In order for a man to feel like he wants to get to know you better and eventually have a committed relationship with you, you need to  build something first.

You need to build a solid foundation of POSITIVE EXPERIENCE that makes him practically unable to imagine life without you.

Do you know how to create the kinds of experience with a man that will make him feel those positive feelings about you so that he continues to take your relationship to the next level?

If you want to finally get how to build a loving, lasting, COMMITTED relationship with a man...

And you want to finally have that WITHOUT having to worry about him pulling away or RESISTING your love and committing...

Then this article may be one of the best things that ever happened to you, because you are about to get the answers to all these questions right here.

Now, let me tell you about something you are probably all too familiar with. 

There is a certain situation that happens in relationships so often and causes so many problems for women that dealing with it should be a health care benefit or something. 

This "situation" prevents a man from opening up and getting close to you emotionally. 

It causes you tremendous stress because you will not be able  to get what you want from a man when it is happening.

Know what it is?

Give up?

I am talking about what happens when you lose your centre and let your fears and emotions take over about something that simply is not going to be a big deal to you two hours later.

Here is something I want you to take a minute and consider...

When you do not take the time to process emotions and put them into perspective, then the feelings you share have a very different effect on your man than you would like.

In fact, often times they BACKFIRE on you and the man in your life feels like the problem (whatever it is) is more important to you than he is. 

This is a sure way to put distance between you and him.


If you have not figured that out... what I am going to suggest to you is that while your feelings and emotions are absolutely critical and should be shared.

Your emotions and how you communicate them have tremendous POWER. 

They have the power to instantly reconnect you and a man, and they have the power to push him away in no time flat.

The point is this... if you want to have a conscious relationship and you want to enjoy the incredible feeling that comes from being able to stay close and connected with the man in your life - even during the tough times or bumps in the road - then you MUST learn how to "own" your emotions in situations with men, and communicate them in a  way that uses their power to benefit you and your relationship... not break it apart.

In any relationship, negative feelings are bound to come up. 

That is a given. 

And how you handle those emotions determines the kind of EXPERIENCE you create in your relationships. 

If your emotions own you early on, you probably will not be able to talk to him in a fun and spontaneous way that men crave and that builds attraction.

Most of us (men and women) use our minds to imagine the WORST possible outcomes for courting and relationship situations. 

This pushes all the wrong buttons and gets you all nervous and upset which, of course, creates distance in your relationships. 

On the other hand, when you continuously strive to adopt a positive mind set in a relationship and create fun, positive experiences in the relationship, then the man will start to see you as a POSITIVE aspect of his life... and pretty soon he will see you as a NECESSARY part of his life.

That is when he starts thinking about commitment.

Your First Step In Creating INTENSE ATTRACTION.

Right from the early stages of courting, there are ways to tip the balance so that your general experience together is POSITIVE.

Firstly, it is important that you lose the need to make everything MEAN something and stop imagining the worst. 

Think about those situations when a man does not call you back or plays hard to get. 

Yes, thinking that someone is playing games sucks, and your "thinking" that there is a "game" going on is exactly the kind of negative meaning I am talking about.

If you immediately start to wonder where he is, what he is doing, and who he is with, you create the game in your mind.

Then you make up pictures in your mind of him out with other women, doing fun things without you, etc., and it is really upsetting. 

Instead, start doing yourself a favour...

1) Visualize your ideal outcome

2) Make POSITIVE meaning out of the experience for yourself

If he does not call you back right away, imagine that he is freaked out with his own life and schedule (maybe his boss just threatened to let him go), and make it mean that when he finally does talk to you, he is going to be even MORE interested because it took you so long to catch up with each other. 

If he tells you he is not ready for a relationship right now because of his past, realize that, first of all, he is feeling that way because he REALLY likes you and has had to think about being in a relationship because his feelings are so strong.

He is scared of his deep feelings for you and does not know how to deal with that yet. 

And that once he figures it out for himself, he will miss you and want you, and you do not have to be there waiting around for him to grow up. 

There is nothing wrong with you or how you are. 

And it is great that you got to see this problem of his early on, and that it is his to deal with.


All of the women I know who end up in great long-term relationships with great attractive men think this way. 

This is their mind set.

Have you ever noticed that confident people seem to get more confident.

That optimistic people tend to get more optimistic.

That people who trust in themselves seem to get more and more in life.

And that people who are negative seem to become more and more negative?

It is almost like a universal magic (and it is not, I can assure you, there is REAL Science to this). 

The more you expect things to go well, the better they go.

It takes practice to make this a habit, and here is a secret:...

One of the best ways to do this is through communication and relationship. 

Because while it is fairly easy to practice maintaining a positive mood when you are by yourself and nobody is pushing your buttons, what happens when you are relating to a man and he is bringing his own set of ideas and feelings to the table?

  • Do you know what to do? 
  • Do You know HOW to RELATE to him as a woman who UNDERSTANDS Men?
  • Do you know how to handle any tension that comes up and how to relate to him in a way that will cause his attraction for you to grow... rather than push  him away accidentally?
And if you are a woman who can do even one of the above, your a woman who is in a different league to the vast majority of women.

If you have struggled with communication issues in a relationship in the past, I can show you exactly how to communicate with a man so that you create a strong, solid foundation with him that grows even stronger over time. 

I am talking about building a rock-solid foundation with him that will make you feel loved and secure while giving you both what you need out of the relationship... without ever having to suppress your true feelings. 

In fact, what you will finally help you express what you feel without holding back and in a way that will attract him to you even MORE.

Authentic Communication is something "confident" men and women do all the time, and I include LISTENING here is the key to any full filling loving relationship. 

Men and women do have differences in the way they communicate and understand each other and you need to be aware of those differences.

If you want to know how to SHARE YOUR FEELINGS with a man - even the difficult ones - in a way that will really make him want to listen and will make him feel even deeper attraction for you.

Which will help you build a positive and secure relationship with not only men but with all those people in your social circle and family.

Have you ever tried "Personal Development Coaching" before?

I coach you in what you need to know to make the most of the ultimate training ground for achieving this attractive positive mind set: your relationship with a man.

Here are just a few of the skills you'll learn...

  • How to develop the kind of compassion and understanding that encourages a man to really listen to you... this is the key to discussing difficult topics so that you do not end up having an argument.
  • What to do when your man does something that upsets you... and how to tell him about it in a way that will actually bring the two of you closer together
  • How to use your body language to make a man feel comfortable and relaxed around you so that he feels safe to express himself... and feel more and more connected to you
  • Specific ways to address a man so he gives you an honest answer... he will not feel the need to avoid your questions when you master this crucial skill.
Best of all, you will learn how to create the kind of deep, intimate, POSITIVE connection with a man that will just get better and better for the two of you.

For me personally I always work for the Win-Win in any relationship. 

It is always a positive when both the man and the woman in their relationship feel respected, valued and understood.

That builds REAL trust and intimacy!

There is no need for you to feel frustrated or disillusioned at any stage of the courting process or in a relationship. 

Finding the man who is right for you and creating an amazing relationship with him is to be a fantastic journey. 

I have a simple saying... 

"You want to be the "Best" you got to "Invest" in your self to be the BEST!"

Once you focus on changing the only thing you can control - YOU - I know you are going to start experiencing love like you have never imagined.

As always leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you. 

Average men and women know only the rules. 

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

They are Passionate DYNAMIC Lovers!

For Love and Intimacy...

Ange Fonce


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