Do You Know Her Orgasmic Blueprint

By Ange Fonce

I am often contacted by my female readers of Intimate Communion about their lovers lack of knowledge about female sexuality... which in this day and age I find amazing and yet there is many men out there who really do not know about their womans sexuality or actually about her body.

So I have put together some very tips to give your sexing lover more profound orgasms... if you do not give your woman lots of orgasms you will find sooner or later she will find a man that will do! 

And you need to know how to give deeper orgasms than just the clitoris types to really win her heart and take her deep... men that do this find they get lots of sexing and not just sexing... a far deeper feeling of shared intimacy with your lover and you will get lots of feedback that you so good... you will have a very happy and contented woman who be loyal to you and only you.

Surveys show that for over 70% of woman need more than just sexual intercourse to orgasm and as most men just go for penetration which means that there is a hell of a lot of women out there who are not sexually satisfied and sexual unfulfilled.

And as a Man who really loves making sexing with a woman that is not cool!

Really exploring your womans orgasmic potential is one of the best ways to becoming much closer... intimate at all levels and it leads to sublime sexing again and again as number of woman fake orgasms to keep their man happy... unfortunately this leads to dull sexing and eventually separation... the following tips all depend on some great foreplay first to get her really wet and desiring your penetration of her.

I like to spend a lot of time of breast kissing... caressing... pinching... nipping bites and massage as well as long... lingering strokes up her body and inner legs... really take your time in foreplay and building sexing tension... enjoy every touch and kiss until she is thrusting herself wantonly at your body... aching for you to take her.

Clitoral Orgasms

The best way to give a clitoris orgasm is with finger massage.... I find I use the middle finger of my right hand as I am right handed and be careful that you have short nails as every woman is different when it comes to clitoris massage... some like a direct touch with circles or flicks upwards or side to side and some do not like direct touch as they are too sensitive... these women usually like touching to the side of the clitoris... you need to become sensitive to how she responds to clitoris massage... her sounds and body movements can tell you a lot about how much pleasure she is receiving... arching her back is a great sign of pleasure.

Asking her to masturbate to see what she likes is one easy technique to really learn how to touch her and it is hot too... make sure you swap to show her how you like your penis touched.

Lubrication is a must at all stages... if dipping into her wetness is not enough... use lube or spit if you are desperate... lubrication lasts much longer... continue using the stroke that she likes and use a bit more pressure to take her over the edge... a lot of men tend to change things when they just need to keep on doing what is working.

If you are not driving her to an orgasm... you can always have her vibrator handy... it is nice to warm up the vibrator first with your hands or some warm water... use the head of the toy on or near the clitoris rather than in her pussy... start with a light pressure and  low vibration as she gets closer you can turn up the vibrations and slide the vibrator into her wet and hot pussy...  making movements from the g spot to the clitoris and back... she will most certainly orgasm and even squirt over you!

Vaginal And G Spot Orgasms

All the women I talk too all say that these types of orgasms are much more fulfilling than clitoris orgasms... once a woman starts to have vaginal orgasms she finds that clitoris orgasms are not so attractive any more.

The best way to take a woman into vaginal orgasms is to combine some g spot massage along with clitoris stimulation... the g spot has a ridged surface two inches into the vagina on the upper wall... you can locate the g spot by inserting a finger into the vagina... palm up in about an inch or so.

One powerful method to do this is to curl your first finger and have this on the right side of the clitoris. .. have your second finger on the g spot... make sure you have lots of lube... start a slow in and out vibration as she responds vibrate your fingers stronger and stronger... when she gets close you can get quite vigorous finger f69king her moving about 2 inches as fast as you can as often she will ejaculate from this method and you will hear a mushy sound during the massage.

In my experience when using this method I can take just about any woman to 3 deep orgasms in about 40 minutes with a little rest in between... you can also use oral sexing combined with g spot fingering as a variation as many woman can orgasm from oral sex.

The 9 Types Of Orgasms She Can Experience

Orgasms for a man are EASY to understand... you simply thrust get aroused finish and most guys then go to sleep and most men can only have one type of orgasm after which they usually lose their erection temporarily before they can get hard and have another.

Women however can experience MANY different types of orgasms... these orgasms range from those that are barely noticeable to her man to SCREAMING TOE CURLING even bed soaking squirting orgasms and THERE ARE ALL SORTS OF ORGASMS IN BETWEEN THOSE EXTREMES!

Unlike men the TYPE of orgasm a woman has is often 100% CONTROLLABLE by her sexing partner... you!

One of the first steps to giving your woman the strongest orgasms of her life is RECOGNIZING that YOU have control over her orgasms... my point is that you should never blame your woman for not coming and always be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you are really sexing satisfying her... let us talk about some of the types of orgasms women are capable of having.

Foreplay Orgasms

These orgasms take place during foreplay or pre penetration as I like to call it... foreplay orgasms are so important because they allow your lover to warm up and have multiple orgasms later when you penetrate her... every GREAT lover should have the following foreplay orgasms in his play book...

Nipple Orgasm...

Not all women can have an orgasm through nipple stimulation alone and since I personally know a few who can I had to put it in here to make the article complete!

Clitoral Orgasm...

This orgasm concentrates on the clitoris... not as intense as the deep spot and other vaginal orgasms... yet still a great warm up and relatively easy to give.

Deep Spot or A Spot Orgasm...

The deep spot orgasm is often the first time many woman have a true internal orgasm as it is usually easier for a woman to have one of these during sexing.

G Spot Orgasm...  

Similar to the deep spot orgasm and not quite as intense... still a great orgasm to have in the bag of tricks to get her primed for multiple orgasms during sexing.

Now let is talk about some of the orgasms women are capable of having during PENETRATION.

Vaginal Orgasm...

She experiences this type of orgasm while you are inside of her... much like the deep spot orgasm usually more intense than any foreplay orgasm and for some woman very difficult to achieve... far easier to achieve AFTER a foreplay orgasm.

Anal Orgasm... 

This occurs when you have a clitoral or vaginal orgasm during rear entry it feels very different to a woman than a clitoral or vaginal orgasm alone.

Multiple Orgasm...

Multiple orgasms are when your lover has an orgasm and you give her another orgasm right after... this is different than the continuous orgasm which is described next.

Continuous Orgasm...

This is when your woman has an orgasm and instead of letting her sexing excitement come down as many women think they have to because they are sensitive... you INSTEAD keep going and often even harder and this causes her to start orgasming UNCONTROLLABLY over and over and with a continuous orgasm she will often be EXHAUSTED after and will always say she had no idea how many orgasms she had.

99% of women need to be verbally talked through a continuous orgasm as it is rare that previous lovers have EVER given this to her.... she also has no way to do this herself through masturbation... if you give your woman this very special gift... she just might become sexually addicted to you... so only do this with a woman you REALLY like and love!

Squirting Orgasm...

Ah the mysterious one... well first of all I will tell you squirting orgasms are VERY REAL and every woman has the equipment to have one... actually giving your woman the experience one of these intense orgasms is a whole other article altogether and I have already written one so go read it!

Female Sexing And Ejaculating Orgasms By Ange Fonce

How To Give Her A Deep Spot Fingering Orgasm

Step 1... Make sure your hands and nails are clean and trimmed.. otherwise not only will you cut and irritate her skin... she will not experience an orgasm.

Step 2... Warm up by kissing her... caressing her all over... both of you get naked.

Step 3... Insert your longest finger... the middle finger palm up inside of her and go AS FAR BACK as you can.

Step 4... While kissing her as she gets REALLY turned on... push the tip of your finger into the top back wall of her vagina in a curling motion and go deep!

Step 5... Start slow then vary the speed and pressure according to her response... steadily increasing pressure and intensity as you go... most women need around 5 minutes of this stimulation to have an orgasm and please note it is different for every woman... one thing is for sure though when she DOES finally have an orgasm this way YOU WILL KNOW IT!

So now that you know how many different types of orgasms your woman can have... it is your place as a masculine man to GIVE THEM TO HER... so she can ruthlessly experience the fullness of her orgasmic feminine sexuality!

As always... leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you.

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