Do You Know How To Romance & Seduce
Your Woman To Wantingly Make LOVE With YOU? 

BY Ange Fonce

Many men make the mistake of just trying to get SEX from a woman... and this is a BIG turn off for the vast majority of women... I have not yet come across a "healthy" women who appreciates just been viewed as a "pussy" on legs... make no mistake here gentlemen.... women LOVE Sex... and they also LOVE to be "romanced"... "seduced"... "ravished" and "appreciated" as Women!

One of my male readers of The Intimate Communion Magazine wrote in asking me a very good question...  and many men find themselves in this position... so read on for his question and my answer...


"Great articles with sound advice Ange. I have been married to a great girl and all is OK except our sex life. We enjoy most everything together but we are out of synch with our desires. I could make love everyday, but that is too much for her.

Many years ago she said I didn't know how to seduce a woman. Maybe I should have left her then or maybe it is true. We are in love but that remark always sticks in my head. She backed off and said that isn't exactly what she meant, but enough was said.

We almost split because of her lack of interest in sex but decided to stay together. We now program Saturdays as the day. Maybe that was the biggest mistake of my life. She has orgasms or at least I think so but I don't think I have her sexual confidence and Sexual Trust.

How do you seduce a woman?

Maybe just being married is not enough. I am completely frustrated as the Saturday last has turned into Saturday today. In other words no dice for a week. I am also worried I lost my desire for her and her for me. If you can answer some of these questions, you can be I sure I will take your advice.

Any help will be greatly appreciated."

Peter... UK

My Reply...

Dear Peter,

Thank you for your message and contacting me...

Why would a man have to SEDUCE his own wife or female lover?

Is it not the point of having a wife or a girlfriend so that you do not have to go through the hassle of getting sex?

Yeah... right!
The first thing I want you to know is that the reason that I chose to answer your email is because the problem you describe is so COMMON... for many men... I get many emails from men on this subject and so by answering you... I am answering a lot of men who are struggling with the same reality.... so I am going to do my best to answer as much of your email as I can right here.

So let us move right on by answering the first question I wrote at the beginning of my reply...

Why would you have to "seduce" your own wife or female lover?

Because... in a nut shell... womens sexuality works VERY differently from mens sexuality... for us men... if a reasonably attractive woman gets naked in front of us... we are pretty much good to go... most of our “sexual arousal” comes from “visual” and “physical stimulation”... male sexuality is very centred in our “physical body.”

And for women it is mostly in their “minds” and in their “emotions”... which then fires up the “physical” side of “sex” for them... even if you look like Brad Pitt... just getting naked in front of her probably is not going to do it... yes  she will LIKE it... even like it a LOT   just to get a peak at Brad's ass... while very few single or married men for that matter... could ever resist an offer from a naked Angelina Jolie.

Most women would not just jump into bed with a handsome naked man just because he was offering... and there is plenty of research to back this up... women liked to be “warmed” up first and to feel “special”... and need more “time.”

And I have 2 great pieces of news for you that I will brighten your day... and your relationship... the first is that you can LEARN how to become a master seducer... the second is that... once you do... your wife is going to want to make love A LOT MORE THAN ONCE A WEEK.

So let us take a quick look at 3 facts in your email that are all very directly because understanding how they are related is VERY important...

1... Years ago she told you that you did not know how to seduce a woman.

2... You nearly broke up with her at that time.

3... You feel you do not have her Sexual Trust.

Here is how I put these things together...

First of all... in all likelihood... she is absolutely right and you do not know "how to seduce a woman"... there is no shame in that... VERY FEW men do... and in fact many of the men that do know “how” to “seduce” a woman very well are  usually "players"... that your wife would not have wanted to marry anyway and most women want to avoid.

The problem for women is that it is so hard to find a man that is loyal... kind... respectful... and "marriage material" who ALSO knows how to “seduce” and “ravish” her... when you become one of those men... you become such a “rare commodity” as that “type” of man... that a woman will do almost anything to hang onto you.

The other thing that I really want you to consider for a moment is that... even if she said those words in anger... think about how much GUTS it took for her to say them.

Okay... let us move on... the second thing is that you nearly broke it off at that point... and I am glad that you did not... because this is totally fixable... and given what you said about everything else being great in your relationship... it is totally worth fixing... a "great relationship" is very hard to come by and you two have shown huge commitment to each other by sticking this out... that says a lot.

Now... the first fact and the second fact come together to create the third... that you do not have her Sexual Trust... can you see and “understand” why?

When she had the guts to tell you that she wanted something more from your “sexual relationship”... she opened up a very hard conversation... “honesty” like that is very... very hard... no woman wants to say something like that...  and for SURE... no man wants to HEAR something like that.


Communicating with the person you love can be so much harder than communicating with people we do not  about... and so obviously... you were hurt... this stung your pride and made you feel less “masculine”... and sure... the first instinct you had was to tell her right where she could put her opinions of your “seduction abilities.”

And that is when she realized that you were never going to give her what she needed... in fact... you were not even going to try... and that is when you lost her "sexual trust”... you “communicated” to her that your “pride” was more important to you than her Sexual Trust... and that is all it took... she told you what she “needed” to feel good about your “sexual relationship”... and whether you knew it or not... you “rejected” her... so she started building a shell around herself... and that shell has resulted in the “only on Saturdays” schedule.

So why is seducing her so important?

I mean... you said that she is having orgasms when you make love... and yet she STILL does not want to do it more than once a week... I know this is hard for some men to make sense of?

Because... again for a woman... the most “important” part of “making love” is what happens in her head and in her heart... so even though you are doing the right things for her body... she is left unsatisfied... you are not “giving her” anything a “vibrator” could not give her... and I know this hard for you to read.

Being “seduced” and “romanced” and then being RAVISHED is the FUN and SENSUAL part for women... it sets the stage in her “mind” for everything else that follows... it puts her in the right “emotional state” to receive “sexual pleasure”.... and here is something else that you might not have thought of... it proves to her that you still CARE.

That is right... making the “effort to seduce” her makes her “feel special”... it makes her “feel loved”... it makes her “feel valued”... she does not want just a few strokes on the tits and then a good shagging... you pounding away for a couple of minutes... squirt... and it is all over... she wants to be made LOVE too!

Seducing her... romancing her... ESPECIALLY after years of marriage... is the most “flattering” thing you can do for her... it is WAY better... and much less expensive... than buying her flowers or jewellery...  so why do men stop seducing their wives... or their long term lovers? 

More to the point... why do so many men never bother to learn to seduce them at all?

Well... mainly because they are afraid it will be embarrassing... you kind of have to put yourself out there a bit to go through the motions of ”seducing a woman”... it is so much easier to just nudge her and say...

"You in the mood... no... okay?"

And just roll over and turn off the light... or just put your hand on her breasts and see what happens... you cannot really blame men for doing these things... because after all... that is what would work on us if a woman was trying to get us into bed... so... what works for women?


The most important part of “seducing” your woman is to remember that you have to “create romance”...  the energy of “drama”... even some story if you really want to get her going... women love “fantasy”... it is important that you understand that it is not just WHAT you say... it is HOW you say it. 

Your “voice tonality” is an extremely important part of a great seduction... keep your voice “low and powerful”... any sense of being tentative is going to be obvious in your voice first... and speaking with quiet “masculine authority”... you will send shivers up her spine... speaking softly in her ear is a very "sensual experience" for most women... because womens ears and necks are very sensitive and they love being “touched” and “caressed” there.

For an idea of exactly WHAT you should say... I very strongly recommend you pick up a womens romance novel... and although 50 Shades Of Grey has been panned in so many ways... it is a HUGE best seller... why? 

Because it “hooks” right into a woman's emotional and sexual fantasy world... it is the substance of women's fantasies... these books do for women what pornography does for men.

Basically... "seductive talking" involves building a fantasy using a lot of description... you are going to have to learn to use a lot of adjectives... here are some examples to tell her what you are going to do to her... or what you would like to do to her...

"I want to run my fingers over inch of your bare... soft skin... first very gently so that you can barely feel it... so that your skin blushes and comes alive and aches for more..."

Tell her the story of the last time you had really great sex... remind her of every detail...

"Remember the way I reached below you and I was holding your hips and going deep inside of you over and over again... and I felt it so intensely because you were breathing right by my ear... and the smell of your freshly washed hair was all around me..."

Describe her body and how it makes you feel...

"When your hair catches the light like that it shines like some kind of metal... it reminds me of being 13 years old and being so awed by the shiny hair of the cheerleaders and being so blown away by how beautiful and sexy a girls hair could be... and just wanting so badly to touch it... to run my fingers through it... and now as an adult..."

Build a scene or fantasy...

"I would like to make love to you outside in a garden during a summer rain... when the air is heavy and warm and the drops that come down are big and heavy and they splash on our bodies as I push inside of you... and the air is heavy with the smell of the flowers and that earthy rain smell... and the sound of your screams are echoed in the distant thunder..."

Does the language have to be so flowery?


Do you need to use a lot of description like that?


Do not be afraid to draw it out... to build the scene for her... whisper in her ear exactly how you would like to touch her breasts and how it will feel for her... how it will turn you on... how it will make your cock hard... and then reach out and touch her exactly as you described it... sound too risky?

Send her an email about it right before you leave the office and let it do some of the work for you while you are on the way home.


Seducing her with your “sensual touch” is not “foreplay”... and it is not “sex”... it is in the context of "sensual seduction”... so do not treat it like it is foreplay or sex... for example...

Caressing her breasts is not seduction... it is a part of “love making”... seduction is “gently touching” her fingertips... it s running your fingers through her hair... it is giving her a gentle massage from behind and then softly kissing and then biting the back of her neck... it is caressing her face with the back of your hand... and then TELLING her how you would like to kiss her... that is right... you want to use "your words" and "your touch" at the same time.

Remember that the “tone” of your words is more “important” than what you say... so if you are using TOUCH to seduce her... sometimes all you need to say... in a soft and seductive tone is "...mmmmm..."  that is easy... right?

I do not think you will have trouble remembering that dialogue... try gently running your fingernails along the inside of her arms... or tracing her ear lobes with your finger tips... or giving her a whole body “loving hug”...from behind and letting her feel your breath softly warming her neck... or the side of her face... or how about a foot rub and then working your way up... gently caressing the backs of her legs and behind her knees... while gazing “meaningfully” into her eyes.

Experiments and research... have been done that show that the human face is capable of literally thousands of expressions and that a huge amount of “human communication” happens through “facial expression” alone.

Your words can have completely different meanings based on the look on your face... actors can make us laugh or cry... and move our “emotions” based on their facial expressions... that is just the obvious stuff... it turns out that many more “subtle communications” happen between humans based on “facial expression” that most men and women are not even “consciously” aware of... things that affect us on an “instinctive level.” 

I have not long finished reading a great book on scientific research into “non verbal communication” called Bodily Communications by Michael Argyle... and it covers in detail “non verbal communication”... that can make you “successful” in “seducing a woman” has to do with the things you “communicate” in the way that you look at her... a pleading look... a joking look... an insecure look... a hopeful look... none of these are going to excite your woman.

A “confident” look... a "knowing" look... a “mischievous” look... a “sexually" dominant look... or an openly LOVING LOOK... these are all things that women respond very strongly to.

So how EXACTLY do you gaze at her with one of these looks?

Well... this is the good news and the bad news.

The good news is that... all you have to do is FEEL one of these emotions and your face will “express” the emotions AUTOMATICALLY... the bad news is that this makes it very... very hard to fake... and you do not want to be “faking” anything with her... you want to be the authentic masculine sexual man... seducing her to RAVISH her.

The key is simply to look deeply into her eyes while FEELING confident... mischievous... sexually dominant... or openly loving towards her... when you can blend any of those “emotions” and look into her eyes... you will need nothing else to seduce her... because women are very good at reading “emotional states.”

And when you do that... and also run your fingers along her neck while describing how you would like to kiss her naked body outdoors on a sunny day... she will “enjoy” that... and “wantingly desire” that you make it happen for her... and do everything you say you are going to do to her... just do not “talk the talk”... “walk the walk” too... and your woman will be “wanting” YOU... all the time.

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

If you enjoy this kind of "sophisticated" approach to "mastering" every aspect of love making... from seduction to giving her mind blowing multiple orgasms... and you would like to know more...  then please do... CONTACT  me... and we can arrange “personal coaching” for you.

And practically speaking... that completes this conversation.

As always... leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you.

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

They are truly Passionate and DYNAMIC Lovers!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce


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