"Come do Me Eyes" and HOT Words for Sizzling Sex!

This article is really for women and is explicit!

So if You are sensitive by nature................Be WARNED!

I had this LONG talk with my one of my good friends Susan one evening past about all sorts of sizzling naughty stuff......and of course the topic of Porn came up.

Now, Susan LOVES pornography, which I find unusual because most women are not really that into it...MOSTLY because, well, lets face it - it's made for men.

(Note - Men, being the highly visual creatures are attracted to porn by nature and its why pornography exists. Women, who are more emotionally stimulated in sex, generally don't get the same "kick" from porn that guys do. Note I say Generally! Women's fantasies are very explicit).

Any ways, she was telling me how much she's learned from watching her favourite porn stars in action. The stuff she was saying was SO good that I told her she MUST write about it for my readers of "Intimate Communion".

And guess what? 

She has. 

And it's all here for you now.

Take a look at what Susan had to say...

"How To Talk Dirty Like A Porn star"

Here's the secret behind dirty talk...

A lot of times the problem isn't just spitting vibrant sex words.

You need to know YOURSELF before you can get the confidence to scream "F69K MY ASS!" (if...that's what your into!) So I'm going to jot down one of my favourite tips on reclaiming your feminine sexuality.

I call this tip: The Porn Star.

First step, make sure you are home alone and are going to be alone for some time. Go take a shower and get cleaned up. Dry off and do your make up like you are going out on the town for a hot date.

Smoky eyes, glossy lips, the works basically!

The next step might sound outlandish but trust me on this one. 

Sit yourself down in front of a mirror and get on all fours (like you were going to be in doggy style position). 

Look deeply into your eyes and start with what you know.

Check yourself out from head to toe, wiggle around and squirm, really look at the way you shake. Now start slowly say, "F69K ME."

Let the words flow freely, repeat this until you feel confident in how you are saying this. Imagine saying it to your partner or better yet, your fantasy man!

Switch positions, swivel around (keeping eye contact with the mirror of course) and spread your legs open. Reach down and touch yourself, watch your movements in the mirror. Imagine the porn stars, how would they act in front of the camera.

  •   What makes you sexy? 
  •   What are your strengths?
Practice those "do me eyes" and say into the mirror. "Fill me deeper with that big cock." Repeat it again, and again. Touch yourself, don't lose eye contact. Watch your lips, feel your movements. Feel the heat of your words as you essentially masturbate.

The key is to watch yourself and practice your speech and the way you look while you say such things. Remember to keep yourself hot and bothered so you don't get shy. 

Get your vibrator if you want, go crazy but remember to practice your words.

Tip: You don't want to sound TOO forced. If you are saying something that is WAY out of your comfort zone don't push it! 

You don't have to scream in the sack tomorrow you can practice every time you are alone until you are ready.

Here are some examples that you can use during your mirror time but it's fun to think of your own as well ;)

Tip: Use describing words to enhance any dirty talk sentence. (Wet, pink, hard, thick, slick etc.)

Give me more thick cock...

Ow, that hurts... but don't stop f69king me I want it bad!! (this needs to be said in a seductive tone and needs to have no trace of real pain in it or he may want to stop, so this is only if you are REALLY sure you can sound like a vixen. Practice and more practice! Assure him that is a GOOD PAIN. )

My pink, little pussy is dripping for ________ (insert your man's name here. They LOVE to hear their own name they are almost as vain as we are ladies!!!).

  •   I'm going to cum all over you
  •   Why don't you let me get on top and ride that cock
  •   Put more fingers inside of me I'm getting so hot .
  • You are making me drip all over your hard dick.
  •   You are making me drip all over your hard dick.
Try some of those, remember practice is key! 

Look hot, feel hot and practice until you feel like a true star! 

Go get 'em ladies.


Straight forward, PRACTICAL advice from one of the most sexually liberated women I know.

I really loved the ideas we shared, and most certainly picked her brain for as many hot and juicy dirty talk secrets I possibly could. And if you liked what she said here, there's more where that came from.

Plus I have a lot of My own and have shared them in other articles I have wrote and published.

Check out FURTHER READING below.

Part of My work as a Relationship and Intimacy Coach is that I am also a Sex Therapist, I do a lot of work with couples and Individuals and I often find at the core of many relationship problems, is that one of the partners (sometimes both) have serious issues with sex and their own sexuality. 

This can be for many reasons......

  •   Sexual Abuse (And other forms of Abuse too)
  •   Beliefs
  •   Negative experience's of lame or bad sex.
  •   Physical health issues
  •   Mental health issues
  •   Lack of knowledge
And quiet simply a lack of Confidence and low self-esteem

ALL of the above can have a MAJOR impact on a happy full filling personal sex and sexuality which deeply affect your relationships and intimacy with your Lover.

Being HEALTHY in your Sexuality is really Empowering for every other aspect of your life!
If you are experiencing problems around sex and sexual intimacy. 

Then do please contact me using the link at the end of this article. 

You do not have to suffer alone and the vast majority of sexual issues can be sorted out through sex coaching.

And practically speaking, that completes this conversation.
And remember....always leave a man or a woman all the better for knowing you. Average men and women know only the rules. Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

For Love, Passion and Intimacy.......

Catch you later

Ange Fonce

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