I have have an INTERESTING article for you this time... I have delt with having a "Negative" attitude towards women before... and I am going to include a little "coaching" in this article to help you if you find yourself feeling negative about women.

You know... it happens to us all... and here is an email I received from one of the readers of The Intimate Communion Magazine.

This QUESTION is from Jonathan who is from Denmark by the way.

"Ange, Is the idea of real and lasting love ultimately vain and insipid? 

I sort of feel like all these biological differences between men and women make it so that its impossible to really trust them to the point that any real intimacy can be achieved with them. In all likelihood, I could just be intimidated by a woman suddenly deciding she doesn't want me anymore. 

I just read through the article you posted to me... a woman named Langley was the one giving some interesting information. 

What's the way to defend against infidelity?

Let's take me for example. I'm not involved with anyone yet. I haven't been for a while. However, let's say I was brought up believing certain things about what male and female relationships were actually about. 

Basically, you are telling telling me that none of these things are true and it sort of makes my sense of self feel threatened. Do you have anything you could tell me to offer me support?"

Jonathan... Denmark

My Reply...

Hi Jonathan, 

Thank you for your question and contacting me. 

It is easy to get cynical when you start to grow in awareness... and you should also let that awareness set you free.

Trust is on an individual basis... not a whole gender... saying you cannot trust "women" is like saying you just cannot find one person in 4 BILLION that you can trust. 

Too general... the way to keep her is simply to never think that another person completes you so much that you cannot do without them... if you want to forge a relationship... stay as confident and masculine as you can. 

Women do not cheat on men that they still have not completely "won"... think about that... and remember that your interpretation is just that... you have beliefs... and beliefs are called beliefs because they are NOT facts... they are NOT definite... and people like to treat their beliefs like they are facts,,, which only makes your life more painful and keeps you from seeing the truth when it comes along.

It just so happens that there is a lot of women that cheat on men.. and it is not because women are bad... I know this from the many women I work with and know personally... as Shakespeare said... 

"Nothing is good or bad... and thinking makes it so."

And if you DO NOT have the knowledge about how women think and behave... you may not be "blissfully ignorant." 

Without this kind of understanding... you are just a guy who is not prepared very well for what he needs to do... hang in there....

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

Okay... now this reader wrote me back with a thoughtful response that you will want to read too...

Jonathan'S Reply...

"You're right Ange. I have never been very prepared for any of what this deep social gaming and internal programming is about. However, I feel a great sense of relief for the future now that I've discovered that there's someone out there who really wants to look at that "lesser half" that people like me get so disgusted with. 

I realize that I only "feel" threatened because it has been brought to my attention that my limited, though perhaps comfortable, methods for social interaction are actually games that I have learned to play with myself and others. 

I see that all this time I've been keeping myself from deep connection to others through an "I'm too important/ignorant/powerless to really acknowledge you on a real level" game. I am pretty excited about getting started on Dynamic Life Development with you.

I think I'm through being the wimp who can't deal with REALITY. I now understand that reality wouldn't SUCK so much (probably not at all) if I knew about the things that COUNTED. I can't wait to make this truest of differences into a reality! Believe it, I have NEVER wanted ANYTHING more than to really understand people, especially WOMANKIND.

I think I'm done venting now. Seriously this looks like its going to be an awesome program. Now more than ever I'm growing conscious of the fact that people play these stupid games. I'm just worried that at the core... emptiness is all that remains. I'm also growing incredibly conscious of games that I play. 

I'm getting the power to control them and I've just read only a few of the files from your Starting Coaching Session. I find that when I'm calm and attentive, my mind really is resourceful, as you have said. It's even resourceful enough to "wing it" somewhat in social situations that would otherwise be totally brain-fart inducing.

I'm only cynical because my eyes haven't adjusted to the light fully yet. I am so grateful to be starting this journey with you, Ange."


My Thinking On This...

That is a good understanding that Jonathan has come up with... sometimes you need to vent these things out of your system to re-connect with your determination... we all get pissed and exasperated... it is how you bounce back that really matters.

And now I want to ask you the reader of this article a totally off-the-wall question...

"Do you ever get sick of walking out your door and being slammed with advertisements everywhere you go?"

Billboards.. Posters... Radio commercials... yes... me too.

I get a TON of stuff in the mailbox outside... I get a TON of stuff in email... I get those ridiculous ones that promise you discounted drugs and all those things to make your cock bigger... I get the magazines with the cards that fall out on the floor when you try to read it... I bet you do too?

That's why I try to stay as low-key as I can... I mean... I know that everyone is being bombarded out there... so I do my best to keep you informed without being a pest... and I also have to put bread on the table.

When, I got an email from someone who questions the whole... "are you just selling me something?"

Most "gurus" who offer "dating" advice... and if the truth be known many are actually "marketeers" out there would just duck the question or not even address it... and I think it is important to show you my answer... because it involves a "revelation" I had about personal-development... and I know by now a lot of people are trusting me to play fair and square with you... if you have not figured this out yet... you will be enlightened... read on...

My Reply...


I ave been working with men and women for nearly 20 years now... and Dynamic Life Development Systems evolved out of my Coaching and Therapy work for a reason...to give men and women what they REALLY NEED to develop and build GREAT Lives for themselves.

If I was "just into sales" I would not be here... and definitely not for this long... if you doubt this at all... I highly encourage you to look at my "Testimonials" and to ask questions? 

Do you need EVERYTHING I have to offer? 

I do not know... probably not... and I do recommend other great coaches work... the best in their particular field of expertise... I am personally learning myself all the time. 

If you do not need it... I will tell you NOT to use it... and if I have something that WILL help and improve your quality of life... and WILL give you more success...I WILL tell you and SHARE with you... I want YOU to BUILD a GREAT life for yourself... I fully support and practice the ideal of WIN-WIN! 

If I did not at least let you know that I offered it... I would be dis-honouring you AND my mission to helping Men and Women... to create and live a Great Lifestyle and get the success you want... you see this is not just some wild scheme for me to make money... it is MY MISSION in life and is what I LOVE doing.... helping Men and Women who want to GROW! 

I am here doing what I do for men a lot of the time for FREE... in fact... I do not even take payment for any of my advice... it is a service I provide freely... and I sure as hell do not charge you £1000 a hour for my Coaching... and if I did not give you the benefit of the skills I have to teach and the value of my vast experience I have to pass on.. that would be a HUGE disservice to you... I would be doing to you in holding you back... in effect... I would be ABANDONING you... in good conscience... I MUST tell you about anything I have to offer you that would help you... I would be a fool not to... and you would be a fool not to take me up on it... wouldn't you? 

I offer a full curriculum of materials to help you in any area you need... if you do not feel you got excellent value fro me... you can personally "kick" me in the butt... because I will have let you and myself down... and I will share with you this Jonathan... above my desk... typed in BIG letters to remind me every day is this...

"My SUCCESS happens because I provide other people with MEANING... a form of IDENTITY an experience of VALUE because of the SERVICE I provide... remember it is about THEM not you... always be of POSITIVE SERVICE to others."

I TOTALLY value being honourable... authentic and straightforward... in fact it is one of the main "values" I seek to install in ALL my clients time and time again... BEING AUTHENTIC IN EVERYTHING YOU DO AS A MAN (and as a Woman... women get the same message from me too!)

Dynamic Life Development Systems is not an quick fix or "magic bullet"... it is not easy... you will work hard.... I will make you work and I WILL keep you accountable to develop yourself... because I will tell you now... the "investment" you make in yourself now will pay you back many times over as you grow and develop yourself.

I let my Clients speak for me... read what they say here... Testimonials

You asked me... 

"If I keep buying your training, will I have any time to do anything else?"

Well... yes and no. 

Yes.. if you are not following up on any of the work I will be giving... you will have plenty of time doing the same old same.. you are doing now.

No... if you starting "investing" in yourself and actually DO the work I will be giving you... because you will actually be enjoying all the new found success you putting into practice and creating your life and in the process... meeting up and courting women.

I have developed a real and solid system based in Science... and every single element of this program is designed from the ground up to help you get better in a specific life skill... 
  • How to Build your Confidence
  • Develop High Self-Esteem
  • Develop an Abundance Mindset
  • Outcome Based Thinking
  • How to create a "Success Mindset."
  • Time Management Skills
  • Wealth Creation
  • Conversation Skills  
  • Social and Courting Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Better lifestyle, Fitness and Health
  • Sex and Intimacy Skills 
And lots more...

Because I have designed this program to be DYNAMIC so that all that free time you used to spend sitting around WISHING and hoping you had the "Life" of your dreams will be gone... and the REALITY of a REAL Life you will be creating will replace that... "wishful... hopeful  thinking."

I am there to help you now and in the future...

Yours Sincerely,

Ange Fonce

Reply From Jonathan...

"Hey Ange,

Okay, so you have sold me, I would like to take you up with the offer of Coaching sessions and the home work you send me, I know it is challenging to learn this stuff you teach and you really make me think and push me and keep me accountable for my actions, and know I have so much more to learn about being a real man and developing myself."



There are a lot of information out there regarding what it is and is not to be "Masculine."

As in "Masculine Man" or "Masculine Male."

Let me start right off by saying that being "Masculine" in your behaviour is NOT bad... and I want to make another point being "Alpha" just means the dominant male (and sometimes the female) in a group... it is the one that is most likely to procreate and get its genes into the next round of the "keep the species alive" game... so it really does make sense to get successful with women if you think about it like this... if you do not find a woman to mate with and create little teeny versions of you... then it all ends with you. 

Do You Deserve To Have Your Genetic Legacy Carried On Into The Next Generation? 

I think so... and more importantly... you think so to... so do not listen to a lot of this garbage and double speak out there regarding "Masculine Men" and what they should or should not be... here are a few things an Masculine Man IS...

  • Clever
  • Smart
  • Ambitious
  • Excited
  • Dominant... not aggressive... and demonstrating superior social skills.
  • Stable
  • Fit... healthy lifestyle.
  • Stylish
  • Curious
  • Balanced
  • Natural
  • Sexual
  • Confident
  • Trustworthy
  • Honourable
Now those are the things that make up a good lifestyle... and when I work with men... (and women)... I cover these... as well as the real life exercises required to succeed in life.

Here are a few things an Masculine Man is NOT...

Angry at women
Verbally abusive

There seems to be some confusion... and most of it is created by other guys hoping to cash in on your confusion... let alone what women are saying they want in men... about what it means to be a STRONG and persuasive and influential man in today's society... when you think about it... it just makes sense that you want people who appear or demonstrate more social value than you... it is because you naturally want to latch on to their power.

Again, it all comes back to POWER... so being an "Alpha" does not mean you are dragging women back to a cave... or that you are being an aggressive... pushy... macho jerk... or that you are being forceful and mean... or that you are inconsiderate... or that you are acting like a brutish animal... it means that you understand the basic primal reasons a woman is attracted to a man... and you are not afraid to BE a man... and not a cardboard... one-dimensional "mr nice guy" that is afraid to let women know he desires them...

You see... there are only two motivating forces in life...

Desire... Seeking Pleasure... And... Fear... Avoiding Pain.

That is it... you are motivated purely by what you feel you WANT... and what you feel you most want to avoid. 

Fear is a stronger motivator for humans because it helped us survive potentially life-threatening situations... you are smart to fear wild animals... or large trains heading toward you... you cannot afford the luxury of analysis in these situations... a delay could cost you your life... on the other hand... in our modern society... there is not much you need to fear... in fact... you fear too much already... and the fear that is most crippling is the fear of LOSS... and so it does... it leads you down a path where you never gain because you are too afraid of losing what you have.

A Masculine Man understands that the only way to live is to wake up each day and understand that everything you have ... was just given to you for today... and when you go to sleep at night... you give it all back... lose this attraction to your possessions before they possess you.

YES... I am getting very philosophical here... what I am trying to get across to you here is that you should avoid becoming attached... even to TERMINOLOGY... when someone tells you that being a "Masculine Man" is bad... or it is this and that... remember that they are trying to colour your perception... they are trying to steer you away from a path of understanding and enlightenment.

Trust your own intelligence to figure out what the "Zen" of a Masculine Man REALLY is... he is already inside of you... it just takes work to undo the "conditioning"... society... religion and culture has "brainwashed" you with... to let this primal intelligence out so that you can become the COMPLETE you.

There are a lot of men out there who have not been able to open themselves up to letting out this TRUE nature inside them... they hide it behind "Politically Correct" BS about not hurting other people's feelings... or being sensitive... it is really a fear that controls you... and stops other men and women... seeing and KNOWING the REAL you.

  • The man that wants to achieve. 
  • The man that wants women in his life.
  • The man that wants monetary success.
  • The man that wants power over the forces of life that seem to control him.
Forget about all this "politically correct" brainwashing and just open your mind up to finding this part of you that is not held back by fear... and is ready to reach out for understanding that could... and will... change your life for the better.

So on one hand we have the lowly beta... metro man... he is insecure... low self-esteem... lacks confidence... lacks trust in himself... and maybe he WANTS to grow and change... on the other hand we have the Masculine Man... the confident and assertive man with healthy confidence... great ability to communicate... and powerful self-esteem... there is only one direction of growth here...

And that is from the non expression of your Masculinity to... the fullest expression of your Masculinity! 

If you would like to know more... then please do Contact me

As always... leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you. 

Average men and women know only the rules. 

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

They are truly Passionate and DYNAMIC Lovers!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce


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I am going to start this article by making a statement that I feel that ALL women need to listen too.

"That women are to encourage men to be Masculine - who they really are and not who women think they should be." 

This means women ARE to back off, and let MEN find and redefine

What are Your thoughts and ideas?

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