3 Keys For Multiple Orgasms For Men That Help Control Premature Ejaculation! 

Is it possible for any man to have multiple orgasms just like many women? 

Yes, this is indeed possible with some practice. Men can even learn to have full body multiple orgasms without ejaculation, again and again.

What are some easy tips so any man can start to explore multiple orgasms without ejaculation? 

The following also is great for women to have deeper orgasms too!

You might be wondering "why bother to learn this as ejaculation is so nice!"

Yes I agree that ejaculation is great but there are some disadvantages of always blowing when you orgasm.

One of the "biggest" disadvantages is Premature Ejaculation!

Three Advantages of Multiple Orgasms 

Based on my personal experience, the biggest advantage of dry orgasms is that you do not lose energy after a dry orgasm. So there is no more going to sleep after an orgasm. Actually, you can gain energy instead of feeling tired.

What this allows you to do is have many orgasms in one lovemaking session. Sometimes I have got myself into a rolling orgasmic state and just experience one orgasm after another.. I can always decide to whether I want to ejaculate or not after a long lovemaking session.

The other disadvantage of always squirting is that you lose the connection with your lover. Your desire is not so intense if you rest and then make love again. Most men are happy not to strive for more than one ejaculation orgasm per session.

Another reason for becoming multi orgasmic is that a full body orgasm can be even more powerful than a normal orgasm. Also you can experience more subtle orgasmic experiences running through your body. It also opens you up to feeling heart orgasms.

Another benefit of learning this skill is that you can match the energy of a very orgasmic woman that has the ability to have orgasm after orgasm.

I have found that my lover tells me that I am her best lover ever. I hope you follow the steps below so, in time you will get this feedback too.


Most men are too challenged to take this journey of self exploration. It takes a bit of guts to admit that there is more to sex than you experience. It takes even more guts to do some home practice.

I have found that developing this skill opened up my sensitivity to feel my lover's energy in my body. I find that many times when my lover orgasms I feel this in my body.

Many times when making love, we both orgasm together in total sync, not knowing who started the experience or who actually ends the experience.

Why Do Most Men Struggle To Separate Orgasm From Ejaculation?

I feel that the reason is due to our early masturbation habits. 

This trains our body to only orgasm with ejaculation.

When we have sex, we can see two dynamics at play.

The first is based on going to arousal. Just watch any sex scene or any porn movie and you will see this dynamic at play. Just about any sex book talks about new ways to increase arousal. Men get very good at going to arousal when self pleasuring. Just a fantasy or two and some strong friction and most men can come in a few minutes.

How there is another dynamic in lovemaking which I will call the relaxation response. Other words to describe this is letting go, falling into, surrendering and opening.

Most women that are multi orgasmic are good at this mode. They use arousal to build up the energy and then relax into the energy, fall into the energy and surrender. They then can feel deeper orgasms like g spot orgasms or cervical orgasms that are more fulfilling than the normal clitoral orgasm. These types of orgasms can go on and on, even for hours.

So, most men need to learn the relaxation mode in sex to become multi orgasmic. Of course you can alternate the arousal response this the relaxation response many times when making love.

The nervous system plays a part in this. 

The sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for stimulating activities associated with the fight-or-flight response. Arousal activates and up regulates this nervous system.The parasympathetic system specifically is responsible for stimulation of activities that occur when the body is at rest. Letting go and relaxing in sexual activates down regulates the parasympathetic nervous system.

3 Keys To The Relaxation Response For Multiple Orgasms!

The first key is to be focused in your body and out of any fantasy in your head. Instead of focusing on your lover and being goal orientated, take your attention to your body and tell it to totally relax. Find any areas that are tight like the buttocks and relax them. Relax the anus and legs.

You will find that the above advice will also allow you a lot of control in not coming too.

The second key is to allow the energy to move in your body by making sounds from deep inside. This allows the energy to move up from the genitals to the heart and out.

Due to sexual shame and early masturbation habits, most men find this advice very difficult to follow. This is a bit strange, as most men love a vocal woman but are silent themselves. Sounds allow your partner to feel you and to feel your energy.

I suggest faking erotic sounds at first to break long habits of holding the energy in. Real men are not afraid to show their full sexual energy to their lovers. Boys are not comfortable in their sexuality.

Are You A Boy Or A Man?

The next key is the breath. By taking a deeper breath and slowing down the exhalation allows the body to relax. Slower breaths taken deep from the belly builds up the energy in the body. This also is a great aid in controlling not coming too soon.

Can you see that relaxing, breathing deeply and making sounds is not something that men practice when self pleasuring?

So the home practice is to self pleasure with full body awareness. Build up the sexual energy somewhat, take deep breaths and then make sounds and totally relax. Stop any penis strokes at this point. Do not try this very close to orgasm.

Just let the body do what it wants to. You might find some shaking occurring. The multi orgasmic response will very subtle at first. Just relax and see what happens. It is fine if nothing happens too. Just repeat this practice a few times each week and, in time, you will be on the path to multiples.

Even if you do not want to develop multiples, doing the above advice will a great aid in extending lovemaking and controlling premature ejaculation.

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