Can you really BUY success with women?

I am not talking about buying her gifts.

I am asking, can you actually get better with women from a book or a CD program?

Or does it really have to be something "Natural?"

That is a tough question for some men... they actually think that the only way you can be good with women is if you are born with it... otherwise, you are just going to have to settle for what you can get. 

Most men fall into one of three types when it comes to women.

TYPE 1) The Player.

This guy makes you sick... because he can pull women - no problem women dig him... guys even hate him because he gets the ladies and they like him anyway because he has got that charisma... he is a "natural"... about 1 in 20 men are a "natural."

TYPE 2) The Average Man... You And Me.

Yes... you read that right... I do not consider myself a "player"... I am average looking... I am not rich... I do not have a sexy Australian accent... I am just a Man... like you... the difference now?

I was never a natural at one time... I learnt how to get real good with women, after a long time relationship broke up... because I sat down with myself and asked some very serious questions and understood I was missing a lot of the pieces of the puzzle... and I and I worked hard to learn everything I could about women... their biology... psychology... their sexuality and went out there and learnt what worked and what does not work... and over time with lots of crashing and burning... I figured out how ANY man can do this... I am now a "Natural" and knows what makes the deal work between Men and Women.

TYPE 3) The Man Who Has A REALLY Hard Time With Women (much less attracting them.)

And, sad to say, a lot of men fall down in this category... or you feel like you have, anyway... I know I spent some time here while I was learning the "real deal" with women. 

And it is not just about women either... it is about the whole way of being a Man in His Masculinity!

I was so frustrated with women... none of them wanted to talk to me, and looking back now I could understand why this was.

I had become so jaded on the whole "relationship" thing that I was pretty sour... I was angry all the time because here I was... this great man who could not get a woman to tell me the time of day. 

Here is something personal that I do not normally share with people... let alone write it in an article... it become so bad when I found myself alone and without friends that I actually put a posting up on a book store cork-board. 

It said...

"Wanted: Friends, just to hang out."

I got one call, and it was a couple of guys who felt sorry for me. 

Wow, I thought... I have really got to do something about this... my situation TOTALLY SUCKED. 

Not that these guys were losers, because I have a very generous heart... and I do not EVER like to classify someone as a loser... we ALL have the potential in us for Greatness! 

For all my hard talk at times.., I am really a "Chilled Man" that has feelings.

Now here is a secret as to why most "Nice Guys" fail... 

The reason I lost my "confidence" was that I let those feelings override my Masculinity and Confidence for a time... BIG MISTAKE... everything sucked because I felt like I would never really known what it took to be able to just TALK to a woman as a REAL MAN... and this was just plain CRAZY as back in those days... I was working with women as a Counsellor and in all other kinds of situations... and I was also learning a whole new game... the real deal, the "hidden language" that goes on between Men and Women and I was working through my own stuff too.

Let me tell you another embarrassing fact...

I remember being in a bar in London... it was pretty depressing... I could not work up the nerve to talk to anyone in there... women were everywhere... having fun... laughing... and I felt like an outsider... with over a hundred women just walking around... I felt a bit inferior... I started getting really emotional and frustrated... it felt like it was just like back in high school, and I was Mr. Geek once again (now I am proud of my Geekyness) I felt all these bitter emotions coming up, like last night's pizza with a beer barf.

Seriously... it was PAINFUL. 

I saw this one blonde girl that caught my eye in this bar... she was very pretty... I wanted to go talk to her... and at that time I just did not know what  to say to her... she was laughing it up with her friends, having a good old time, and I was standing over by the wall, holding a beer up in front of my chest with one hand, the other hanging from a belt loop, trying to look like... really I do not know what... I stood there for at least 15 minutes or so, and it was getting nearer and nearer to closing time... 

What was I going to do? 

Was I going to let myself off the hook again? 

Was I going to let another opportunity pass me by?

The longer I stood there, the more sick I felt... my stomach actually hurt from the nervousness... anxiousness... and inner turmoil... have you ever felt that?

On one side of my thoughts... I just wanted to get rid of the psychological pressure and anguish of all this and just LEAVE... actually, ESCAPE is a better word for it... another part of me would not allow it... I knew that if I walked out without doing SOMETHING... I would hate myself more later for being a loser boy.

I fished out a business card from my pocket and forced my shaking legs to walk over to that girl... I pressed the card into her hand and said... 

"Excuse me, I think you just dropped this." 

She looked at it and laughed at me, saying... 

"I don't think so!" 

I did not take the card back, and I walked out... I know for a fact that she threw the card on the floor as I was leaving... and I did not care... it was so obviously a clumsy failure of an attempt to approach a woman that it probably stands out in my mind as the worst interaction I ever had with a woman... and I was excited and happy when I walked away!

I am serious... I felt as if I had just had a huge weight lifted off my chest. 


Because I had finally DONE SOMETHING... I had walked up to the hottest women in the bar and talked to her... yes, I had crashed and burned... and I had actually walked up to her and confronted my FEAR... I was FREE!

That was the turning point for me... I knew that I could now take ACTION... I had been set free from my self-limiting thinking and behaviours and could go after what I wanted... even if I totally SUCKED with women (which I did at that time) I could now learn what it was I had to do.

And learn I did... I took the next few years to do every kind of activity you could imagine... I learned everything I could about approaching women and talking to women... I did the personal ads... the dating services... read books... watched videos... you name it... I was doing it... and I put myself in every uncomfortable position you could imagine... sometimes I scored, most times I crashed and burned... and I wanted to learn and become an expert and master the "mating game."

I would set myself personal tests to see what worked out and found out what did not... and still do to this day...and I can tell you now that is a lot of very mis-leading crap out there which will just KILL your Confidence and Self-esteem... and seriously mess with your MIND and MASCULINITY!

Master Of Your Own Life

Because for any Man to become a MASTER OF HIS OWN LIFE and be full and grown in his Masculinity... he like anyone else has to do the time... the apprenticeship... the learning... the frustrations... the setbacks... the pain and tears... to take the RISKS to get better and GROW!

Then the SUCCESS just starts to come and you build on those successes and it then just starts to flow natural and you are the MASTER OF YOUR OWN LIFE! 

Masculine... confident... assertive and KNOW what you want and where you are going... your are a man who has a PURPOSE... a MISSION... and this is highly ATTRACTIVE to women.

Why am I revealing all these embarrassing moment in my life with you? 

First off... I trust that you are not the kind of man who thinks that this situation is funny or pitiful... at least in a mean way... you understand what it is like to have to deal with this kind of disappointment... frustration... and envy... you envy the guys you see with a girl... you envy any man who is laughing and having fun with his arms around a good looking woman... or who is whooping it up in a group of friends at a club or bar... a man  who it seems has got a LIFE!

You try to do and say the things that are SUPPOSED to work with women... stuff you get on message boards and other sites... and it never really works out... it feels clumsy and stupid to say some of these things... that is what I knew I had to figure out for myself... how to actually walk up to women and talk with them... without having to sound like Mr. Gigolo... or Mr Stupid... I wanted to just be ME when I approached women.

Because that is where your problem all starts... for some reason (probably bad movies and television) you are led to THINK that you need to make some big impression on her... or swoop in like James Bond... and a WHOLE lot more I may add which is just plain WRONG!

90% of all men get this bad programming that leaves them psychologically disabled when interacting with women... you cannot approach them because you know you cannot live up to those ridiculous standards... and every time you "fail"... you start feeling like you are even further away from this already huge and unattainable goal. 

And I am not exaggerating when I say it's 90% of all men, either... I have worked with enough men now to know that there is a lot of truth in this... tell me if any of these situations sound intimidating to you...

  • Walking down a street and smiling at good looking women.
  • Walking up to a woman in a store that you see that you find attractive and just saying "Hello"... (I love "Super Markets" as being one of the best places to meet women).
  • Walking up to a woman in a bar and saying... "Hi, my name's _____, what's yours?" 
  • Keeping the conversation going after any of these situations.
  • Finding a way to end the conversation so you walk away with her phone number, or some way to talk to her again.
Look... I have not sat down to write this article to make you feel bad... right now you might find yourself squirming because a lot of this is hitting home and I totally understand that... it shows that Me and You along with a the majority of men have a lot in common.

I just want to help you find a solution for this... I do not think any man has to be held back by his fears for women... EVER!

It makes me mad to think that there are all these high-quality men who are not getting the success they deserve with women... and there are a lot of assholes getting them instead and then screwing those women up for GOOD Men like You.

You need to reclaim and get your Masculine right for getting the women YOU WANT... you do not have to be Pierce Brosnan, or Brad Pitt to get women... you do not have to walk up and be Mr. Incredible Entertainer to get a woman interested... you can be your MASCULINE CONFIDENT self!

A Couple of things before I wind up this article.... 

Firstly... have you ever noticed that women are always asking where they can meet GOOD MEN? 

Listen to women talk to their friends and you will hear this a lot... and I get asked this one lots in my work with Women... what do they mean by this? 

Do they mean they really want the dreaded  "nice guy" that gives them flowers... worships them and treats her to dinner every night... and basically... sucks up her arse... NO... they do not... do they want the "bad boy" jerk... who basically "abuses" them... NO... not the really COOL women any way.

Here is the secret woman-speak translation...

She SAYS... 

"I want to meet a nice guy."

She MEANS...

"I want to STOP meeting these guys that come on too strong and needy, acting all insecure. I want to STOP meeting all these dweebs that can't hold up a conversation. I want to STOP meeting guys with no sense of humour. I really want a strong man who knows how to make me feel that wonderful and thrilling mix of lust and attraction. And I want him to pass my tests."

And I know that for the women who read The Intimate Communion Magazine many will be nodding their heads saying... you got it Ange!

I bet your head is nodding as you think about this now... right?

There is a LOT that goes unsaid when a woman talks... just like 90% of the iceberg is below the surface of the water... you know... there are few men who know how to talk to a woman effectively... VERY few.

And that means that if you get the right skills... the right knowledge... the right MINDSET... you are going to immediately be put at the head of the line when it comes to getting them to feel that magical attraction... and YOU can be BE one of those Men... and Women will adore you for it!

If you are looking to learn more about developing and building your MASCULINE CONFIDENCE and the skills of "Social Courting" and the Seduction Skills of "Courting" a woman you want to build a "relationship" and be "intimate" with... or about how to apply the "Psychology of Influence and Persuasion" in specific types of situations or for other advice.

You can Contact me to know more.

As always... leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you. 

Average men and women know only the rules. 

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

They are truly Passionate and DYNAMIC Lovers!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce


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