Are You Turning Him Off Having Sex With You
A Simple Guide To The No-No's With Men

Are you unknowingly turning him off while having sex? 

Are you doing something he does not want you to do and things that turn him off while having sex

Sex is natural,enjoyable and easy.

And sometimes, it is easy to get carried away and say or do a few things that can be a complete turn off!

Are you turning your man off by the things you do or say in bed?

It may seem strange to you as a woman, as it is supposed to be us men who get it all wrong when making love to you.

It is true, there are few things women do that turn men off and leave them cold and frustrated.

It is often the little things you may think is funny, like the way you toy with his penis or the way you smack yourself against his balls when you are riding him!

Every now and then, your man may look the other way and pretend like it did not just annoy him.

And if it is something that has become a bit of a routine, he may find it easier to just avoid having sex with you instead of having to confront the issue.

At the beginning, such things can be funny, and over time, the little things you say or do could traumatize a man or even impact him psychologically on a deeper level. 

It may even make him hate having sex with, make him feel inadequate or just leave him unsatisfied. 

It is not like men can ever hate sex. 

The problem of turning him off is that it he will hate having sex with you! 

So I am going to run through the most common mistakes women make with men that can really turn him off from wanting to make love with you.

They may be the little things you probably do not even realize. 

And being aware of these turn offs for a man while having sex with him will ensure that he is one satisfied and contented man who is not going to be looking beyond the relationship for pleasure! 

Foreplay expectations...

It is natural that a sexual woman expects foreplay in bed. 

It is even acceptable if you expect him to indulge in foreplay before he gets on top of you. 

However are you the kind of woman who expects him to go down on you each time for a good half an hour of oral sex and still spend a while teasing you and running his hands all over you?

Do you pout or roll your eyes if your man does not worship you with his hands and tongue until he is exhausted before penetrating you? 

Nagging your man constantly to indulge in excessive foreplay could eventually make him resent you for this, and make him think twice before he even tries to sneak in a quickie with you ever again.

Quickies can be real fun and a BIG turn on you know!

Especially when it is "dangerous sex!"

Dirty interrogations... 

Do you dirty talk with your partner in bed? 

Does he talk about his dark fantasies while having sex with you? 

You need to remember that dirty talking is just that, and not something you need to take seriously or feel threatened by.

If your partner tells you about how he would like to watch you with someone else, or a fictional story about how he grabbed another girl’s ass at a party, do you stop him right there and start interrogating him in bed? 

Dirty talking is wild imagination and sexual fantasy and not necessarily something that is true. 

If you constantly ask your partner to explain himself, during or after sex, he will just clam up each time both of you have sex. 

And not just about sex either.

He will just clam up about the whole relationship... Fullstop!

A wannabe porn star...

Men hate women who try too hard in bed, (and I can vouch for this one personally) or try to display a fake sense of confidence when they are clearly nervous and inexperienced. 

Do you try to deep throat a man only to gag over him? 

Or do you grab him by his hair and place his head on your breasts even when he is not in the mood because that is what they do in the movies? 

Trying to dominate a man in bed or take control is good, just do not overdo the porn star act all the time, or you will kill the intimacy and eventually his passion for you.

Use "porn sex" as a "special" now and again.

It makes such sex a "spicy" treat for you both. 

The loss of erection... 

When your man loses his erection for whatever reason, do you immediately start blaming yourself? 

Do you sit back and say things like...

“I get it… I’m ugly!” 


“You’re not interested in having sex with me anymore, are you?”

When a man loses an erection during sex, trust me, he is extremely annoyed with himself already. 

He does not need you to make it ten times worse for him by getting irritated, or by making this about you!

Losing an erection happens to the best of us men.

I can assure you of that.

Bored sex... 

This is a ONE big turn off for any man who is in a relationship with a woman. 

If you are not in the mood, just say it! 

Do not pretend like things are cool, get into bed and have sex with your man, and appear bored and dispassionate like you are getting nothing out of it.

A man can know instantly if his woman actually is horny in bed just by looking into his lovers eyes while making love. 

Sex is good, only if you are enjoying it too. 

If you just appear bored, it will make the man shrivel up inside you in seconds. 

Leading to what happened above.

He loses his erection and then has you bitching!

Not cool ladies.

Orgasm faces...

Men love an orgasm face, like rolling your eyes up until the white of your eye is the only thing he can see, or shaking violently.

That gets a man's rocks off BIG TIME!

And if you are a big fan of making eccentric expressions and noises in bed, like snorting, your man may not tell it to your face, he wants to be making love with a woman... not a pig.

No touching...

Every man loves a woman who is confident in bed. 

And you need to remember that confidence in bed does not always depend on how good you look naked. 

If your man moves his hand on a particular part of your body, do you stop his hands and push it away often?

You may think it is no big deal, and each time you do that, your man would feel just a little more turned off by your behavior. 

Remember, your man loves you for who you are. 

And each time you bring your insecurities into bed, you are killing the pleasure passionate sex can give you both.

Weird behavior...

Do you feel teary eyed after you have sex? 

Do you love cuddling up with a man even if it is a one night stand? 

Or do you expect him to pillow talk with you for hours even if he is feeling sleepy? 

This is something that is to each her own, and if you say something to your man bed in bed that is weird, like...

"Why don't planes crash into the moon?"

(I kid you not here, I was actually asked that question by a woman after making love.) 

And he looks at you in a strange kind of way.

(Yes, I did look at her in a very strange kind of way.)

Take the hint!

Shut up.

The list of instructions...

Do you come to bed with a list of instructions? 



"Not there yet!"

"Why aren’t your hands on my boobs?!" 

Do you constantly yell at your man to go deeper even when he has jammed his pelvis into your crotch and you are nearly welded together?

A man may be grateful to you if you playfully tease or guide his hands to all the right places. 

And if you are a control freak who wants everything done her way all the time, he will definitely get pissed off with you.

Teasing him in a negative way...

Do you tease your guy or laugh at him when he ejaculates too soon accidentally? 

Or do you baby talk him or ask him if he is suffering from a problem while he is still cleaning himself up? 

Sexually teasing a man is good in a seductive, flirting way as it ramps up the sexual tension.

And teasing and putting down a man in a negative way for his sexual capabilities is just plain wrong! 

Would you like that done to you?

Chore sex...

“I’m ovulating today, let’s have sex!” 

Sex should never feel like a chore. 

The very day sex starts to feel like a chore is when the sexual side of the relationship starts to go downhill. 

If you really want to get your man to have sex with you for any reason at all, tease him into it instead of forcing the idea down his throat. 

No man likes being forced into having sex because men usually choke under pressure. 

Like loss of erection.

And the whole experience just makes him feel used!

“Are you done yet?”

This is a sentence every man completely dreads. 

It is such a low blow on so many levels, because it makes a man realize the woman is not having any fun and is probably not interested too, and at the same time, it also means the woman just wants him out ASAP! 

Every time you say this line, he is just going to hate having sex with you, just a little bit more!

And not just hate sex with you.

Hate you as a woman.

Obviously fake orgasms... 

So you have faked an orgasm. 

And chances are, your man has realized it too. 

Your man may feel the blow, and he would tell himself that he will be better the next time. 

Men hate it when a woman fakes an obvious orgasm, and then goes on to repeatedly tell him just how awesome the sex was. 

It makes a man feel stupid, and it also makes him wonder whether you are pulling his leg or just assuming he is plain dumb! 

Either ways, it is not going to leave him happy. 

Also he will start thinking to himself...

"If she is faking orgasms with me. What else is she faking?"

Faking an orgasm ladies is the same as lying.

Be "authentic" with your man.

Do not "cheat" and "lie" to him.

Sexually or other wise.

He will end up leaving you.

Let us just leave it at that.

Unmanageable Hairy Forest... 

A man may not say this to your face because he would not want to hurt your feelings. 

And if he is not going down on you often, it is probably because you have an unmanageable wild forest in your panties.

Most men do enjoy to go down on a woman (unless you are constantly nagging him to do it all the time!) and if you have a forest in your panties or you have not really been too hygienic lately, he may choose to wrap the blanket tighter over his head to avoid the horror off the things going on down there! 

A nicely trimmed, hot musky pussy is a pleasure.

An overgrown foul smelling fish pit is a terror!

You are a prude... 

If you are not experienced in bed, your man may be thrilled by the fact that he is the first one teaching you the art of lovemaking. 

(I know I am. I LOVE to bring an inexperienced woman alive sexually.)

And if you are a prudish girl who is easily offended by anything sexual, or if you push him away each time he wants to try something in bed, it will obviously turn him off. 

And it gets worse if you never initiate sex and always want to play the part of the prude who just does not like sex at all!

Then I simply ask you...

"What are you doing with a man in the first place?"

It is easy to please us men in bed and keep us content sexually. 

All you need to remember are those things that turn him off while having sex and to avoid them. 

Just be yourself and most importantly, communicate with each other. 

Sex can be a beautiful and amazing intimate experience for you both.

When you put some thought, consideration and awareness to it. 

As always leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you. 

Average men and women know only the rules. 

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

For Love, Passion and Intimacy...

Ange Fonce


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