has to be serious?"

Not that you have to juggle and tell great jokes, yet you should definitely have a personality to show that gets people interested.

The easiest way to cultivate this trait is to open yourself up to being more PLAYFUL.

Being playful means having a slightly childish part of you that you can bring out on occasion to have a little fun with women. 

Tease them a little. 

Poke them in the ribs. 

Tell her she has got beautiful eyes when they are working together and not looking in different directions like a freeky chameleon.

Another great way to be fun is to go PLACES that are fun.

I like meeting women in interesting spots where I live so we can be interactive.

There is a great place here called the Exploratorium where you get to interact with hundreds of experiments and scientific demonstrations - from magnetism to music to glow-in-the-dark bacteria. 

It is a hoot. 

And there is a LOT of possibility for physical interaction between me and her there, too.

Make a list of all the cool places you can go with her. 

She will associate the feelings she experiences WITH YOU.

Remember that.
ATTRACTIVE Attitude No 3 - Men who are confident and go after what they want.

This is the one that a lot of men have a tough time with.

"What is 'confident'?" they ask.

Confidence is simply your willingness to be who you are with no regrets, guilt, or anxiety.

You do not care what other people think. 

You validated yourself from within.

See, I can define it for you very simply, and feeling this sensation and demonstrating it is something more complicated.

Very few of us really grew up in a way that allowed us to develop a really good sense of self-confidence. 

In most families, we were subject to constant put-downs and undermining comments from our parents and siblings about our value. 

We never really got compliments.

As a result, most men have struggled to feel the kind of self-confidence that allows them to have real success, not only with women... in living fully in their own lives.

And if you ask a woman what the most attractive thing about a man is, it is his level of confidence.

Now, I do have a great solution to help you with all this.

Especially your CONFIDENCE!

I want to invite you to come and learn some of the illogical, yet INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE and powerful techniques and strategies that I've learned, developed, refined over the last 10 years in creating Dynamic Life Development.

Some of the concepts that I have just shared are part of what I consider to be a big part of the "Inner Game" of success with women.

And not only that LIFE SUCCESS, to build a GREAT Life for Yourself!

Most men spend almost NO time working on their Inner Game and confidence ... instead, they spend time trying to learn "pick up lines" and other USELESS fluff.

If you do not have your MASCULINE core and CONFIDENCE together, none of the "techniques and tricks" will work for you. 

Women can see right through them.

Once you get the right mind-set, the world suddenly seems like a different place to you.

I can coach you in how to overcome your self-limiting thinking, improve your self-confidence and self-esteem... and get past the fears that are holding you back from even TRYING to go out and meet women. 

And even trying to build a GREAT Life for yourself!

If you are like me, and you have had a lot of negative programming to overcome about being a man, then you MUST get that stuff taken care of. 

It is not going to fix itself... 

YOU have to do it.

The MASCULINE Man knows that personal-development is the path to a better life. 

It all starts with getting educated and re- claiming your MASCULINE core.

Education leads to understanding. 

Understanding leads to better choices. 

Better choices lead to better results.

And results are ALL that matters when it comes to the game of women and life!

Want to find out the different ways you self-sabotage yourself?

Better yet, want to know how to STOP self-sabotaging yourself, and start achieving for you?

Start here.

Over the years in my work with men I have found these Masculine characteristics are common to all natural leaders, and naturally confident men. 

If you want to follow in their footsteps then see which of these traits you lack and adjust your behaviour accordingly...
The Masculine Man Never Qualifies Himself... he does not explain his behaviour... he is completely comfortable in his own skin so he does not need to... Masculine men never boast about their success or try and prove anything as they do not need to...they take it, you will like them simply because other people do, and they do not care if you do not... they will not chase after you for your validation, they are self validating.

A Masculine man talks slow and with purpose... notice when you talk to someone you look up to you will talk faster... talking fast is a way to qualify yourself to someone as essentially you are scared they will stop listening or find some more interesting stimulus, so you get your point out quick so they will listen, it actually has the opposite effect, and it shows your lower status.

Masculine men do not look around unnecessary... he is unconcerned with what other people are doing... and yet at the same time is highly aware of what is happening around him... he appears completely "dis-interested" and has his finger on the pulse of all the action... and  he moves when he decides to move.

A Masculine Man is the Focus of Attention... he is centrally positioned in the group, every ones body language faces him and is positive towards him...  you can tell the alpha male of the group just by looking at them... expect to be the focus and position yourself to be so, step up within your group and you will start to take on this dominant role.

Masculine Men Are Never Impressed:.. they are high achievers themselves and strive for success so they have seen it all before and it takes a lot to impress them as they have high standards on every level.

Masculine Men do not answer all questions... they often give a non-sensical or a basic response to questions you ask them where you are trying for conversation, trying to find common ground, they are controlling the frame and leading the interaction, and "test" you.

A Masculine Man is Emotionally Intelligent... he can be nice / genuine / down to earth if he wants and is not trying to be nice for validation, he is a cool man who has a down to earth side and can really surprise you with a deep caring compassion.

A Masculine Man is Comfortable in His Own Skin... ultimately he is comfortable within his own skin, this is one of the the main masculine characteristics, and if you can be comfortable in your own skin then everything else will follow... he is assertive enough to give his own opinion, and he is happy and confident in any situation.

He is a "Man" who likes himself!

There are a lot more other traits to the Masculine Man, that are more subtle. 

And when you know what you are looking for. 

You can spot how "mature" he is.

If you want to know more?

As always leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you. 

Average men and women know only the rules. 

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

They are Passionate DYNAMIC Lovers!

For Love and Intimacy...

Ange Fonce


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