Do You Know How To Sexually Please A Woman Properly? 

By Ange Fonce

Please Be Aware This Article Contains Content Of An Intimate Nature

Today I want to talk about a simple exercise plus a Special Tip that can give your lover a blissful orgasmic experience for one to two hours yet before I get into the thrust of this article I would like to warm you up with if you like some foreplay!

Some women can get very orgasmic from this simple practice... it could even lead to a one hour orgasm the problem is that very few men know about this highly erotic spot on a womans body and this spot is not where what you might think and it is not the g spot or the clitoris... this special erotic spot is just next to the clitoris. 

If you take the clitoris as the centre of a clock with 12 being on top of the hood then 6 is just under the clitoris... now a highly sensitive spot is at 1 to 2 just to the womans left side of her clitoris... you are not touching the clitoris and just to the side... so it is right of the clitoris looking down at the genitals.

This spot is very sensitive... I have actually given  many sensitive orgasmic woman an orgasm with no touch at all by just moving my fingers just above this spot brushing the skin for some time and directed my energy into this area.

Now to the good part... for about 20 minutes just lightly touch and only massage this spot with one to two fingers... you actually do not touch anywhere else! 

When you first start it is good to ask your lover how much pressure she likes and the exact place to touch... remember you are not touching the clitoris at all... you are actually not doing anything else too.

I learnt this method many years ago from Tantra and have wowed many women since. 

I get some feedback at the beginning for the exact location to touch and the amount and speed of pressure to use as every woman is different as to how she experiences pleasure... I always find that by watching... listening and being sensitive to how she moves and yes asking her... I find just the right spot.

My lover will start to move her hips and body as the sexing energy is built... I placed the palm of my hand on her body so my fingers could continue to massage her as her body moved... I varied the depth and speed of my touch to flow and to be in tune with with her orgasmic energy... it is a pretty incredible experience and far more powerful than many women expect.

It still amazes me in this day and age how so many men are actually still ignorant about female sexuality and sexing a woman that when a man knows and fully understands a womens sexuality and sexing style he can totally enjoy himself and give a very intense and pleasurable experience that few other men can and that sets you apart from the average and makes YOU a very special Man!

A letter from a Married woman after I had worked with her Man.

Her Experience

"I was most surprised at the outcome of the 1.30 o'clock clitoral massage stroking. I'd thought the area would become numb, agitated with non stop attention, but Wow! was I wrong, what a wonderful & extraordinary experience. The moment my husband located the exact place beside my clitoral head I was swept into erotic trance , the orgasm expanded, traveled through my body. lasting about an hour! .
Not as deep as a pelvic orgasm ...but enduring, I'd say the most amazing clitoral orgasm I've experienced."


And now for the main thrust of this article..

Do You Know How To Sexually Please a Woman Properly?

Do you know that pleasing your woman is your mission as a MAN! 

Yet if you as the man has come unprepared for such a job you would find himself in a quagmire of confusion... women are an interesting lot and they are also hard to please... you must think of unique and interesting ways to please your woman or else she will find someone else who can. 

This applies not only to the antics you must do to please your woman outside the privacy of the bedroom and as well as in the actual performance within the privacy of the bedroom too.

Perhaps the best indicator that you have as a man and you please your woman is when she achieves orgasm during sexing and the best way to do this in most cases is to go down on her and perform cunnilingus. 

It is a fact that only a handful of women achieve orgasm during coitus... most of the times orgasm is achieve by stimulating the clitoris and her G spot and this can be done through cunnilingus yet let us not be carried away though by the heat of the moment and jump right into it after tearing off her clothes... todays men know that satisfying a woman in bed is no small feat as women themselves want to take an active part in sexing and want to receive pleasure as well as to give it to their man. 

That is why you as a man who desires to enjoy himself in making your woman happy must learn the techniques and the little secrets that would please a woman and it is not so much on knowing the techniques themselves it is how you employ them to make your woman scream in ecstasy and pleasure that really counts.

Women are different from one another... some women just only take a soft touch to make them incredibly orgasmic... there are also those who can reach multiple orgasms without much effort... others need a lot of foreplay and stimulation to ejaculate while other women just simply do not know how to experience orgasm because of psychological problems or you might have not been rendered the appropriate stimulation and techniques that is why she will have not yet experienced the awesomeness of attaining orgasm.

Women generally need a lot of foreplay for stimulation before she reaches orgasm... hence that little Special Bonus Tip to help you on your way... that is what you have to bear in mind when planning to enjoy sexing your woman... you just do not remove her clothes and go down between her legs outright... you have to make her hot and wet first and raise her passion for sexing. 


Just like you heat up your cars engine before it purrs up to its full and smooth energy. 

Prepare your woman by stimulating her through delectable foreplays... some women like it rough and most would appreciate a slow and sensual stimulation... start the action with soft sensual kisses... use your tongue to make her open her mouth to you for a French kiss and do not make the mistake of shoving your tongue down her throat... nobody wants to gag with a tongue shoving down your windpipe. 

Make the movement sensuous and rhythmic and no rash actions that would hurt your woman... the spot behind her ears are very sensitive as well as her nape... kissing these parts would notch up her heat when done appropriately... other women get turned on when their backs are kissed sensuously down to the small of their backs.

I often say it is not the end of journey that is important it is the journey itself that matters... foreplay is the beginning of that journey and just like sexing there are a million and one ways you can spice things up... this is personally one of my favourite moves and gets the desired result every time...

Have your honey lie on her front and straddle her... lean as close to them as you can and have only your nipples touching her body and lightly rake your nipples across her body... you can move in circles up and down or side to side the movement is up to you and the goal is to have your nipples be as light as a feather over her body and make sure to rub your nipples over her buttocks... the butt is extra sensitive for both sexes so running your nipples across it will send shivers down your honeys spine and as a double bonus... lick the cleft of her butt and then blow on it... immediately after blowing slowly run your nipples between her buttocks... she will thank you for it later.

For my lesbian readers the nipple as a feather works well for stimulating the clitoris as well... if you have not tried it I suggest you do... you cannot go wrong with soft feathery kisses on her breasts either... lightly flicking your tongue on her nipples would send ripples of pleasure through her down to the most private part of her... again you must remember not to mash her breasts too roughly or risk ruining the moment trailing kisses down her belly to her mound would simply give pleasure to your woman... by this time she would be panting with anticipation. 

Heighten the sensation by skipping her mound and focusing on her thighs first... planting soft kisses on the insides of her thighs as these are a highly sensitive areas on a woman trailing along the lines where her torso meets her legs would excite any woman and by now she would be trying to hold your head down and press her mound towards your face.

Giving her a tonge job entails careful and deliberate movements so as to give pleasure and not pain... a womans labia and clitoris are very sensitive and when overly stimulated could hurt her more than pleasuring her... thus a man must take full control of his self when performing cunnilingus lest he gets carried away and mash his womans mound with her teeth and lips... a man can stimulate her clitoris with her tongue and lips while inserting his finger in her vagina to stimulate her G spot. 

Read my article on the Powerful Welcome Method this really rocks a womans boat!

Simultaneously stimulating these parts would simply send a woman to the edge of oblivion achieving a mind shattering orgasm that would make her squirt all over you... just as she is about to come down to earth from that unearthly orgasm place your penis against her vagina and slowly enter her... make the rhythm slow at first to wake up her senses... you can then start thrusting into her as you get the tempo of her gyration and ravish her relentlessly varying your movements to stimulate the insides of her vagina as your penis touches its walls and hitting her G spot again and again until you both achieve orgasm. 

And do not just remove your penis inside her upon finishing ejaculation... feel the warmth of the moment by cuddling her a little more letting her feel you inside her and bask on the afterglow of your lovemaking and it would please her if you make her feel special by doing this after your session and not just remove yourself from her outright.

Remember you build not just the physical pleasure with your woman also the emotional energy with her and she experiences...



It pays to know HOW to really turn on your women... seduce her and build emotional and sexing energy and deep loving intimacy with her she will ADORE you for that.

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