5 Masculine Steps To Really Turn Her On For Great Sex

Warning This Article Contains Content Of An Adult nature.

Did you know that only about 30% of women regularly orgasm from intercourse. If you follow the steps below, there will be a much greater chance that she will orgasm. If she does not orgasm during intercourse, do not make that a big issue with your lover as I am sure she will have lots more pleasure from the following method that will drive her to orgasms in intercourse that  will totally change how you make love.

5 Masculine Steps To Really Turn Her On For Great Sex

1. Become an expert in foreplay.
You need to prolong foreplay until she is so turned on she really wants to be penetrated. Then continue foreplay past this point to really drive her wild.

If you have sex before this "magic point", you will greatly reduce your chances of leading her to an orgasm during intercourse.

Massaging the g-spot one way to lead your partner to deeper orgasms that can include ejaculation or squirting. For most women, the g spot is very sensitive to touch with the correct pressure, and usually results in a more powerful and a more of a whole body orgasm compared to a clitoris orgasm.

I have put together some simple points to locate and massage the g spot.

Before any g spot stimulation make sure your lover is really turned on with some great foreplay.

I like to start any vulva massage by just placing my whole palm over the vulva with no penetration and let the heat of my hand turn her more on.

Hold this position for a minute or so while your other hand can caress her body skin and play with her breasts etc.

Next I like to massage the outer vulva with some long strokes up and over the clitoris. 

When your partner is wet, slowly insert your second finger into your lover's vulva, with your palm facing up. If she is not wet, use some lubrication on the vulva and your fingers.

Then, make a "come here" motion with your finger.

You will be able to feel walnut ridged area.

This feels totally different to the smooth area of the rest of the vulva. 
Ask her if this feels good.

Now you are touching the g spot, vary the pressure and notice how your lover responds. Generally most men do not use enough pressure, but every woman is different. 

Generally most men do not use enough pressure, but every woman is different.

When you stimulate her g-spot she may have a feeling to pee. If it happens and she lets it flow, it is female ejaculation and not pee. 

Use a towel under her so she feels safe to really let go.

Now for my secret stroke.

Curl your index finder so it is next to the clitoris and use the second finger on the g spot. Relax your hand and vibrate it in and out about 1 inch. As she gets close to orgasm, you can use a vigorous motion. This usually results in a powerful orgasm for her. 

Now you can take your time with the secret stroke.

Sometime I do this for 20 minutes or longer and my lover usually experiences upto 3 great orgasms. A more advanced secret stroke is to have your third finger in the anus. Use lots of lubrication in the anus for this stroke.

2. Now when she totally desires to be entered

I do what I call the cock tease.

Slowly penetrate her but not fully and then stop for a minute or so. One could touch and kiss her breasts. This will build up the sexual energy and desire even more.

Very few men would have ever done this step, so be the first!

3. How she is close to orgasm. 

You can encourage her to touch her clitoris while you make love.

Just gently move her finger to her magic button. Now you make love normally as she has her clitoris stimulated just as she likes it. One can also use a sex toy as a variation. Guys, remember to relax your buttocks and breath slowly and deeply into your belly so you do not come too soon.

4. You can increase the sexual pleasure.

When she is very close to orgasm by using some gentle anal touch.

Only try this when she is on the edge of coming. It feels a lot more sensual if you have some lubricant on your finger.

5. Dirty talking is great when she is close to orgasm.

This can again drive her completely over the edge. This allows a man to get into a very masculine energy which really turns on most women and lets her feel totally feminine.

Follow all the steps above and I am absolutely sure you will have one very happy woman.

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