Are You A Masterful Intimate Masculine Lover? 

By Ange Fonce

Being a Masterful Lover is not just about “experience”... there are plenty of men who are experienced and yet boring lovers... I know many women who have ended up divorcing such men.

The sobering truth is that 30% of women have never “experienced a orgasm”... 70% of women have never had an “orgasm in intercourse"... and over 50% of all women have "faked orgasms!"

Being a Masterful Lover is about “knowledge” an “understanding” of your own Masculinity and the Femininity of women.

Knowledge in that you seek to “understand” and “appreciate women”... that you know “female anatomy” in the “physical sense”... that you know “how” to give women “orgasms” and that you are “educated” about “human sexuality”... and that you “know” and “understand femininity” both “psychologically” and “emotionally.”

And that you have “healthy thinking” about “sexuality”... that you “understand” that women are “highly sexual creatures” that “love intimacy”... and that you are “comfortable” about your “masculine sexuality” and that you are “comfortable” with a “womans sexuality.”

Being a Masterful Lover is all about “feeling alive”... “feeling” like a “man” who "enables" a woman to enjoy “feeling like a woman” and can fully experience her “femininity”... and living “life fully” with “meaning” and “purpose.”

You “love women”... you are “fascinated by women”... you “adore women”... you “adore” everything that “defines” a “woman as a woman”... you derive no greater pleasure than pleasing a woman... you love nothing more than to give a woman the most “powerful” long lasting “orgasm” of her entire life... because you thoroughly enjoy being a MAN! 

Being a Masterful Lover is about being "personally" and "sexually" powerful as a Masculine Man.

Being “personally powerful” is about “empowering trust” and “confidence”... being “self reliant”... possessing a powerful sense of “esteem” and “deservedness”... that you LOVE being a MAN!

Being “sexually powerful” is about “enabling her” to “enjoy everything” all that comes with being a woman... by “expanding” her envelop of “sexual experiences” and bring out in her that “ruthlessly sexually expressive”... natural “feminine” woman.

Everything you need to completely fulfil a woman is already within her... you bring it all out in her because you “command respect”... you build TRUST and you “lead” her.

And that you also "understand" that a woman can only be as fulfilled as she “thinks” and “feels” she deserves to be... so you screen out the "needy"... and "low esteem" women for the “really worthy ones” with the inner “sense of deservedness”... women who are capable of “incredible pleasure” in enjoying themselves... enjoying you.

It is well known that a woman who is “intelligent”... “confident” and has “high esteem” is highly “sexual”... so to "know" and "enjoy" such a woman as a Man... means that YOU... yourself must have “equivalent” or “higher energy.”

And you can... it is only the “limitations” of your own “thinking” that stop you.

Being Personally Powerful...

Too many men seek “power” outside of themselves... they will part with great amounts of money in order to buy some “magic bullet”... there is no “magic bullet”... and in seeking "magic bullets"... they are not assuming “responsibility” for their own “actions.”

Too many men are busy running around trying to get as many women to sleep with as possible... “thinking” it will prove something to themselves... yet it will not in the long run and such men end up still having the same “underlying problems”... they need to fix their “problems” before they involve “real women.”

Too many men entirely base their “self worth” on how many women say yes... that puts all the “power” in the woman hand... and there is nothing “personally powerful” about that.

Too many men see women as an “obstacle” to get around to get to the “sex”... such men are just “masturbating” in an object... "a womans pussy!"

So many men place power in a woman based solely on the woman's looks... he does not even “consider” who she is as a person... what you are seeking so relentlessly is nothing that comes from outside of you... it is something you already have... there is only you and you have to rely on YOU! 

You have only you that you can count on... and what better to work on than to “personally develop” yourself to be the "fullest" MAN you can be!

And you have to “think” you deserve that... people do not necessarily get what they want... people do not necessarily get what they need... instead people get what they “honestly” and “truly” desire... what they want to “acquire”... what they “think”  they deserve... and put in the "time... effort... resources... commitment" to be and get what they "desire" the most... in other words... people get what they expect to get.

The key to having what you want is not getting what you want... and being the man for whom getting what you want is a mere by product of the “reality” you “create” by the way you live life... you are a Masculine Man who is the pro active CREATOR of "his environment" and not a re active  man who is a product to his environment.

It builds a foundation of  “solid self trust” that is very real... and a relationship with that “authentic reality” of “solid trust” are very “empowering” and fulfilling.

Get Real... Get In Touch With Reality... Respect Reality...   

Separate and differentiate a woman from her looks... all women are “human beings"... they just have female body parts... “appreciate” the beauty of a woman and do not give her “undue credit” just for her looks... base your “knowledge” on who she is as "a person"... her personal QUALITIES that are more than her "physical looks."

You like being with a woman... yet you do not need her... you “enjoy” giving her the full “gift” of you and in turn you “enjoy” receiving the “gift” of her...  and if she does not “appreciate” the “gift” of you... it is simple... move on!

Do not base your “self value” upon how many women agree to sleep with you... base YOUR "self value” on the “value” you have of yourself... be confident in your “self validation”.... which is based entirely on what you “think” of yourself... not on what others “think” of you.

Confidence and Esteem comes from "inside" and is based on what you “think” and “feel” of yourself... not based on what “you think” other people “think of you”... to base your “self value” on what others “think” of you is to lack “self trust... “confidence” and “esteem” in yourself.

Be A MAN... ! 

Be AUTHENTIC... stand up tall... be “truthful”... live your life with “integrity”... be “responsible” for your own “thoughts” and “actions”... and make no “apologies” for being MASCULINE... and always... “respect”... command “respect”... demand “respect”... treat others with “respect”... associate only with those who “treat you with respect”... and you in turn “respect” them... be “assertive” when need be... be “gentle” when need be... it all begins with “authentic trust” that builds “respect”... “self respect” above all else.

What does it mean to Command Respect? 

In means that other people do not dare violate you... other people hold you in “high regard”... other people take what you say seriously... your “word” is “highly valued”... yet nobody is going to have any “respect” for you unless you “respect yourself.”

What does it mean to have Self Respect...? 

It means that you do not do anything that would “violate” your own “ethics” and “values”... which means in practice you never “compromise yourself”... it means that you never “lie” to yourself... you are never in “self denial”... you are always "authentic" and "honest" with yourself... and are “authentic” and “honest” with others... it means in having “respect” for yourself... you have “respect” for others... only a person who holds themselves in “esteem” is capable of holding others in “esteem” and you conduct yourself with “integrity.”

When above all of the above is “true” for you...  you have everything it takes and all it takes to “obtain” and “enjoy” the aspects of life that are so “important” to you... when you “rely on yourself” to make things happen... when you take “responsibility” for yourself to “get things done” and “acquire” your outcome... when you “trust” and possess “confidence” in yourself... then you have everything you need to have “personal power”... and all this is “critically important” to “sexuality.” 

Sexuality is controlled by the “values” and “experiences” of  the “subconscious” mind... yet is expressed through the filters... i.e. “beliefs” of the “conscious” mind... if there is “stress” or “conflict” between  “values” and “beliefs”... then the “mind” will be in “conflict” and your “sexual confidence" and "esteem" will "malfunction" and often be in a state of “crisis”... only when there is a “congruent balance” will the "full power" of your “masculine sexuality” flourish.

And because it is “sexuality”... it will involve another person... so you must also be “aware” of their “values” and “thinking" about “sex”... to be “powerful” in your “sexual... emotional and psychological intimacy” with your lover. 

As always... leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you.

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

They are truly Passionate and DYNAMIC Lovers!

Yours Sincerely


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