Do You Know These 4 Signs That She Is Attracted To You? 

By Ange Fonce

One of the things that I am asked frequently is...

How do I read a woman's body language?

How can I tell if she is "into" me?

First of all, before I give you the inside detail on reading this area of physiology, I want to caution you that if you are spending a lot of time "reading" into a woman's appearance rather than creating the vibe of the interaction, you are probably focusing on the wrong areas.

If a woman is interested in you, you should be able to figure this out by her overall interest in the conversation. Because if she is still there chatting with you, she is at least a little interested. 

Just do not get caught up in the trap of interpreting her more than you create the attraction pro-actively. Your role as an Masculine Man is to take control of the interaction and lead it where it needs to go.

Now, if you are in the conversation with a woman, and you are still a bit unclear about her interest level in you, or wondering if she is just be trying to be polite, here are some things to watch for. 

These are positive indications of interest from her: 

She is preening.

Preening is when she is doing things to improve her appearance to you, such as thrusting her chest out, moistening her lips, adjust her hair, straighten her clothes, and so on. 

When a woman is interested in a man, she will subconsciously become a bit insecure about her appearance and start fixing it. While she may not pull out a brush and mirror, she will do some small things, such as leave to use the bathroom, and come back looking better, maybe with a new coat of lip gloss.

She is keeping good eye contact and smiling fairly frequently.

Good eye contact means that she is not constantly scanning the room, or looking to her friends that may be with her. 

If she is not looking at you for a significant part of your interaction, you would better move along.

When you say something funny, does she smile?

Does she laugh?

Watch for a token smile from her that is sincere.

How can you tell if a smile is real or not?

A real smile will make her eyes squint a little. 

Watch for this key indicator.

3... Her body language is open and loose.

This means that her arms are not crossed in front of her, and she is not turned away from you too far.

A woman will also play with proxemics during the course of your interaction. 

Proxemics are the interplay of distance between you and her, and how she uses it. 

Is she leaning in or pulling away?

Does she pull back when you come within her personal "bubble?"

There are some tests you can do to see how comfortable she is feeling with you. 

At some point during the conversation, make an excuse to change positions from one side of her to another if you can. When you do, gently reposition her with your hands on her upper back and arm. 

If she shrinks away, you have got some work to do. 

If not... Game On!

She touches you.

This one should be obvious, yet it is not for most men. 

Men tend to disqualify signs like this when they happen because it seems almost too forward and incongruous. 

In reality, a woman will touch your arm in some way if she is finding you attractive. This usually happens at a high point, like when she laughs about something you said.

Social conventions rule how a woman will express her interest in you, and touching is one of the few ways that she will display interest. 

So when it comes, you should accept it as a genuine sign - but continue un-fazed in your conversation.

If you watch closely, you will see many other physical cues that indicate whether or not a woman is into the conversation with you. 

They are subtle, and observable. 

The most important thing you can do, however, is to not get too caught up in the details. 

If you are paying too much attention to the little things, you will appear shaky and lacking confidence.

Just relax and pay attention to the feel of the conversation rather than look too hard for "signs" to tell you what to do.


Do not look for opportunity... MAKE IT for yourself. 

This is the Masculine way.

FLITTING IS A MAJOR SKILL most men never learn how to do with women. And You can learn lots of these "Skills" and understand the "Sub-text" of women's body language and "Communication." 

It is separates the Masculine Men from the boys.

These 4 simple basic signs will help you understand a little more about the physical dynamics and interplay of body language between a woman and you as a Man!. 
And as a Bonus tip...

Do not follow. Lead.

Most men constantly take their cues from how the woman is acting to see how to feel, how to behave, what to say.

You will notice this looking at couples having dinner. Looking at people with a trained eye, you can see immediately who is running the show. 

In many cases, it is the woman.

If she starts getting upset, he freaks out; if she changes her body language, he changes his. 

Often the woman is looking away, and the guy is looking at her, trying to have her to have fun.

She is leading, he is following.

Masculine Men who are aware with women do exactly the opposite.

Instead of following the woman's body language and emotions, they stay strong, they keep the power for them and they LEAD. 

They let the woman follow their Body language, not the other way around.

And know it or not.

A Woman fells safe in experiencing a Man's Masculine Confidence.

She can relax and be Feminine.

And you enjoy yourself - enjoying her.   

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperious and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

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