Are You A Love Addict Addicted To Toxic Relationships? 

By Ange Fonce

Do you find that you often involve yourself in "love relationships" that are "toxic" and disappoint you? 

Are you not getting what you need and desire from the people you choose to "court" and be in a "relationships" with? 

Does there always seem to be something missing? 

If you answered yes to one or all of those questions... you could very well be "addicted" to disappointing and “toxic relationships"... setting yourself up for “failure” from the very beginning of “meeting” someone without even “knowing” it... there are ways you can determine whether you are “addicted” or not to "toxic relationships" and ways you can “break the addiction” and start getting what you have always wanted from a "love relationship."

Before we cover the “symptoms of addiction”... it is important that we cover the “dangers” of staying in a “toxic relationship”... since “toxic relationships” lack what one or both partners need... “stress” becomes a regular part of your life as well a gradual lowering of your “confidence” and “esteem” which will make you unable to "focus" on your "career" and "personal life" with the concentration and care needed in order for you to be happy. 

This “constant stress” will produce “chemical changes” in your body that drain your “energy” and make you more prone to suffer "physical illnesses"... “physical abuse” in a relationship is obvious to cause a lot of “physical harm” along with great “psychological suffering”... yet in spite of these facts many people still choose to proceed with such relationships... finding themselves “trapped” and “incapable” of leaving... they find themselves “depressed”... on a search for some relief and unfortunately becoming more depressed and possibly turning to drugs and alcohol.

So What are the Symptoms of this Addiction? 

Ignoring the "truth" would be one... if you "truly know" that the relationship you are in is making you "unhappy" and make no effort to exit from it then you are in “denial” and are holding yourself “hostage” in a situation you do not have to be in... making “excuses” for your partner and their “disappointing” and “toxic behaviour” will keep you trapped and is another huge symptom of “toxic relationship addiction”... especially if the “excuses” you produce do not back up the “facts” and are “unrealistic.” 

If you do finally build up the “courage” to confront your partner to leave him or her and are overcome with fear and therefore back off from the “confrontation”... you are a “high” and sure “victim of addiction” because no matter what you attempt... you find yourself always “giving in” and holding on to what you know is “negative and toxic” for you... “suffering” from both "physical" and "mental" discomfort once broken up unless you get back together... is yet another “symptom of addiction” and should not be “denied or ignored.”

What causes Addiction to Toxic Relationships? 

There are several reasons and men and women "addiction level" is different and varies... one “common reason” is the “feeling” and “thinking” that if you end the relationship you will never find anyone else who could possibly be interested in you or love you... you grow so “attached” to your partner that you “forgot your life” before him or her making you feel fearful of being on your own and taking care of yourself. 

Fear of criticism is another reason many people remain in “addictive toxic relationships”... they are afraid of what people will say... “thinking” that “ending a relationship” means that they are a “failure” and being alone is unacceptable and terrifying... other reasons may be “financial support” that you are receiving from a partner making you feel that you should tolerate “toxic behaviour” from your lover since they are supporting you. 

Having a “child” together can also blind you or cause you to deny a “addictive toxic relationship” making you feel “guilty” for leaving your childs mother or father... on a deeper level you could be “addicted” to “disappointing” and “toxic relationships” due to your “upbringing” or “experiences” as a child yourself... perhaps you were not “nurtured” or “loved” enough and you now think it is “normal” to be “neglected” from "love"... "care" and "understanding."

What should you do and how can you break a Toxic Relationship Addiction? 

Since this addiction is difficult and basically impossible for you to end on your own... “therapy and coaching” would be the best assistance for you... find a “therapist” or "coach" and take that “first step” in accepting the “fact” that you have an “addiction” and that you “need” and want “help” to “conquer” it. 

Start being a "best friend to yourself" and open the door to all the “feelings” you have kept locked up for so long... stay “focused” and “encourage” yourself frequently by setting a “goal” and "picturing" yourself away from all the “disappointment” and closer to all the “happiness” and “good health” you “need”... “desire” and “deserve” as a person... never “give up” and “know” that you are not alone... there are people who can “help you”... know how to help and will help you... mainly keep in “mind” that there will always be a person who will be by your side and never leave you... always giving you the “strength”... “love” and “support” you need…and that person is YOU.

An “addictive toxic relationship” is usually “evident to outsiders” and when you are in the middle of it... seeing the situation you are in can be difficult... an “addictive toxic relationship” is almost always “unbalanced”... instead of a 50... 50 split in “joy” and “responsibilities” it is more like 90... 10... one person is doing “all the giving” and the other “all the taking”... it can produce “feelings” and “problems” just like a “drug addiction”... “thinking” it will get “better”... is the way of “denial”... “compulsion” and “obsession." 

Here is a List for your Evaluation of your Relationship...

1... You look for the other person to “fulfil” you or “make you content and happy”... if you are not in a relationship you may feel “depressed” and that “depression” lightens when you start a new connection with someone else... your “thinking” is...

"Any relationship is better than none."

2... You feel “strongly drawn” to someone else... even when you “think” they might not be “healthy” to be around... you frequently act on these feelings.

3... When you know that the relationship you are in is “toxic” for you... you still have trouble ending it... you may feel unable to stop seeing someone... despite "being aware" that you are in a “destructive toxic” situation.

4... You “think” you can “change” the other person to “attempt” to fit your “vision” of a partner.

5... You look for other relationships as soon as you have broken one off... this keeps you from “feeling alone.”

6... When you “think” about ending a relationship... you find yourself “feeling strong worry” about whether or not the other person will be okay without your presence.

7... Your relationships are frequently with people who are “far away”... “married”... and otherwise “involved”... or “emotionally unavailable.”

8... Even years after your relationship is over... you find it “dominating your thoughts."

9... You are more “concerned” about what “pleases” your partner than what makes you “happy”... both in bed and outside the bedroom.

10... You are “afraid” of being “independent” inside your relationship... no matter how “independent” you are in regular life and saying “no” to your partner is extremely difficult.

11... You have a hard time “thinking and trusting” you deserve a “positive relationship”... this kind of “self doubt” and “self sabotage” may lead to “controlling behaviour”... “jealousy” and “possessiveness.”

12... You “yo yo” in and out of relationships... despite trying to end them... this may include breaking things off... then “feeling strong withdrawal symptoms”... and “re establishing the relationship” again to end those “withdrawal feelings.”

If these “signs” and “symptoms” seem familiar... you may be “suffering” from an “toxic relationship addiction”... and there are things you can do to escape this trap... the “first step” is “recognizing” that you are “hooked” on the other person and trying to “understand why”... this will allow you to “decide” whether the relationship is worth saving or you are better off without it.

Many people name "superficial" or "practical reasons" for staying in an “addictive toxic relationship”... the most common of these is “doing it for the kids” and other “reasons” may include “shared living space”...  “financial problems” or “worry” that other people will “disapprove”... usually the “reasons” for continuing in the relationship are based on “conditioned beliefs” we have “learned” and been “educated” into and “internalized” growing up... for example you may say... 

"It will get better if I love him harder." 

“I can never be alone" 

"I need someone with me always... being “single” means there is something “wrong” with me." 

"If I take better and more care of her she will love me."

These "thoughts" and "beliefs" can be "destructive" to you and keep you in a situation that only gets worse.

Overcoming an “addictive toxic relationship” requires that you make ”recovering” from it your “first priority”... you can be helped by myself and “learning to put yourself first”...  and having a “support network” of friends and family can also ease the transition out of this kind of “damaging addictive toxic relationship.”

So if you would like my “help” to dealing with being “addicted” to “toxic relationships”... then please do Contact me.

As always... leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you.

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

They are truly Passionate and DYNAMIC Lovers!

Yours Sincerely


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