Do You Know These 5 Ways To Tell
That You Maybe Dating a Married Man.

Let's discuss one of women's greatest fears.  

Finding out that the guy you are "dating" is really MARRIED.


A REAL kick in the heart.

I am sure there are many of you that have found yourself in this situation when really all you want is to "attract" a REAL quality, available single man. 

Here are some MAJOR tell-tale signs to help you avoid that situation.

One of the MOST IMPORTANT ways to screen guys you are dating is to make sure you weed out the MARRIED ONES.

Seems simple enough, right?  

Unfortunately, some of these guys have a plan of action for "getting some on the side" that is REALLY well thought-out. is time for you to do your part to think things through EQUALLY well.  

Here are some powerful signs a guy MIGHT be married:

1) He Does not Invite You Over To His Place

OK, let's face it.  

What man would not love to get a woman he is attracted to over to his place for a romantic evening?

Quick answer?  

A MARRIED one.  

The reasons for this should be obvious.

Now sure, maybe he has crazy roommates or has not been very good about keeping up the place.  

Fair enough.

But when this factor appears in combination with any other point I am sharing here, it is okay to start to ask questions.  

By the way, be on the look out for defensive answers when you indeed start to ask those questions.

If he does not even want to give you his address, that is an even stronger clue that something is not right with the guy.

2) He Does not Answer His Phone Much

And when he does, it is only a short conversation.  

It may also be only at a very predictable time.  

For example, a married guy may be quite able to talk to you during his lunch hour or while he is on his way to the gym.

Be ESPECIALLY wary if he usually talks to you when he is driving. 

That is the BEST way for him to rest assured that nobody can overhear the conversation.

3)  He Can Only See You At Odd Times

And not for very long moments of time, either.  

Again, lunch hour is a very common time for a married guy to want to see you.  

The "built in" deadline is as convenient to him as it is for you when meeting and screening guys you have met for the first time.

Here is another ingenious time a married guy may pencil you in, early to mid-evening on weekdays.

This could be the "usual" time he goes to the gym.  

Therefore, his wife would not suspect much if he disappears for an hour and a half or so.  

By the way, whether he is on "gym time" or not, ANY TIME a guy is adamant about showering after sex with you before he leaves.

THAT IS a MAJOR sign he is trying to "wash away" evidence.

Certainly also, if he is giving you ZERO "weekend time", you must consider yourself a LOW PRIORITY to him - whether he is married or not.

4)  His Car (Or Cars) Makes No Sense

Usually, "available" single guys don't usually drive big saloon/estate cars or people carriers.

And while a man who makes a decent income may have two or more vehicles he shows up in, they are more likely to be very different models than similar ones.

For example, he may show up in a pickup truck one day and a sports job the next.  

But if he arrives in two different four-door saloons, one of them had better be a rental while his personal car is in the shop. 

Or else he could own a used car lot.  

Ask, and see what he says.  

5)  He is "Separated"

Perhaps the MOST EFFECTIVE strategy of all a married guy might possibly use.

It is effective mostly because he, IS MARRIED...and even MORE  EFFECTIVE when YOU DO NOT CARE about the stark truth because you have been conditioned to think of separation "differently".

I often receive e mails from a women who are falling for a guy who's "divorce isn't quite final yet" and wants to know what to do. 

Often these women have waited a year and half for a guy.

Only to find out she had been lied too. 

I have women pour out their heart out to me in their e mails.

And then right at the end say...

She still loves him.


Ladies, my advice here is plain, loud and simple.

The answer is RUN AWAY.  

Or at the very least, respectfully ask the guy to consider contacting you AFTER the divorce is final.

And even then, to tell you the truth, you will be looking at some possible "newly divorced drama" you may be better off avoiding.

And when a guy has been lying to you.

Deceiving you.


Because if this is the kind of guy you are involved with "dating".

Why would you want to marry him? 

Build a home with him, have children with him? 

He WILL be CHEATING on you!

So what is the big deal here?

Simply put, there IS NO SUCH THING as "legally separated".

In other words, a guy can simply tell you he is "separated" simply as a PRE-EMPTIVE MEASURE against you ever asking about whether he is married or not.

He is either single, engaged or divorced.

And if you get "it's complicated?"

Why do you even want to go there?

Think about it.   

He VOLUNTEERED the information, so human nature is that you are more likely to accept it as factual than if you had to ask the question.

But the reality is that a "separated" guy could be going home and sleeping in the same bed with his WIFE. 

Meanwhile, were you to look up the court records, you would find him listed as MARRIED.

And you would not give it a SECOND THOUGHT.  

After all, he told you himself that you might as well expect that.

Now I want to make something perfectly clear.  

Every single bit of what I am sharing with you is EQUAL to men too.  

Married women play similar games with men all the time.

In fact, I tell men that dating a "separated" woman is one of the best ways to MAJOR AGGRAVATION that I can think of.

Before I close, I would be remiss if I did not share one last VERY IMPORTANT point.

Above all, ladies, be sure not to let yourself get roped into dating a man who OPENLY ADMITS he is married.  

Sure, he may tell you how miserable a life he has with he wife. 

And you can certainly bet he is going to know exactly how to spin himself as the victim and she as the vision of hell incarnate.

But make no mistake, to give in to this is to become "The Other Woman".

Is this really what you want for yourself?  

  • Do you want to be a man's "mistress?" 
  • Do you want to have to "sneak around?"
  • Those brief crumbs of "Encounters?"
I sure would like to think that you want better for yourself.  

Talk about settling for "Second".

No not even second best.

FORTH BEST, after the wife, the kids and work. 

That is where YOU will be!


Plus, remember always...  

If you aid and abet a cheater, a deceiver, a liar, that makes YOU A DECEIVER, A LIAR, A CHEATER.  

You are not an "innocent bystander" in such a situation.


Besides, do you REALLY think he's going to "come clean" with his wife?  

Do you REALLY think he is truly "getting things in line" to break up with her for you?

When you date a man who openly admits he is married, all you are doing is allowing him to string along TWO women (at least)...not just one.

And let us say he DID leave his wife for you.  

He is still a CHEATER, and who is to say he will not do you the same way sooner or later?

So get it together, ladies!  

And I tell men exactly the same about "married" women.

"The fruit may look "delicious" but the taste is poison!"

Go read the article if you want to check it out.

Flirting With Married Women. "Forbidden Fruit" Yes or No? The "Tests" Women Constantly Throw Men.


I get e-mails from so many women who are fed up with meeting the WRONG guys.

What is it going to take to STOP you attracting guys who lie even when the truth would be okay...

  • Are "mummy's boys" 
  • Or who seem more like a "friend" than a potential lover?
  • They are "married!"
  • Or you are just a potential "booty" call?
  • The "friend with benefits?"
Are you Imagining to yourself right now.

Where are the men with real ambition, who are "Masculine" and...well, know how to sweep you off of your feet?

Those Masculine Men ARE out there, and I know they are looking for a fantastic woman too. 

And YES, Ladies I work with men too, and one of the BIGGEST complaints I get from those REAL Men is this.

Where are those Great Women?

As I say to the guys I will say to you....

First you have to know where to find them and more importantly...

KNOW how to GET THEIR ATTENTION and attract them to you.

And in your case.....ATTRACTING a GREAT MAN!

Do you know "How" to do that as a Woman?

ATTRACT A Great Man?

And yes...the challenge is to make sure you spend our time socializing with THOSE Men, instead of burning up valuable time with the WRONG ones.

Which going by the e mails I receive.

Many of you do.

So are you really wanting to "Attract"...

  • A guy who is "married".
  • A guy who is a "loser".
  • A guy that is a  "jerk".
  • A guy that is a "bad boy" or the equally horrid "mr nice guy".
Are you wanting to "attract" a real GENUINE MAN!

If your not sure of "How" to attract a Great Man into your life.

Then CONTACT ME and I will share with you the insiders knowledge of "How to get that ONE Great Man!"

You "Attract" what you "think" you want...

You "Deserve" what you feel.

There are Great Man out there who wants to treat you right and is looking for exactly that high level of character from a great woman.

Why settle for anything less?

Like I said above and in other articles, there are a WHOLE BUNCH of really great men out there.  

And they would LOVE to meet you!

The question is...

Do You want to meet them?

As always leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you. 

Average men and women know only the rules. 

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

For Love, Passion and Intimacy...

Ange Fonce


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