Be An INSPIRING MAN! The Traits Of The Warm Masculine

By Ange Fonce

I would like to talk about a certain set of behavioral patterns that are necessary to possess before you can get consistent results with women.

Before we dive into the realm of attraction and connection building. I have often wrote and mentioned behaving as a Masculine Man.

Displaying the traits of an Alpha Male, and the alpha male is the leader of his group when studying social animals, it might make sense to think that you should impose your dominance over other males in front of women. 

And in a sense this is correct, yet let us not jump to conclusions too fast here, as there is another aspect to Masculinity that is not often mentioned.

And yet it is the powerful and attractive trait of the alpha male.

The Warm Masculine

Being macho and displaying lots of machismo behavior is not going to work to your favor.

Especially with most women.

And those women who are impressed by such behaviors. Well, I would question just how "healthy" they are themselves as women? 

Showing anger or being the though guy who does not smile and will not talk to other men is not what this is about. In so many ways, these behaviors will not work to your advantage and to understand why this is, you need to add another dimension to your understanding of masculine behaviors

Besides from being alpha, you need to be warm and the opposite is - intuitively enough - cold behavior.

Being warm means that you embrace the success of other people, and you give them the credit you think they deserve. 

Perhaps best example of this difference is when you have attracted yourself a gorgeous woman and you know she is, and your friends should too. Now if you have good friends, they will give you credit for having such success, understanding that you have done well and would like their support. After all, they are some of the people that are closest to you.

Sadly enough, not all people are like that. 

As you may have noticed, some of those who you would call friends are not actually giving you credit for your successes, instead, they are telling you that she is not hot enough, or not good enough in some other way. They might even tell you that she is not their type of girl, nothing they would go for, not a girl of their caliber because they are more picky than you are, etc.

Of course, their taste has nothing to do with this, after all it is your woman, not theirs, so the only thing that counts is your happiness, not theirs. And why on earth then are they belittling you? 

There is certainly a conscious aspect of them that is belittling you, because at the very least they are being inconsiderate of your and her feelings. The true nature they reveal by doing this lies in jealousy. They are jealous of what you have, and jealousy can only arise because they are comparing themselves to you. 

They are constantly in silent competition with you, measuring their own success against yours. Or actually, measuring your success against theirs, taking this one step further, you may note that they are the ones who are competing against you and not the other way around.

This is because they envy you and you do not envy them. In other words, you have more success than they do, and they want that part of your life. Just like no professional tennis player would compare his skills against some layman, no ladies man would compare his success against some clueless chump.

Although most people do not give this level of analysis to cold behaviors, they intuitively understand that it comes from jealousy and envy. And everybody knows that the subject of envy is of lower value than its object. 

To conclude, cold behavior is bad because it entails low value.

It takes a lot to give other people credit for their success, especially when they have achieved something great. And if you can give other people the credit they deserve, and perhaps even expect from you, not only will they appreciate you more, the people around you will automatically assume that you are of high value

This is because the ones that validate other people for their successes are the ones who are already happy with themselves and do not feel that they lose their value by acknowledging other people’s value.

Cold Beta  Behavior

Here are some typical cold behaviors:

Never or rarely smiling.

Having a stone face when talking to other people, women included.

Complaining a lot about various stuff in their lives.

Not laughing or having fun when everyone else is.

Not giving praise or credit when it is suitable and expected.

The reason why people behave coldly is because they refuse to give away value, feeling that they should be the ones receiving all the attention and value.

Let us call the opposite to alpha behavior beta behavior. 

Now that you have a distinction between cold and warm behavior, you have four different extremes:

Cold beta... men with no success that dislike pretty much everybody that does not share their misery. They come across as annoying guys with a lot of negative thinking.

Warm beta... provider type men that aspire to become as successful as the successful people around them. They come across as nice guys with a big heart, yet not attractive.

Cold alpha... macho type guys that do not take shit from others and will not give other men any approval or acknowledge their masculinity. They are often perceived as insecure, being hard on the outside and soft on the inside. They are sometimes good enough for girls to sleep with being a lover type, yet they are not considered a good catch.

Warm Masculine... successful men that spread good emotions where ever they go. They bring out the best of everybody, and people can improve by just hanging around them.

The 4 Male Sexual Types

Let us look at an example of how these different types of people would act in a situation where there is 3 women and another guy competing with you for the same woman. 

Assume he is not a friend of theirs and he is fairly good. Depending on what type of person you are the following could happen:

Cold beta... you give up and leave.

Warm beta... you talk to him as well as the women, and would leave him alone if he got the girl and keep talking to the others.

Cold alpha... you become aggressive towards him, trying to display your alpha male status over him in an obvious way.

Warm Masculine... you attract the womens attention by being more fun and interesting, are always the one guiding the conversational topics by holding the frame, displaying your alpha male status in a subtle way.

This is only an example to give you a feeling for the different types of behavior. If it was obvious that the women did not like the other guy and he is not good you could actually benefit from letting him keep working on his bad frame, until the women get bored and then take over.

You want to be the warm masculine; nothing else is good enough. This is not something that should take time to improve, you can start working on warm behavior and Masculine behavior right now, at this very moment. 

Whenever you get this feeling of envy or jealousy towards any of your friends, realize that this is a behavioral pattern that you need to change, and do it right away by giving away that compliment they deserve! 

You will be surprised to see that you will not actually feel worse by doing so, and they will certainly feel better.

So, what are YOU doing to improve your social & sexual life?

Are you static?

Are you saying the things you have always said?

Parroting what seems to work for other kinds of men?

Are you stuck in habits of the familiar simply because you they are familiar?

And aching to break out into a new phase of your life, yet you do not know how?

The key question as always... are you evolving?

My constant theme has always been evolution. 

Not the kind with feathers and differentiated beaks, the kind that has you develop both a stronger spine and a deeper, more expansive heart. That makes you a more integral and powerful warm man, alive in your Masculinity!

And more of an INSPIRATION to women... not because of what you demonstrate to them, and because of who you "authentically" are. There is no point in being a Masculine Man if you are not going to grow into being a more resonant, magnetic presence and a more purposeful, admirable man among men and attractive and inspirational to women.

Because ultimately, women want to ADMIRE you. More that that, they NEED to admire you if they are not going to find you boring, narcissistic and uninspired, sooner or later.

So let me ask you something...

What are women going to admire you for?

For what aspects of your life do they admire you now?

I have read a great book called "Igniting Inspiration," by John Marshall Roberts.

His book is about effective communication and how to INSPIRE different types of people, specifically for public speaking and persuasion. And my work about online and offline communication is about anything, it is about taking your life and your attractiveness to new levels.

If you have been reading my articles here on my website. You already know that I coach that you communicate how you SERVE others in your Life, through your family, your work, your vision of life. Because that, know it or not, is who you really are... it is your Masculine core, even if you might think that how you help people is not that important.

About midway through John's book, he details four specific types of people, and what it is they "serve." 

I want to share it with you because I think it might help you articulate how YOU serve the world although you do not think of it that way, yet.

As you read this list below, think hard about your life, are you embody one of these types more than the others.

In this is a clue to what women may find admirable about you and a clue to the type of woman who you would easily connect with.

The four categories of Service are:

1... Purpose

2... Profit

3... People

4... Planet

Let me put this into language that might reflect what is in your head, and could shine through your Masculinity.

PURPOSE... "I am all about principles. I know right from wrong and I will die defending what I know to be right and proper. I am a bottom line person who thinks that we are not here to indulge ourselves, and to build something positive, right and strong. If that means giving of one' self, fine with me. I am not about me. I am a Warrior for Love, Truth and Justice"

Archetype: The keeper of order, the strong king, the protector.

PROFIT... "I trust in individual expression and I am the kind of man who is going to get out there and create what I want. There is nothing more glorious than a person picking himself up by his bootstraps and shaping the world around his will. If people were honest, everyone would go for what he wants, and I understand that others are scared or weak or just cannot muster up ambition. I am on a journey and what I value in a woman is someone who "gets" that I am here to make my mark in the world and she will be by my side as I do so."

Archetype: The self-made man, the entrepreneur, the business leader.

PEOPLE... "I am an evolved and evolving man, who has no interest in the winner-take-all approach to life. I know that success is win-win, and that every person deserves respect and to be heard. I do not make decisions rashly. I listen. I try to understand what the other is saying, and I am happiest when helping to bring people into alignment and progress. I love women who are compassionate and spiritual, who have a great love not only for their men, and for humanity as a whole."

Archetype: the wise man, the fair king.

PLANET... "This planet is in peril and the systems that are running things are poisoning our food, weakening our bodies and setting neighbor against neighbor. The old ways of doing things must end and I consider myself a warrior for the evolution of the species and as a defender of the health of the planet."

Archetype: the visionary, wizard archetype, the protector not only of family and town and of all beings.

Do any of these resonate with you?

Or do you embody other archetypes that you think women find admirable? 

Note that they em-compass many aspects of Warm Masculinity.

They are all valid and all have admirable qualities and each will resonate with a different category of woman. Namely, the category that is best suited for your and her happiness.

So, here is an assignment for you to do today...

1... Own Your Virtue: If you ever apologize for who you are - do not. 

Not everyone has the same values, and what you really want is a woman who admires you for your category of values.

2... See women who already admire your kind of masculine service. 

It is easier to connect and you are more likely to create a happy partnership

3... Your Life Purpose - work what makes you admirable into your life. 

If you are unsure how to do that, write to me. 

I enjoy helping men who want to learn how to do that. 

Meanwhile, be sure to develop your own personal masculinity and think beyond mere attraction. 

Communicate what makes you admirable as a Masculine Man.

I am going to be introducing you to more articles about how to be a more admiral and inspiring Man on my other website...

Not just about dating and attracting women as I have covered that pretty well in many other articles here in The Intimate Communion Magazine and on other ways to connect with women. 

How to INSPIRE a woman by living an inspired life. So that you can inspire the best kind of woman to love you. Because when it comes to intimacy, it does not get better or more inspirational than that.

There is nothing more invigorating that the love and support of a great feminine woman. And there is nothing more inspiring for a woman then the love and power of a great and warm Masculine Man.

I have lived all sides of being a man to growing into being a Man, and I want the best for you.

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on this article?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperious and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

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2... A bright person and Intelligent!

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