If you know and understand what the body language is when a woman is "flirting" with you a whole new world of "opportunity" opens up for you. 

Do you know that women practically stand up into their chairs and scream... come talk to me!

Courting women is a lot more easier when you learn the signs of attraction that women use towards men.

I have studied and read body language for years and see and know the signals women use to attract men... and that they employ a whole range of different flirting gestures to attract you as a Man if they are interested in You!

Women FLIRT And This Secret Language Is Actually Not So Secret.

Women do try to make it obvious that it all right to approach them, yet most men are clueless.

It is body language that I am talking about... this is the natural way all women have to size up a man in about two seconds. 


That is with out even opening your mouth.

First impressions REALLY do count!

(And second impressions are CRUCIAL... I give a description of how IMPORTANT second impressions are in this article... It Is The Second Impression That Really Counts)

They are razor sharp in their evaluations of who you are and what you have to offer. 

When a woman is interested in a particular man they will give non verbal cues to approach... women try to make their selves as appealing to the eye as possible because men place so much value on physical attraction.

This is the source of their (seemingly) power over men... this power can turn a bold and fearless athlete into a scared and self conscious baby... you have to realize that women typically do not approach men because of the next man concept.

The Next Man Concept

The next man concept is the reason women have to create their personage and size a man up within two seconds... it is also why most women do not approach men.

Beautiful women get approached everyday by hundreds of men and this has been going on since middle school... after years upon years of this, they just get bored and will dismiss anyone that approaches unless that can stand out from the crowd. 

Women are looking for real men but most of these guys that are approaching them are insecure and this is the biggest turn off to a woman.

Women will just assume that you are the next insecure guy if you do not prove you are different... you have to go in strong and catch their interest, right at the beginning, this takes confidence and inner security... and that you are CONFIDENT as a MAN!

This is what women want to FEEL... a Man to have... his Masculine Presence!

If you go in soft and act nervous, she will just politely dismiss you and move on to the next guy... so if women have to deal with the "Next Man Concept," why will they doll their selves up to go out of every night?

Beautiful women have hundreds of guys approaching them everyday... they can literally pick and choose which guy they want to meet up with again.

So why then do they doll them selves up every time they go out... why do they spend hours shopping for the perfect dress and shoes?

Sometimes they can be just going out to eat with their girlfriends... they are not even going to clubs or bars to pick up men.

Women doll themselves up because their quest to find the "Prime Masculine Male" never stops... sure, she can go to any restaurant and pick up any guy... yet she is looking for "The Masculine Man" that will push HER buttons.

She is also in competition with the other women there so She wants to be at her absolute best... this is why she is maximizing her best qualities and putting so much effort into looking her best. 

Beautiful women are always competing with other beautiful women for the "prime" males... this personage also scares away most of the insecure guys trying to approach her.

Many men think they are just showing off when they dress up... yet they actually have reasons to look their best... if the "prime male" is at the restaurant, she wants to be the beautiful woman that attracts his attention.

This is why being the "prime male" is so rewarding... once you are established as being a "confident masculine male, many woman will be competing for your affection... so work on your "Personal Development" to become the the "Prime Male" who is "Confident" in your own "Masculinity!"
3 Ways Women Flirt That Most Men Do Not Know Or Understand 
1... You Can Not Be Her Friend First (The Mr Nice Guy Approach)

This is the most common mistake men make with women. 

It is the ultimate "cart before the horse" mentality where you act like her friend before trying to be her lover. 

The mindset is that "being her best friend" helps show a woman that you have all the qualities of a man she would want to court... the problem is sexual attraction does not work this way... it only takes a few moments for a woman to determine if she is going to sleep with a man, and by acting like her friend, you are GUARANTEED to become... her friend!

To make a woman feel attraction, you have to communicate with her in a specific manner from the moment you meet... this is often called flirting... I call it straight as it is... SEDUCTION... it is a language that is a lot different from the typical "let's be friends" conversation.
2... You Must Trigger Her Emotions

Want to know and understanding why women act the way they do?

It all comes down to how they make most of their decisions.

We men base most of our decisions on logic... and we typically follow this pattern when talking to women... actions like buying drinks, paying for dinner, and asking "background questions" are often done as a way to appeal to the logical side of her brain... in essence, guys who do this are trying to prove their value as a "good catch."

And there is something that you probably did not know...

Women base most of their decisions on emotions! 

Most of the time, they will base their decision on how they feel... THEN they back up their decision with logic... so you could take a woman out for dinner, buy her expensive gifts, and treat her like a queen... yet if you cannot trigger her emotions, she will put you in the "friends zone" and the man who comes along and fires up her "emotions" will get to "take her!"

3... You Do Not Have To Be Good Looking, Wealthy Or The Right Age.

OK... I will be direct with you here... being fit... healthy and wealthy, gets you a couple of steps out of the starting blocks with a woman... yet I know from many years of experience Coaching Men... that often guys who posses these advantages... blow it as soon as they open their mouths with a woman.

As I mentioned before, women choose men based on the emotions that he can provide... there is one universal commonality that all men who enjoy success with women have in common... the understanding of the "art of seduction" is the key to triggering a woman's emotional responses... as long as she is feeling and experiencing that sexual tension... it will not matter if you are short, old, ugly, or flat-broke.

Such men KNOW how to fire her natural sexual attraction!

And when you can read a "Woman's Body Language" and her "attraction" to you... it is simple... you are ahead in the game... you are in control!

And an AWARE Masculine Man knows how to do that.
Windows Of Opportunity With Women

Women want to see if you know what to do when you see them... and they cannot tell you what to do because then you will not be dominant. 

They would be controlling the situation... plus, she has to maintain her social reputation. 

Ingeniously and probably unconsciously, women will present neutral "windows of opportunity" to you.

You can typically observe and feel a "window" or signal when you become "aware" of how women are.

You will notice her making slightly more effort to interact with you than is necessary. 

Her calibration will seem "off." 

She may linger for half a second longer when her friends walk to the other side of the bar... she may look at you a beat longer than would be "social" after just meeting you.

Tip For You... Social eye contact lasts at most for about 3 seconds before she will glance away and break eye contact... when she is experiencing "attraction" to you... her eye contact will last about 5 seconds before glancing away... any longer than 6 seconds and you are into "flight or fight" territory... as this is no longer a look or a gaze... it is a stare and that becomes a "threat" gesture.

Remember that "tip" for yourself when you are making "eye contact" with a woman. 

She may explain herself a little more than is necessary when you ask a question. 

She wants to see if you are interested in her character, and if you will take the lead and isolate the two of you for a more focused conversation. 

A woman uses "Windows of Opportunity" tests because she wants to see if you are used to women being attracted to you and if you are able to escalate and "lead" the conversation and her! 

The best way to pick up on these signals is to always be in the "attraction" mindset.

Because a Masculine Man is always in that "Abundant - Attraction" Mindset.

And you can Contact me to know more.

As always leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you. 

Average men and women know only the rules. 

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

They are Passionate DYNAMIC Lovers!

For Love and Intimacy...

Ange Fonce


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