"Social Courting" Are You Using The Most Powerful Dynamic Tool In Your Attraction Arsenal!

If you are struggling with meeting men (or so frustrated you are NOT meeting men) and you are feeling almost desperate to get the connection and commitment you really want and deserve.

Social Courting is what targeting the "right" man is all about, and it is a very powerful method of "attraction" - no matter WHERE you are in your love life right now. 

It will give you confidence, get rid of neediness and desperation, get rid of tension and all the hard work you are putting in right now and feeling so bad about... it will make you irresistibly ATTRACTIVE to a man - and it will attract to you a Great Man!

And Yes, I use a variation of these methods myself, as I coach men the male version of these methods.  

In my case and men, for attracting women. 

And yes, one time with a client for attracting a member of the same sex.

It is a very powerful method to use to get you in the right mind set for attraction.


What if your Man fell into your lap and stayed forever, and all you changed about things was being absolutely, simply yourself and only doing things that felt fantastic to you?

What if real "attraction" was actually not about "a man" - and about making yourself happy in a brand new way that just happened to GET you the greatest man around as a bonus?

And what if the method that could make all this happen for you was so simple, straightforward, easy to understand and easy to do - but it was something you have never done before, not really?

Not in the "conventional" sense of attraction.

If I told you, with client stories and letters and my own experience that it WORKED - and FAST - would you do it?

If you are like me, you absolutely would - and you would get results that will REALLY please you! 

If you are like me I try anything to find out what works and what does not.

Social Courting is a an evolution of a powerful tool from my Gender Education Coaching, it is field tested and powerful way to use men to get your YOUR MAN!

I know the words "use men" sound a bit harsh. 

Same as the term "use women."

It sounds like you are "taking" from men and not "giving" anything back.

And that is not how it works - what I mean by "use" is that every single man is an OPPORTUNITY for you. (Social Courting is a variation on a very powerful coaching method I use to help people achieve their goals.)

Every single man, no matter how he seems to you - even if he seems unintelligent, unattractive or totally clueless - has SOMETHING to offer you.

And WHAT he has to offer - even if it is just two seconds of eye contact at the market - is INCREDIBLY valuable to you, if you know how to USE it.

If you know how to use every single moment with ANY man as a way to get one step closer to your Mr. Right.

Once I figured out how I could evolve this coaching method for meeting women, how it could change the way I saw women - even a woman I was highly attracted to - and so change my "vibe" that everything changed AROUND me, I knew it was the key to my success with women.

It made me feel strong inside, it made me feel WANTED, it made me feel desirable - and that I had CHOICES - and that is exactly how it works for my clients, both male and female, and how it will work for you.

Social Courting is about taking advantage of the truth...that every man who shows up in front of you is there to HELP you.

He is ENLISTING himself in your army to help you get your MAN!

And your only role in Social Courting is to ALLOW every man to enlist in your volunteer army of helpful men.

To allow ALL men to LEAD your MAN to you, to prepare you for him when he shows up, to make sure you feel beautiful and confident and comfortable as YOURSELF, so your Mr. Right can FIND you.

It is the job of every man you encounter to teach you exactly what to do every step of the way to lifelong commitment and beyond - to forever.

Here is how it works and what you can do TODAY to take advantage of this powerful method.

Let's call this Method - SOCIAL ERRAND COURTING...

If you run errands in person - the market, the dry cleaners, the drug store, the car wash, the coffee house, the bank, the petrol station...and if you do anything at all for fun...play tennis, golf, go to yoga class, go to the gym, the movies...you have time and energy to Socially Court.

There are no excuses.

You may say that there are no great men around you when you do these things...and I say "that's just not true!"

I say that if you Social Court (even by just making eye contact with a man) in person just when you are running your errands, you will learn enough and have enough experiences to get much closer to your Man!

Just by INTERACTING with a man who is around - a man who just shows up, you will be Socially Courting.

Let us say you are wandering around the market, running the last conversation you had with a man you care for over and over in your head, feeling forlorn and angry, and not paying attention to anything but your thoughts.

And let us say a really decent man is standing down the grocery aisle from you, pretending to search the soups, but he is actually looking at you.

Let us say you can feel him looking at you, so you instinctively look up, and the moment you catch his eye, you feel full of fear, guilt and embarrassment, and quickly look away and then walk around the corner.

You go home feeling worse, lonelier, and sure you will never have the relationship you want.

Now - let me use just one of the methods of Social Courting to REDO this scenario...

You are standing in the market, there is a decent man looking at you, you instinctively turn and catch his eye... and THIS TIME, instead of judging him as not good enough, instead of turning instantly away, you work through your fear, guilt and forlorn feelings, stop your thoughts, and simply allow yourself to connect with him for a moment - eye to eye.

For 5 full seconds at least.

(There is a scientific reason for this, which I go into deeply when I coach my clients about how to "influence" using "eye contact.")

While you smile.

Now you can look back at your grocery list, or your shopping cart.

Now, let us say he walks over, and asks your advice about bananas.

And let us say that no matter what he looks like, or how he is dressed, you do not label him or make a decision about him.

You allow him to talk to you.

And you allow YOURSELF to feel what you feel - fear, weirdness, discomfort (or, if perhaps he is handsome, confusion and desire...) and you SPEAK what you feel.

"I feel embarrassed, and I do not know really what to say," you nervously reply.

(This comes from another powerful method which I call being "authentic" about the elephant on the room.")

And let us say he keeps going and tries to strike up a conversation...

Targeting Mr. Right will teach you exactly what to do in this situation - depending on what you FEEL.

You will be able to tell right away if you feel unsafe with him, or if you are just feeling a lot of emotions and confusion because you are getting triggered just talking to a man you do not know in the middle of a market. 

And you will be able to use a method that will make this moment into something great for you - no matter how it goes - because you will be able to enlist this man to actually HELP you get your Man!

Instead of seeing him as just some strange man in the market, you will be able to use this experience to get one step closer to your Man!

You will feel instantly more powerful and more confident...and then the NEXT time, an even BETTER man will show up to help you, and your "vibe" will shift in such a "confident" way that your Man will be "attracted" to you.

This scenario is just ONE ASPECT of Social Courting - using simple, social interactions with men to move your love life forward.

Other aspects of Social Courting will teach you how to actually ATTRACT more than one man at a time - how to juggle them, how to schedule time with them, what to say to them, how to hold meaningful, heart-connected conversations, and how to manage sex and all your feelings.

This is what Social Courting can do for you - it is that important, it is that profound, it is that powerful - it simply, works.

If you have been "dating," and not feeling good about it, Social Courting will change the way you look at and experience a "date." 

It will even change the MEANING of the word "date" and will actually do away with "dating" altogether. 

For the men and women who know me and work with me.

They know I do not "date" at all in the conventional way.

Social Courting is part of my "attraction" nature.

And becomes the "attraction" nature of the clients I coach.

It will make you feel so GOOD just TALKING with a man, anywhere, or making eye contact, or passing by a man and smiling - you will become an ATTRACTION MAGNET!

If you are in a relationship right now that feels like it is going stale or even worse -falling apart - I can teach you methods from Gender Education that will completely shift the dynamic between you and your man so he will sit up and take notice - perhaps for the first time.

His desire for you will kick in, and instead of "resisting" you - he will be "chasing" you.

Social Courting is so completely different, it takes all the pressure off of "dating" for good. 

It makes you feel "extra special," wherever you are, and I coach you a plan to follow - complete with organizational tools so you will be able to manage all the men you will be interacting with.

And yes ladies I am serious about this statement. 

Organizational tools!

There was one time I had so much action going for myself with women that I developed a "Social Courting Planner" so I could manage all the ladies I was seeing at that time, I needed it!

And if you are in a relationship, Gender Education is full of methods and tools you can use to open up your mind and heart and shift your vibe without having to end your relationship.

Social Courting is the elegant solution to your love life - whether it is totally empty right now, or the man in it is not doing the job of meeting your needs for affection and attention.

Every woman needs to learn to be a DIVA.

Every woman needs to have strong boundaries and still be soft on the outside.

And alive in her FEMININITY!

Social Courting will give you a way to PRACTICE many of the core methods that will help you become CONFIDENT and strong on the inside and soft on the outside - Powerful in your Femininity and get you your Man as a BONUS!

When you finally understand exactly how to mix your Femininity with DIGNITY, how to mix being a Diva with your feminine essence - your life will change, and every man around you will respond to you in a completely new way. 

My mission for you is the most exquisite, thrilling, happy, easy, fun and most eternally committed and fulfilling relationship - and a GREAT Life for yourself I know that you can have when you change and develop a new mind set and energy "vibe.".

That not only makes you feel "Attractive" think "Attractive" act "Attractive"...it will "Attract" others to YOU!

What better way to find "Mr Right."

When he is "Attracted" to YOU!

I know that Social Courting is one very powerful key that will unlock that door for you.

So contact me to know more and we can work together.

Remember what I said in this article...


I am here to coach you through a new, exciting chapter in your love life...

If you are a single woman and you desire to "attract" that one Great Man into your life.

Or even if you are in a relationship and you desire to build a more "intimate" and "loving" relationship with your man.

As always leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you. 

Average men and women know only the rules. 

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

For Love, Passion and Intimacy...

Ange Fonce


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