Can You Express Your Anger Safely With Your Man?

By Ange Fonce

If you are feeling stuck in your relationship and if your man just cannot seem to come up with the attention and affection you want need and DESERVE and you sometimes you feel like he has just run out of gas in the affection and attention department that you start to go downhill fast and it is as though everything dries up.

Many womens instantaneous reaction when they feel their needs not being met is to feel angry and since many women do not find it easily to express their anger their first instinct usually is to clam up and either get really defensive and distant or overly nice and the deadly one... ice cold polite and correct with eyes that send daggers!

It has taken me years to teach myself how to express all my feelings even the ones I have difficult feelings about... especially Anger.

When I was married my anger used to make me feel guilty and then the guilt makes me feel even angrier... I wanted to scream... shout and yes the temptation to even hit my ex wife and run away from her... I would be hitting her or running away from her in my head... all with a big smile on my face and in the end I did not run away nor hit her or even scream and shout... I just left and divorced her.

Now things are very different... I have learned a lot over the years from being a professional Consultant and Personal Development Coach and it is just amazing what a few Tools can do to not only change all that around inside ME and has also transformed my life... I often smile to myself at how far I have come in feeling comfortable inside myself and being able to say what I am feeling and thinking to anyone.

In this article I am going to share with you a Tool that is from Dynamic Life Development Systems... that is called ROCKET FUEL and it is a way to harness and USE your anger for the good of yourself in a positive way for you and your love life. 

Here Are Some Steps

1... When you are not getting what you need catch yourself look around you and check out exactly WHAT you are doing.

Are you wandering around the house talking to yourself in your mind and telling HIM OFF in your mind and distracting yourself with little meaningless things like organizing the socks or putting out the trash or are you trying to start a conversation with him trying to talk about what is bothering you or ask him to do something or just being defensive about something he has said?

Or perhaps he has said something to YOU something with a bit of anger in it or a request and all of a sudden it feels so UNFAIR... here you are being so nice and giving and he is holding out on you in the important ways... affection and attention and here he is asking YOU for something or being mad at YOU!

And so you find yourself letting him have it either straight out with anger or in a measured... calm... reasonable sort of way where you try to get him to understand how you are feeling and well how dare he?

2... Stop absolutely stop yourself wherever you are whatever you are doing.

If there are words spilling out of you while you are talking with him... Stop... if you are washing a dish... Stop.

3... Put your hands on your heart now...

4... Breathe into your hands in and out 3 times... now...

5... Say out loud even if there is no one there... 

"I am feeling angry."

Just say it while you are holding your hands to your heart and breathing some more.

6... Now sit down... sit on the floor right where you are if there is no chair or bed by you.

If you are in a restaurant you are likely already sitting so that is great... if you are standing at the bar sit on a stool or at least LEAN on the bar.

7... If your man is there look straight into his eyes.

Hold eye contact... hands over heart... breathing... sitting on the floor... the chair... the bed... the stool.

Now say Wow.

Say Wow to yourself because you have just done something amazing... you have just interrupted an old pattern that has not been working for you and you are just about to do something totally thrilling...

8... Stay on the floor and if you feel like crying... cry.

If you still feel angry hit the floor... if you are out somewhere go to the bathroom and do the same thing only hit the air... if he does not make a move that is fine... if he comes over to you that is fine too... if he comes over to you  melt all over him and be glad to have him... if he turns around and walks away in a huff or if he stands there and says something nasty or if he just stands there silently you just sit there until you finally feel ready to move... then...

9... Get up and go do something fun... make tea... go read a book... curl up in bed with a fluffy blanket or a pet

When you are ready...

Rocket Fuel

10... Write a ROCKET FUEL speech.

It goes like this...

"I feel angry and upset and I feel concerned that we are not on the same page here.... I do not know how to make our relationship more affectionate and close... I do not think I can do it by myself... I am just a woman here and I like affection and attention it makes me feel good... it makes me feel turned on and when I do not get enough I feel cranky and angry is there something we can do that would help... is there something I need to know... are you mad at me... what do you think?"

Notice that I left space between each line... that is in case he should say something or ask a question... if you deliver a speech one line at a time and then breathe you will feel much better and now you are ready!

11... Deliver your speech.

Create your own version of this script if you like as short as you can make it... all with Feeling Messages without telling him anything about what HE IS doing or not doing without making him WRONG and avoiding the word you. 

If your man is very difficult and this kind of thing is happening a lot and you are feeling like he is not all that difficult it is just that he is getting distant and the attraction between you is fading in a really scary way?

Most of the time you do not even have to talk to a man about your relationship in the way you have all been taught to talk to a man... most of the time all it takes is ramping up his attraction for you which will automatically COMPEL him to be more affectionate and give you attention... he feels like he has to ramp up that attention and attraction otherwise he will lose you and he  will not want to lose you.

Let me know how ROCKET FUEL works for you... it is a great brave step to find your anger and share it with your man in a way that is not an attack or defensive... anger can be very sexy and a very healing thing when it is expressed in the right way.

Men are afraid that you cannot handle their anger so when your man experiences you feeling and expressing YOUR OWN anger he feels relieved  AND he feels LOVE for you... I have seen this work over and over again and I know it will work for you.

To learn how to be a Strong Feminine Woman and attract him more instead of trying to get him to step up and be an affectionate attentive man for you... just YOU alone!

You can Contact me to know more.

As always... leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you.

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

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