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Many men lack confidence in their ability to physically turn on a woman and "rock her world" when it comes time to take her. 

A woman knows right away if she is dealing with one of these "boy-guys" and runs for the hills as soon as she realizes it... if you want to make sure she sees you as a Sexually Confident Masculine Man... the kind of man who can ignite throbbing sexual passions deep inside her... you need to become a master at giving women an incredible sexual experience. 

Sexual Confidence comes as a result of knowing how to give a woman mind-blowing pleasure... it is the confidence that the woman you are with will enjoy her sexual experience with you... it is knowing all the steps... from the first eye contact all the way to the time you "take her" and knowing how to build SEDUCTION and ANTICIPATION every step along the way.

As you progress from one step to the next with a woman... touching... kissing and beyond... the stakes get bigger and bigger. 

Many men typically feel more apprehensive as they progress from one step to the next, and feel less confident moving to the next step as things get more intense... the fear is not of being rejected or stopped... it is of losing all the ground that has been gained, and going back to ZERO.

A lot of men get nervous when it comes time to have sex... they think they need to start acting differently when it is time to take her... yet sex is natural... so be natural as things heat up... do not make a big deal out of it... keep having fun... keep teasing... keep acting light... smoothly, confidently, comfortably progress from one step to the next, all the while enjoying yourself naturally.

Instead of positioning sex as the ultimate goal and the centre of your purpose, move it so it is simply one of your many goals... make it a natural outcome if you like a woman and if you choose to spend the time and effort to get to that point... take the "pinnacle value" out of sex, put it in perspective, and your relaxed attitude will make you much more likely to get it.

Nothing about how you look, how old you are, how tall you are, how much you weigh, how much money you make, or whether or not you are her type has ANYTHING to do with how you can make a woman feel once you are f69king her... a key point to remember is that AFTER a woman has experienced a mind-blowing intimate experience with you, that experience alone will render all of that other stuff irrelevant... it just will not matter. 

Picture yourself in this future ahead of time and it will help you make it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

First though let us deal with few things about women...


Many men get fooled into thinking that just because a woman is unusually attractive, she is also usually honest and would never consider taking from you, cheating on you or lying to you... the reality is that people are never 100%  "good" or 100%  "bad"... there are situations where ANY women would lie, cheat, steal, or be disloyal... when you accept the reality that women... including beautiful women are still human, and that the woman you feel strongly for is just as likely to be dishonest or disloyal as any other, you take her off that pedestal you put her on... and that is an important step toward achieving Sexual Confidence.


Sadly there is a growing number of men who are always curious about how to "trick" a woman into having sex with all the magic words are, etc.. I personally know a few guys who do this... and I can tell you it does NOT lead to fulfilment... for you or for her... avoid this whole "manipulation mindset" and stop trying to figure out what the magic bullets are to get a woman to do what you want in a dishonest way. 

It is much better to work on becoming a "confident and secure" masculine man who knows what to do to build attraction in a natural, non-manipulative way with a woman... if what you are doing feels wrong or unethical... STOP IT... there are better ways to get what you want.


Too many women are so concerned with what they look like during sex, that they deprive men of one of the simplest pleasures... being able to watch... and I am not talking about stealing a glance in the mirror from across the room... a sexually confident woman knows that what a man really wants to see her... in high definition and fine detail... if your woman is the sort who requests the lights out before you get down to it... you will have to do a bit of ground work to get her into a confident state where she is not embarrassed by both her body and what you are doing to her.

Women suffer these two insecurities in equal measure. 

Whilst a man might worry that his body's not up to scratch or his cock is too small... he will rarely let the problem get in the way or dictate the flow and progress of sex... I have yet to find a man who gives a toss about the implications of his actions in the bedroom adversely effecting his reputation... in most cases it is the opposite. 

Men have a sense of pride in fulfilling their fantasies, in giving and receiving sexual pleasure... women often need a little encouragement before they let go.

The secret to making your woman so sexually confident that she will happily adopt the most exhibitionist position possible is simply an unquantifiable number of compliments at correct intervals and enough physical re-assurance that her body is visual eye-candy... eventually it will sink in. 

Never assume women can read your thoughts... she does not know that what you are seeing is making you harder than you ever thought possible, neither does she know that it drives you wild when she moves her hips or pulls her thighs just that little bit wider apart and touches herself. 

If you see something you like... tell her... make her understand how much the sight of it turns you on... do not be coy about registering your approval both with words and body language... the more obviously into it you are... the more she will respond and give back.

"It turns me on no end to see a my man delighting in the visual glory of my sex - that is, watching his cock slide in and out of me in all manner of positions or being captivated by the sight of me playing with myself. I know for a fact there are women who can't bring themselves to masturbate in front of a man and also that there are women who, when in particularly visually compromising positions, are so pre-occupied with what their lover can see, they won't even be able to orgasm. Even I'm not immune to occasional, mild bouts of "Oh my God, what must I look like from this angle?", but the look of approval on his face is always enough to assure me that actually, I must look amazing."
You will also find that the more physically confident your woman becomes and the more accepting of her appearance she is, the more adventurous she will be... it is not an overnight fix.... it takes time... so do not go bombarding her with a barrage of compliments tonight as soon as she gets undressed... wait for the moments when you think she is slightly uncomfortable and act on them, discreetly. 


If she stops you... it does not mean that she wants you to stop FOREVER... it means that you did not get her turned on enough... Interpret it as "I am not ready yet"... rather than "Go away, I don't like you anymore"... stop, lean back, talk casually for a while and just relax... then get her even MORE turned on than before... and make her ASK you for sex... or even beg you... "please" is a great word to teach her to use it, and she will LOVE you for it.

For example... if she is unsure about you giving her oral sex while she is on all fours... have her kneel in front of you and squeeze her bottom with both hands - making it clear what a sexy arse she has... warm her up by reaching around to stroke her thighs and gently massage her clit... whisper in her ear that you would like nothing more than to see her bent over in front of you so you have free reign to lick every inch of her. 

She may feel hesitantly at first, so lean her forward and keep talking.... tell her how tempting she looks from this angle and how you wish she could see the amazing view before you (do not whip out your iPhone at this point, you will freak her right out)... follow with some kisses, bite her ass, bend her right over and as you spread her open... make her lift right up and take her clit in your mouth, then f69k her with your tongue... as you get totally immersed in how much she's offering herself to you... she will get more and more turned on by the whole scenario.

When her feeling comfortable and hot... it is unlikely she will blush at anything else... either let her come as you both are, or turn her around and get her into a position where you can watch her come as you thrust into her... put her on her side facing slightly away from you... kneel just behind her... curl the leg she is leaning on around your knees and lift her top leg, putting it over your shoulder furthest from her. 

Encourage her to help herself to orgasm with her fingers, or do it together, which can be mind blowingly sexy... from this angle you will not miss a thing and her view will be obscured... meaning if she has got a complex about herself... it will be out of sight and out of mind... of course, the idea is to encourage her to share the joy of watching with you... so over the course of a few sessions... once she has really got the hots for herself... try different positions where she can see too... or you might even consider getting your iPhone out...


Delaying gratification becomes more profound the more you think about it... especially and when it comes to sex... it is absolutely critical... it not only allows you to build the sexual tension and make her want you more and more... and the teasing and anticipation act as amplifiers to HER arousal. 

Bottom line... you are more likely to turn her on all the more and more likely to take things to an intense level if you are cool and calm... lose your need for instant results... and you will drive her CRAZY.

And finally...


A woman wants a man who is in touch with his inner ANIMAL... if he is overly logical, overly analytical, overly controlled, overly educated, it shows a woman that he cannot let the animal out... at an instinctive level... a woman knows that this means she will not be able to FEEL anything strong toward him, and she knows he will not be able to arouse any sexual feelings inside of her. 

Study, get to know, make friends with, and DEVELOP the animal inside you... educating yourself in this area is one of the most important things you can do to take your Sexual Confidence to the next level.

And you can Contact me to know more.

As always leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you. 

Average men and women know only the rules. 

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

They are Passionate DYNAMIC Lovers!

For Love and Intimacy...

Ange Fonce


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