Are You as a Woman ENJOYING Your Dating Life? Social Courting
The New Way Of Meeting Men
It is easy for many women to fall into the trap of thinking that dating is just a means to the end of getting married sooner than later.

As such, going out and meeting new men can start to seem like a
"necessarily evil".  

Have you ever found yourself feeling that way?

Let us not even talk about what goes through your head when you discover that
"Mr. Right Now" is not exactly "Mr. Right" after all.

It is the same for many men. 

The  first thought is often,
" mean I have to start ALL OVER again?"


Have you ever wondered what it takes to find the love of your life? 

Is it your dream to find a life-partner who will love, cherish and adore you? 

Finding love is possible for anyone at any age if you are willing to prepare and develop yourself to become
"attractive" for love. 

And now, here is a story you have just GOT to read...

To get things started today, I want you to think about the kind of relationship you want in your life as of today, and what that relationship may look like in the distant future.  

Can you envision it?  

Close your eyes if you need to.

Now the bigger question...

Do you truly think such a relationship exists for you?  

Better yet, do you feel such a relationship can become reality in YOUR LIFE?

Recently I came across an article in my local newspaper that was so touching it brought me to tears.

Yep! I am a MAN! 

And feelings and Emotions are not a scary thing for me!

It was about a couple named Connie and Dave who loved each other dearly, and had done so faithfully for many, many years.

In fact, Connie met Dave 38 years ago at a dance in a local community hall in the city I now live in.  

Dave fondly remembers their first date it was like it was yesterday.

They had talked all night until the sun came up. 

It was not long before they were in love and married.

They raised two sons and looked forward to the day they would play and laugh with their grand kids at their home.

This was part of their retirement lifestyle, as they had envisioned it.  

And life took an unexpected turn along the way.  

Back in 2008 Connie was diagnosed with Alzheimer's at the age of 52. 

Dave retired early to take care of her.

As time went on, eventually he had to dress her and put double locks on the door to keep her from wandering off and getting lost.

Then one day Connie lifted a picture from the shelf and gazed at it.  

It was their wedding photo.  

She took it to him and asked Dave who the couple was.  

"Oh, that was a killer,"
Dave had quoted to the newspaper reporter, his voice choking with emotion.

(I get a lump in my throat just thinking about this.)

Connie's condition worsened to the point where Dave could no longer take care of her by himself.  

Today the precious time they have together is limited to visits at the nursing home where she now lives.

"I'm having to live for now, because there's no future,"
Dave says in the article, his voiced laden with sadness. 

"We were planning to retire together, to grow old together, to sit on rocking chairs and rock them grand babies, and it's just not going to happen now."

But there are still some bright spots, according to the article.

Connie's face often lights up when Dave walks into the special care unit.  

She seems to enjoy his shoulder rubs. 

And after she has eaten and they go back to her room-which he has decorated with colored lights-Dave puts a Dean Martin CD on the player. 

And Connie and Dave are then able to do the one thing the fog of Alzheimer's has not yet destroyed.

They dance.

After reading Connie and Dave story I welled up. 

Such Human stories really touch me deeply.

Because so often in this world we go and forget the something what was very SPECIAL we had in our relations in this modern world.


And on the lighter side, Connie has the relationship she dreamed of.

She had a happy family for as long as she was able to.  

And she has a great man in her life who loves her to the point of taking care of her despite her condition.

It made me think about how relationships are so important for emotional and physical support.  

And if you are not yet in a relationship or dating the wrong guy,  then the question is how do you change that situation and meet a great man?  

Simply put, if you do not have that relationship in your life today, what it will take to attain it?

The first step, as basic as it sounds, is to think that such a man even exists.  

Pronouncing that
"all men are the same" (read: "no good at all") is NOT going to draw a man to you who thinks that changing your mind about that is a "nice challenge".

It just does not happen like that in the real world.  

The truth is that the Warm Masculine Men will AVOID such a woman like that.

Great Men know that attempting to
"change" a woman typically ends similarly to when YOU as woman try to "change" a Man!

The fact remains, however, that I personally know of lots of men who make great life partners.  

And there ARE more out there.  

The second step is to make a list of at least 10 qualities you desire in a potential partner.  

List them in order of importance.  

Make sure any man you choose to
"Socially Court" regularly has all 10 qualities.  

The time to make this list is BEFORE you get emotionally involved with a man to the point of rationalizing away your
"deal breakers".

The third step is to actually make yourself available to meeting him. 

Social Courting! 

If you go to work and then go straight home...every is he supposed to meet you?  

Get out there and do something like dancing, taking classes or joining social groups.  

A key tip is to remember to smile in public so you seem personable and therefore approachable.

Women often complain to me when they come for my coaching, that they do not get to meet men. 

I simply say....
"Go LOOK in the MIRROR and ASK YOURSELF....Would YOU date YOU?"

It is a serious question.

"appearances" and how you conduct yourself really do matter in those first crucial moments of meeting a man.

There is a lot that goes inside the brain in those first two minutes of meeting someone new.

Those men and women I coach get to
"know" the science of what goes on between a man and a women that is unseen to your conscious mind and is being registered by your sub-conscious mind.

Fourth, make it a goal to meet as many men as possible.  

This means being open-minded to ideas as to where and how to meet men. 

It means getting out there in the big, real world....Social Courting! 

Fifth, actually go out and meet men.  

Do not do so with the intent to quiz guys and get to know everything about them on the first date. 

And I will personal share with You Ladies...

"The Interview"

Meeting someone new is to be
"Fun" and "Interesting and Natural" not being grilled like it's the "Spanish Inquisition!" 

The poor guy is on trail. 

That is scary for anyone! 

It is supposed to be fun and social.

Not an all night job interview.

Instead, simply relax and enjoy the company of the men you meet.  

Go have fun together-by going bicycling or fishing, for example.  

If you click, THEN start asking some personal questions in general conversation to get to know him better.

Social Courting is a REAL SKILL!

And knowing HOW to filter out those who are going to waste your time and stop YOU from meeting the REAL MAN you DESIRE!

If You need
"Help" in your social life and courting and really want to know how to meet the "Great Men!"  

(And a PS Here. Those same skills also apply when meeting women of the same sex. We are not
"All" Heterosexual!)

"Discover" it for yourself the many secrets, methods and tips when you do personal coaching with me. 

That can help you
"Attract" that Great Man into your life to build a long lasting RELATIONSHIP with!

THEN you actually have to DO SOMETHING in order to meet him, right?

Let me tell you...if you are NOT having any SUCCESS meeting
"Real Good Men!"

You as a Woman have got to ask YOURSELF as to WHY?

It is no good blaming men for this, that and everything else. 

Because if you are not meeting the kind of men YOU want to meet and get to know. 

The Brutal Truth is...It is down to YOU!

For richer or poorer, sickness or health, Connie's husband Dave knows the meaning of

Such men are true
"knights in shining armor", are they not?

And is it not up to YOU to
"Socially Court," to deserve a man like that. 

Want to know more about
"Social Courting?"

Contact Me. 

As always leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you. 

Average men and women know only the rules. 

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

For Love, Passion and Intimacy...

Ange Fonce


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